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  4. While I still like this TF2 server, are there any other servers you recommend? I can't seem to find another good one atm.

  5. Today is my birthday :D

  6. Eh u !!!! Get on more or I will hurt u !

  7. The moment when u realize celestias hair moves by itself all the time... :ooo:

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    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      Congrats, I didn't even know it was a think in the forum xD

    3. Pinkamena1


      lol I saw it but Idk it was public, thanks u guys 🙃

    4. JamesGoblin


      ...and we wish you many, many something-something-likes rewards in the future :confused:

  8. Watch as it burns...

  9. The chatroom for the forum will discontinue function on 1 May 2017.

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    2. Pinkamena1


      True, thanks for the answer 

    3. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      They used to, but it died out when ppl stopped coming here. :/

    4. Pinkamena1
  10. Just so everyone is aware, I'm working to fix issues with fast download. Until these issues are corrected, I will be switching the server map/rotation to stock maps. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      No trouble! Keep up the good work! :3

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