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  2. You forgot the great fall of new jersey but otherwise pretty on point.
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  4. Try again connect If it still doesnt work try to use a vpnand try agaim
  5. Sometimes i notice that the server did even play quake sound
  6. I recently played ponyville and did notice that the server did have Quake sound
  7. I am having a little problem getting into the game while connecting On Versus ponyville mode it shows me what you see on picture 1 and on versus ponyville funbox picture 2 So what should i do?
  8. You missed the part where fascists tore our dear family apart.
  9. grape snap's sister - *grape snap is her - grape snap * violet daffodil's sister - *violet daffodil is her - violet daffodil* Aurora Glider's sister - *aurora glider is her - Aurora Glider*
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  11. very interesting story
  12. If I knew that the servers would be dying I would've never took a break from TF2. I hope that in the near future the servers can pick back up..
  13. Cool story. Very touching lol. Iv'e always loved the pony servers and usually are the ones I had the most fun playing on. I'm still confused if they are actually functioning or what. Gametracker always shows all of them as completely dead which is why I haven't bothered going on. If they are actually up might have to try going on some time.
  14. (The Rise) Vs. Ponyville started in 2012 sometime after VSH and FF2 was created. The basic idea was to provide the same experience as VSH but replace saxton hale and the freaks with PONIES. And unlike VSH and FF2, each boss had their own unique abilities rather than the usual "stun everyone closest to you." The server launched and gained popularity very quickly. Many People would join on a daily basis, and the server would get so full, that you would have to buy reserved slots just to get a chance to join. Even so, getting on truly was a treat. And it provided the best of both worlds for both pony lovers and pony haters. If you loved ponies, you got to play as one or got to reskin yourself as one. If you hated ponies, you got every chance to kill them. After the US server launched, the EU and Japan servers launched with it, and they got just as popular. With new bosses being added every month. This server could've gone on as long as MLP existed. Because MLP simply could never run out of characters. And it made donating to the server totally worth it because you got access to fun features and -overpowered unique bosses. The Server creator, Rainy, is a very fun and kind person as well. She took the time out of her days to make sure everyone here was having fun. She created the websites and appointed her trusty Sea Ponies and Royal Guards. She and Simple, the head of the community, kept the servers running and made sure everyone was having the best experience possible. Funbox was created to be a bunch of random gamemodes stuffed into one server but it only had deathrun along with VSP and was never finished. The Minigames server was a friendly place where you could chat, trade, screw around, dance, fight in arena matches, play soccer, dodgeball, or bumper cars. It is the most friendly place that could exist, and IMO, better than most of the trade servers that I've been to. But remained "under construction" Since the MyM update. (My story) I joined back in 2014. At the time i had just installed TF2 and began browsing servers. I was trying to find VSH servers, but something else caught my eye. A server called Vs. Ponyville. I ignored it at first because i wanted the VSH servers, but then i got curious. I joined the server and after the painful 15-20 mins of waiting for the models and such to download, i joined, and was completely bewildered by what i saw. Everyone was trying to kill a PONY. It took me awhile to get used to the class limit system but when i finally got the class i wanted, (scout) all i tried to do was avoid the hale rather than attack it. Of course i was forced to attack it later, but in every game, I tried to avoid the hale. This is what got me to favorite this server and stay with it. After almost getting kicked over my trying to avoid the hale, i never ran away again and instead fought it. My weapon of choice being the soda popper when it gave you extra jumps for running around. Made fighting the hale fun. But after its nerf i found a new high, the stock version of the BFB. Of course that was against the rules, but there's nothing funnier than outrunning the hale at mach 12 while they struggle to keep up. This is what got my scout class the most damage and points scored. I Met some great people on the server as well. The most memorable people being Keter, Buffy the heart thief, Brony down Under, StoroTLCS, and my favorite, Gummy ze Kool Aid King, the memeiest of them all. Such great people. My boss of choice was Princess Celestia and second to her, Pinkemena Diane Pie. (The creepy one) Simply because i liked the music that went along with them. I considered donating to i would have access to R-dash 5000 or the dual bosses but i never got the chance. (The Fall) Sometime around 2016, the server began to suffer from "problems." Rainy had family issues and slowly began to stop tending to the server, resulting in it slowly decaying. When the Meet Your Match Update hit, it really caused problems for the server. It caused some bosses to glitch out or stop working completely, but despite these issues, people continued to play on the server. The server didn't get as full as frequently, but it still had good days when 20 people joined. Simple left the server completely, and Rainy began to turn a blind eye to the server. She tried to come back and fix everything when the Auto-download broke, and at that time it seemed that the server would make a glorious comeback, but unfortunately, the real nail in the coffin hit when Jungle Inferno came out. I don't know how may things that update broke, but i do know, that after that update hit, everyone simply left. The servers were now constantly empty, and the US server was shut down. the Japan server was dead when 2016 hit, and the EU server still has some people joining but remains mostly empty. The servers are a shell of what they used to be. I remain hopeful that someday, the servers will be revived and become just as popular as before, but since Rainy's departure from the server, that hope has since dwindled. Goodbye VSP, may the memory of you never die out.I'll always love the server even if its dead.
  15. Really? About how many on average are on usually? Or is it just some random dude?
  16. i noticed that if you look on the server tab you always see 0 players even when you refresh wenn you join the server you see players in the game but the server tabs always remain 0 so in my opinion join the server and look if players are on the server dont trust the 0 player in the server tab
  17. This server needs some manure to grow up again.

  18. Is this server never coming out of 'construction'?
  19. With that out of the way when did the servers upright just die I'm being serious all of the other fucking servers for ff2 or saxton hale are blonderline trash Can't the owners (mainly rainy) just pass on the rights to someone else to run this server that cares in the least (it won't happen anyways Xd) poni x3 is garbage Everything is hotshit garbage Why is this website even alive? why bother to keep this running it's all dead I wanna die.
  20. Let's give Twitch a try! Trying the Sea of Thieves Open Beta again!

  21. Bring back the servers! Me and my brother used to play on them all the time, but then we moved and had no internet for about 3 years but when we came back the servers were dead but I hope that they can be revived.
  22. Death has come

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