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  2. These stats you're trying to suggest are pretty bad in general considering that looking at your inventory you don't own any of them, and hopefully you do remember how overpowered a majority of the bosses are, i don't think you took the time to think about the stats rather than just slapping numbers there assuming it'd work without trying the weapons out first.
  3. So new update, new weapons (finally). Assuming VSP is NOT dead: The Dragon's Fury !causes 20 second afterburn +100% damage +50% damage against burning hales +20% knockback -90% firing speed (aka fires super slow) Thermal Thruster: Identical, however goomba stomps deal more damage maybe? In the case of seapony it could probably just act as a boost. The Gas Passer: As well as igniting the hale upon gunfire, whatever causes it to ignite also deals critical damage. So if combined with a rocket, it can deal lots of damage. The Hot Hand: !Upon hit: creates a star effect (like when you goomba stomp) +50% damage (since it's crit boosted it's basically +350%) +75% knockback +Announces every hit in the killfeed -removes primary weapon -removes secondary weapon The Second Banana: If I remember correctly, the sandvich is only usable once per round in VSP, right? If so: +Can be used twice. -Only restores 125 health when used.
  4. Considering how the update has completely broke everything, I really hope that they decide to actually fix things for once. VSP was really great and I don't want it to die yet.
  5. From what I saw it just seems like the servers need to update their version of TF2. Although obviously the new weapons need stats.
  6. Did the update really break everything? I thought the server just needed to update.

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  8. I'm opening up commissions for simple MLP ref sheets. $5 usd for one character. Please, help me out guys. I really need the money. Examples attached.
  9. Wow, finally logged back in... It's been forever

  10. I believe the update fricked up the servers pretty good. They probably won't be up for a few days, or weeks. Not sure.
  11. Dang, update busted stuff up. Hopefully everything would be good by the end of the year.

  12. Hey guys, this place still going? Wow, I may pop in from time to time how are you all? Anything new on the servers?
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  14. Please don't tell me VSP is dead, it was really fun.

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  16. Thanks a lot! I'm very excited to see how much this community has grown and changed since I last played. Back then, the only maps were Ponyville and custom Saxton Hale models as ponies
  17. everything just kinda went down as time went on.

  19. Haha, wow, it's been awhile.

    1. Green Leaf

      Green Leaf

      I never thought I'd see the day.

      What brings you back?

  20. Hey Crimson is this guild still going, if so id love to join my Account name is @anyalator2
  21. If your still recruiting id love to join. account name @anyalator2 and the character should be Screw Ball
  22. Pa to si Srbin?
  23. You were close, it's Serbian; and these folks can sing Irish, too:
  24. Hamsters
  25. What's on my! ;) cheers!


  26. Guessing the former song is russian....stereotypical...nice song though Let's go Irish
  27. Nice science too bad tl;dr no offense
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