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    • xombiekilla8  »  Raini

      Ok then Rainideer, I see how it is. Thus far, I have been a well understanding and patient man. However, It has sadly come to the (U.A.C.A)'s attention that your admins and by extension, yourself, have been exercising a grievous misuse of your powers as admins, for which reasons I do not know. But now, You guys are about to force me to do something that I really don't want to do to anyone. I have filled out a ban protest  since last Thursday confirming that what we did was in no way to be taken as a personal attack on someone for no reason, regardless of the person, We were only doing our jobs then, as we will be doing them now. You guys have until this Thursday to help me with this. Which mind you should only take mere minutes of your time of your day to do so. (Failure to comply WILL result in your website being permanently taken down via remote location). We do not make idle threats, we make promises and we intend to keep them. You guys are being a threat to the safety of other people online. We have heard enough accounts from other people who have been abused by admins like you. (THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!!!!) If you guys were smart, you would take it. I tried to be reasonable, I tried to be kind and I tried to be hopeful for you guys. But now I do believe that it has become quite clear to me that your little group you run here has a personal interest with only themselves. and no one else. Do not even bother disabling my ability to speak on here, that will only further your website's demise. But if provoked, we WILL fight back. People like us,(the good guys), tend to eat shit from people like you (the bad guys) because we don't kiss ass, and we never will. I apologize very deeply if you guys obviously don't like what we do as a outreach for others. But there's absolutely nothing you guys could do to change that. Now I do believe an entire week of waiting is more than reasonable, since last Thursday. All is fair, fair is fair.If you help me and prove to us that you guys care, not only would we offer our support to you guys for exercising mutual respect and safety for everyone. But I WILL donate to you as well Rainideer, that is a promise. I can be reasoned with. And i'm more than happy to be supportive to good people. However we're going to do what we have to do. And PERMANENTLY shut you guys down if need be. Please, don't make this harder for you guys than it needs to be. we'd really appreciate that.(REMEMBER!!!!!!, BANNING ME FROM THIS WEBSITE FROM EITHER TALKING AND/OR ACCOUNT PRIVILEGES OF ANYWAY,SHAPE, OR FORM WILL ONLY RESULT IN YOUR SITE BEING TAKEN DOWN PERMANENTLY. NO IF'S, AND'S, OR BUT'S, NO EXCEPTIONS.) Now I do hope that I have made my point as abundantly clear as I possibly could. This is not a joke, this is not a threat, this is a promise of what WILL happen to you guys. I look forward to hearing from you Rainideer, oh and tell your admin flunkies to back off. This doesn't concern them. nor should it be their problem. If any of your motley crew decide to punish me instead of you, the end result WILL be the same, your site WILL be taken down. Be certain of that. Let's all at least try to be reasonable and civilized about this, shall we? And I will be more than happy to just be peaceful about this. We are the (U.A.C.A), we do not forget, expect us, for we WILL always be there to put admins like you in your place.I am Xombiekilla, A member of the (U.A.C.A), And I approve of this message. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
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    • Pinkamena1

      miss ya all, have a great day and give someone a hug or the middle finger for me thanks 🙏🏽 
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    • xombiekilla8  »  Raini

      Yo Raini, recently I got permbanned from all servers from Simple. Long story said short, RainbowdashanthonyRTI informed me about what Videogames380 did to him, which got our attention. Apparently the videos containing evidence on RTI were taken on his server. The CMC server, Not any of yours. Which was done behind his back. But I digress,  I have already submitted a ban protest explaining that what I had said to Videogames380 was in absolutely no way to cause any personal harm to anybody. That is NEVER the intention of the (U.A.C.A). We enjoy helping other people be given the mutual safety and respect that they deserve when they're on any online server. So yeah the ban ban protest was in fact made with Simple in mind so as he could read it. but seeing as he's too busy at the moment, I was hoping that you could take a look at it when you get the chance. I'm very sorry for bringing you into this Raini. I just want this to be resolved and put behind us. I'm sure you could you agree to that. Again we were only trying to do our jobs, not pick fights and bully innocent people for no reason. We're the good guys, we want to help people, not harm them. 
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    • Pinkamena1

      What are ya guys doing for Valentine's Day? All I'm doing is scrolling down Facebook posts of people bragging about their perfect boyfriends/girlfriends and their perfect dates/gifts or playing PlayStation online and hearing people complaining about their love lives and if ur lucky, you get a story , god im sad, happy Valentine's Day everyone, don't do what I'm doing lol 
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    • Pinkamena1

      Happy early/or now Valentine's Day , kiss or hug someone for meh yall 😍 Have fun
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