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  2. Looks like There are now traffic back on the server The server Seems to be updated now not to the latest update but to a newer version of the game
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  5. >The servers are dead >No point wasting your time >Play on P3 instead
  6. I'll go and see
  7. Well there is a tutorial on youtube how you make fix this issue search for tf2 ponyville server fix an follow the video download the file in description
  8. where is lmao? son of mao?

    1. CaptainMo
    2. Mena


      now that changes everything 11055351_t.jpg.676b8330aeebe57ed266993cd8fe9ace.jpg

  9. And that's why I wanted to join. If they see someone, even if it's one person. They'll join. I can't do that because I got no idea how to fix my issue.
  10. Evening. I've been off the forum for years. Are the servers still running?

    1. staryoshi06
    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Correct, they're still up, but unable to connect to them because they require to be updated.

  11. Because no one is playing anymore.
  12. For everyone or me? Cause the number of players are still an absolute, definitive 0.
  13. The US server has been updated, it just must not be working.
  14. So I just joined this community and I wanted to join a game. Now problem is when I connect to the Texas servers, it says "Failed to connect after 4 retries". When I joined the Japan servers, it says that the server I'm trying to connect to is running an old version of the game. In which I just recently updated, So question is, if it's the former (which I highly Doubt), how do I fix it? And if it's the latter, are the servers not updated yet?
  15. So dead.... for Celestia's sake, we need to revive this site

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    2. BlueBook


      true. I've been trying to get people on, but nobody wants to join a dead site

    3. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      You want to try to recreate VSP go right ahead.

    4. staryoshi06


      It's been sorta done already actually.

  16. If only the servers still worked, i'm gonna try and see tomorrow if i can somehow fix them, or at least get on to them.


    1. staryoshi06


      They are up currently, but no one is on them.

    2. TheFireBird


      Well, I wanted to join, but can't connect because of the reasons that i wrote in the General Discussion Forum

  17. Fun fact of the day: First time I joined VSP it was on the megaman map I'm pretty sure.

  18. Hi, I'm a 20 year old pegasister, I'm very exited to be here and I can't wait to meet everypony! I don't have many friends that like ponies so that's why I joined!
  19. Well I guess the discord is more for the steam group, not the website (although it isn't really that much more active honestly).
  20. No problem ! and yes we working on it, kinda hard for recent problems in ... Lot's of stuff got broke again.
  21. Hmm, so there was a discord server for this, i was only told about the Twitch one and since it had nothing Pony related i didn't join it.
  22. Thank you for the link! And I think you're still here cause you care about this place a bit, just that you can't do much to help stabilize things.
  23. Here's the Discord :, *It's not for Twitch*
  24. One of the Admins... it kind of depends since a lot of the admins for the server(s) and on here have been inactive for years, Rainy does have a discord server but it's mainly for her Twitch Stream and such, honestly i'm just surprised i'm still around even though the servers are either fully up or just not functioning, also that and not many of the actual people that play on the servers just don't care enough to come onto the forums.
  25. Discord is one of the best places to communicate with people easily. Is there a chance Rainy or one of the admins can make an official Discord for it? It would benefit the website and server with more activity and quite a bit more communication between its users/players. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to discuss it
  26. Funbox is dr only, and it always fails to automatically download maps for me, have to download them manually. I guess that's why I'm usually alone there waiting for people to join

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Funbox has been broken for the longest time since i don't remember when...

    2. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      The auto-download for maps has been broken ever since the Meet Your Match update. Rainy tried to fix it but unfortunately didn't manage to. You can download most maps from gamebannana

  27. Hmm, regular US server is down. Funbox is still up though.

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Funbox has been broken for a long time i think, and the EU server is usually up but the item server for it is broken. regular US server is going to always be down longer than the EU server since it's the one that get's played the most..

    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      Us Minigames and Us VSP got some issues yesterday, that make them both crash when playing in. It will be fix as soon has possible. Thanks for your patience !

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