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  2. If you want to know who's fun to fight against and who isn't, here's a list in the following categories: Fun to Fight Mega Pony: His kit is primarily set up in a way similar to mega man games, he has no true rage function just his various modes that each have ammo limits. Pip Squeak: He's kind of fun in a way, but his main rage isn't fun for the least part since it's ruins a lot of the other team's movement options cause underwater is annoying, but he's fun to fight against if you have that one person constantly summoning Minions instead and have them go Pirate raiding, heh. (Which is almost 95% rare to see someone do this). Sweetie Bot: She's kind of fun to fight since her rage is similar to Princess Twilight's R rage, but rather than that she's almost as good as a doing a no rage run since her rage can backfire sometimes. Fluttershy: She's mainly focused around being a medic that needs bears to help her out, so relying on forest friends is kind of fun rather than the fact that the bears do unnecessary damage, but hey at least she's much more flexible than her previous version. Not Fun to Fight Every other boss that wasn't listed in the above list, since most of them either have one of the following: Stun and or Fear rage Hales. High chances of random criticals for no reason at all. Demo Hales that have eyelander weapons for no reason at all. Not fun mechanics like Flutterbat, Eapplejack, Applejack (Mainly this Hale, right here) Spike: why does he have airblast... like seriously. Pinkie Pie and Braeburn: Players that keep trying to exploit the R rage in air business. Sea Pony: This hale is just no, i'm pretty sure it was amazing in paper, but in-game it's bogus to fight. Nightmare Moon is still very unfun to fight even after getting a nerf from the 500% dmg bonus to 400% and "no random crits". Rainbow Dash: This hale is just super annoying to fight considering she breaks all knock-back she takes by just doing her double/triple jump which negates it, plus she can super jump and then double jump in mid-air to be able to weigh-down when most other hales can weigh-down when they super jump, so in general this Hale is just a huge mess. All spy hales damage on this server Celestia and Luna: both their rages are annoying to fight against, well mainly Celestia's since she can spam her rage without any cap at all.
  3. I mean, in my honest opinion, most of the bosses are not fun to fight or play as. The only one I find amazing to play as is Pip Squeak due to his mechanics being fun for the whole family, but only so much. Flutterbat is basically if you gave a boss the ability to cloak at will with some mechanics tied to it. Of course it's not going to be fun to play against. Though, I don't know exactly her mechanics, so yeah. Opinions though.
  4. So ehm... G'day ya'll. I don't really know what to do/say here so... G'day! (Wait didn't i already say that? Darn-it). Glad to be here... I think... No wait, yeah I'm happy to be here and hope that this place will keep living. Be it by a small amount or not. I eh... Think that was it. Alpaca out! *poof*
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  6. Flutterbat has some annoying qualities, she is able to attack too quickly after decloaking, because frankly, I die more often to her being semi-invisible stil lfrom decloak, than actually seeing her, I also find that weighdown needs a bit of a...change on her, it's too easy to aim imo due to the floating effect. I've asked a bit on the server and generally the most of a reply I got was that she isn't really fun to fight. Something I think should be changed, either due to changes on the boss, or it's mechanics, or other things. Keep in mind this is just my opinion however.
  7. Thanks Emerald Streak. Though, I found something which makes me worry about things until I actually start doing things. This gamemode was officially updated between 3 years, 8 months, 18 days and 11 months, 17 days old. I did some tests and figured out that a command was added called "ff2_start_music" in version 1.0.11, which was about a year ago, almost exact. I tried firing this command, and the command "ff2_stop_music" at the same time and this is the result. Which confirms my range. Here's the proof of those commands in the code. 1.10.11 The command is right above it. 1.0.8 Missing the command. ( Please note that the code structure drastically changed since the old version so it's not exactly placed where it is. ) Considering the last update that was a little around the time 1.10.11 was around, in the !ff menu where the PV devs overwrite the plugin versions and everything with their own versions (tsk tsk), I believe that the version is in the upper range of the numbers of the elderly server plugin that is. Hopefully updates can get back rolling somehow.
  8. Fun idea, might give VSP a bit of a new breath as it were :)
  9. I need a VIDEO editor mate.


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      Zeke Aileron™

      You should try Sony Vegas.

  10. It's neat to have something like this for the server. Hope this grows into a thing.
  11. Sorry, Discord RSS thing is on the fritz now. :/
  12. Anyways, the boss I'm currently working on at the very moment for show and tell is a special one. It's pretty cool, but it's really only for raising my bar with SourcePawn, showing off that I'm a cool kid with the whole development thing, and show you what's possible. Meet the Trivia Man. Codename TriviaMan is pretty much just a generic boss. However, he has a 0.40:1.0 Health Loss to Rage percentage ratio. What that means is that ideally, for every 40% health he loses out of his whole bar, he gets to do one rage. When he does it though, he summons everyone to himself in a circle around him and freezes the entire server and disables all sentries. Instantly, he brings forth a random player and starts The Game. The player first choses a difficulty level of how hard the game will be. Once done, he then chooses a category of 3 that are randomly picked on what type of trivia question he wants to play (in a pop up menu, typical source fashion) as really cool WWTBAM music plays, and when he picks a category, the boss's code actually HTTP requests a database of trivia questions. This trivia database is open for anyone to submit questions too. It's at . Once it gets the random question in said category, it actually asks it to the person the question. Depending on the difficulty he chose and if he gets it wrong or right, things will happen. Easy Win - Pretty much nothing happens. Medium Win - You deal moderate damage to the boss. Hard Win - You deal heavy damage to the boss. Losing will result in instant death. Undodgeable, unavoidable, instant death. After the trivia game is over, everyone but the boss unfreezes, gets a moderate speed boost, and then the boss unfreezes and everything goes back to normal. Essentially, this is to ensure people get a good chance to run off after the whole event. Another boss idea was an Undertale series of bosses with unique mechanics. Undertale characters running around slapping people are cool and all, but mine are way better in concept. They'll have a separate "Health" bar known as the "Affection" Meter. If this grows to 100%, the boss is defeated with different dialogs and effects and what not. It'l slowly go up like a crawl, but it'l never hit 100% this way. They also do not generate too fast of Rage by taking just damage, or as fast as others. However, the lower their HP, the faster they gain rage outside of the state I will say below. The way they work is that when you unlock certain conditions, which I will list, they will enter a sort of "Affectionate" state where their Affection meter drastically goes up as long as you keep them in that state. However, hurting the boss or doing other things at this stage dramatically increases the Rage he generates. If he maxes out his Rage, his "Affection" meter won't go up as fast anymore, and once he uses it, he goes back to normal after using his rage. Pretty spooky. This creates a sort of boss design that encourages new way of dealing with these sort of bosses. Maybe your team will want to pummel the Boss and let them go ham on you. Or maybe you'll be the one to unlock their Affectionate status and convince everyone to follow up and take on the boss in a much more... well, affectionate way. The only condition I got is for Papyrus at the moment. A simple condition is if someone hits Papyrus with enough melee damage, he'll drop his bone and enter the status. His damage is weakened where everyone can survive an extra hit from him, but he's a tad faster. Just a tad. Papyrus obviously wants his bone back, so his option is to chase around whoever has his bone (probably going to be a flag-like item that's droppable manually.) and hit them. If he kills them or hits them enough, he'll make them drop it. If he gets his bone back, he'll revert back to normal but with a bonus to his rage meter. Tell me what you guys think.
  13. One last test. **ONE MORE TIME. IT HAS TO BE DONE FOR FURY AND JUSTICE.** :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: EDIT: No Regrets.
  14. Glorious Money. Simply Fabulous. It's a little bit slow since RSS is meh but it works.
  15. One more thing I need to test. It's a discord bot that I set up. Not really a bot but an RSS Feed Webhook that allows me to grab this website's public feed and send it to my discord neat and tidy. Lets see if it works! **High five if it does!** *But nobody said it would be perfect.* :( :gun:
  16. Currently testing a discord bot that relays messages from the forum to the guild I'm making. Pretty neat, but I have to post random messages to test it. :(
  17. TheGandalf's Proving Grounds of Development My discord server! Join above! I'm setting up as of now the channels and everything. You can talk to me all about development in there. --- Two Boss Ideas I'm working on
  18. Lots of stuff I'm doing. I'll let people know when I got the doing done! :)

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      Oh, forgot one more thing. I'm going to also upload youtube videos of my work in action.

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    Wow... It's been 6 years since I've been around. That means I was around when I was... 15, 14 maybe? Huh.

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  21. I do not understand. is this server down or incomplete?
  22. Flutterbat isn't op, it's the way the player who play her it's op. Flutterbat doesn't have infinite Cloak, she lost her cloak if you used all, you can only get Cloak by taking the apples dropped by dead players, without that you are pretty visible, The rage only block damage per 20%, She could use the B.A.S.E jumper to leviate in air, Also Press Reload it's for jump. Yes she does decloak fast that is a way to use her in good situation, it's also why the cloak isn't infinite.
  23. Hi, I know, I'm new, but I've been playing the vs_ponyville server for a while, and there's something that does bother me. The Flutterbat boss is rather... how do I say it... over-powered. The declaoking speed and the cloak frequency is too fast, also allowing them to kill us whilst partially invisible. I am hoping that the boss can be somehow modified to make it a bit more... balanced like the other bosses. If I made any mistakes on my post, I'd like to be properly informed, the last time it was mistaken I was banned from a forum for a month ( -_-)
  24. Having issues with this fobor system as well. I never used to have this much of an issue about it.
  25. I keep saying to Raini to restart them, orever it get fix when she restart it , but When the Server Restart, this bug came again.
  26. The only way to fix that, it's to use the Console of Tf2 and and type : unbind all, it will reset every bind you did, and also everykeyboard keys, so you will need to reput all your keys in Options Keyboard. Also Question like that, why R ? it's Reload lol. I could only suggest you to put in on Mouse 4,5. If you got anyproblem tell me.
  27. Okay so I started playing on the server again and play using the spell magazine. However I whilst trying to get a bind to work, I bond and unbound 'R' as one of the random bind options, and now I can no longer Cycle down my spell list. I forget 'R' was the cycling button for the server. I looked online and cannot find a bind-script for this. if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. All my attempts have not worked: Default keys, uninstall/reinstall, online searching. Nothing.
  28. Yea, i kind of got used to it by using :(space) then typing my sentence afterwards, it was fixed for like a day or two, not sure why it's back like that again...
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