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  3. Hey every pony! I am new here and trying to gain friends! I love MLP
  4. Someone please neck me, k thx

  5. And I would like to know why I'm muted and gagged on (US) - Versus Ponyville
  6. Ok I'll add you to my friends and when we both online we can do it
  7. Earlier
  8. How about we try to make arrangements for that to happen? Add me so we can work it out.
  9. okay i got to know who made that pinkamena gif
  10. Hey everyone. Progress is slow, but I am working to get everything back online. Thank you for being patient.

  11. Server is back! Hell yeah!!!

  12. Server seems to be back, that's good. Question is: Did anything change? Random crits removed? Hales added? Medic Buffs? Anything?


    1. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      For now, we are fixing the Boss Issues, and after yards it will be the Gameplays ^^

    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Well, i'm still currently writing up the google docs for the mercenary weapons.

  13. What a time to be alive.

  14. So how about that drastic left turn to Albuquerque that is the end of Vol. 3? This ain't your happy-go-lucky show anymore people!! (Because that would be RWBY Chibi, which for some reason buries its own plot.)
  15. When you low-key forgot about this site but some strange reason it poped up in your mind

  16. Oh yeah that was when a lot of the Admins were on just for fun, good times.
  17. It was a long time ago, you were on when half of the server was heavies XD
  18. Still not a fan of the high ping in EU servers. Tho it's as good as it's gonna get for a while. Would like another status update.

  19. Hmm, how so?
  20. Hello people of internet land

    1. Pinkamena1


      Yo what's up!

  21. Oh yea. I remember you.
  22. thats a spicy meme

  23. black licorice is so good

  24. So I take it Rainy was updating something and that's why the site was down?

    1. Solar


      Raini had to update the game servers I believe, but as for the site, the provider got hit by a ransomware called "WannaCry",

    2. Green Leaf

      Green Leaf

      Bleck. That sucks. 

  25. time is key i guess



  26. I miss the servers, it's been so long. I can feel the community slowly fading.

    1. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      They have a problem with the Host of the Servers US, be Patient, they working on it !

    2. Juan Tienda

      Juan Tienda

      I'm aware, it's just taking a while and my 3 months of donor went to the garbage, but it's not an issue. Just hoping there's still people interested when the servers do come back. Who knows, maybe they're patching in fixes and some other upgrades, that'd be nice.

  27. I recommand you to Add the Super Admin Simple : And tell him, your reasons to be unmute.
  28. Heylo peoples

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