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    • Shadowpod

      The report spams are getting annoying to the point I turned vibrate off my phone.
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    • Kiryu2012

      Couldn't reply to the introduction thread for some reason, so I'll be putting it here instead:
      Why hello and how do you do! I'm Kiryu2012, and I found out about this forum through the VSP server. I've heard that the server is more-or-less dead, but that didn't stop me from joining this server. Vs Ponyville is one of my favorite TF2 servers, and I've enjoyed playing it a lot, usually as my favorite MLP character Discord. I've been a brony for several years now, and I'm still loving the show regardless of any drama. I'm a man of few words, and I don't usually start conversations. Still, I've been told I'm a very sweet and kind fellow, and I do so try to be kind with everybody who responds as such. I enjoy writing, but I'm very lazy so I procrastinate a lot on it. I'm also good at RPing as well. For whatever reason my Steam couldn't sync with this site, so here's a link to my Steam profile:
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    • Ice_Shard

      Lyrics for Autumn by The Living Tombstone I know a mare, she knows me too The stunning Derpy Hooves, or Ditzy Doo If you've got a note she'll send it
      inRead invented by Teads But don't you be mad when it's late by a couple minutes Nopony's perfect! Trot with me through the autumn leaves And keep close to stay warm Soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before The leaves grow bright and yellow Like her hair and eyes stay mellow There's something special 'bout that mare. I'd be a happy fellow If I could just say hello Have to be brave just don't be scared So trot with me through the autumn leaves And keep close to stay warm Soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before When I see her with her filly I know that I'll look silly I can't stop grinning ear to ear But when the air gets chilly the cuteness nearly kills me That mare deserves mother of the year!
      “Feelings I've never felt before— The Living Tombstone
      So trot with me through the autumn leaves and keep close to stay warm soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before Feelings that I've never felt before! I know a mare Whose mind is free You know you're special at least to me They will say what they want and still be mean What's next for you? That's to be seen
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    • Ice_Shard

      I am officially stupid. Got our grade cards today and wanna know what my GPA is, are you sure, ok, it was 0.925. Yeah 5 F's. I can kiss my life good bye. Too bad I did that a while back😭
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    • Pinkamena1

      What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a constant reminder that we're all only one bugbear attack away from oblivion? 
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