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  2. Click me if you want to play VSP again!

  3. For those that might be interested… Some fans are working on a reborn vsp. Though it's in beta still, it's already fairly close to the original.

    Link if interested:

  4. Well I did not expect this post to get updated. I wanted keys but I was bested by time.
  5. I'm still alive :
  6. 10 keys to the next poster. (Shh, I'm not dead...)
  7. Currently I have exactly 530 profile views. I will see what this topic leads me into.
  8. So. The servers are pretty much dead, if not completely, aren't they? Yes, they are. And just like everyone, I do NOT like it. I might sound like a full idiot now, I know, but nothing prevents me from trying, does it? I wonder if somebody is even going to notice me here, since I am a "Blank Flank" and pretty much the only thing I have here, are 3 topic replies and ~530 profile views (no idea who ever did this). I even once failed to catch Rainy's attention upon writing to her in Twitter, no needs to lie. But if somebody does actually notice me here... Listen, I like doing things that make the others feel at least a bit happier, and I hate it when I just need to stare at something which certainly needs help, being able to do nothing. Considering the fact that many people liked these servers when they were still active, I do believe this will be good news that they are back online. I dare to proclaim that I might try to help the servers out. Of course, I might not be as good at computer science and programming as our glorious admins are, but I have a lot of ideas for these servers which, I do believe, can actually help. If I have somebody to work together with, we might not only resurrect these servers but even "make them great again!!!". Don't you think these servers were too good not to deserve a second attempt? Don't you miss those good old times you had on these servers? Don't you want to have them for once again? I do. Whoever you are, feel free to contact me if I actually caught your attention. Offer me your participation, discuss my ideas, or call me an idiot and say that the resurrection is no longer possible - you are always welcome. Thank you for the attention, and may the God bless you. Cordially, - Gleb A. Lincoln (Nemo).
  9. I miss the gamemode

  10. I thought this site was dead inside, well I guess it is right now..

    1. Pinkamena1


      I’m dead inside 

    2. World Destroyer

      World Destroyer

      Yush, it is dead. 

    3. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      Mmm smell of death everywhere, but WHY ? This place could be full of life if we just stared to use it.

  11. Ayeeeee this ain’t dead like I thought wohooo no experation date 

    1. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      Signed for one year more :pixel-pinkie: Hope the owner promote it to live up again

  12. Hope ain't dead yet

    1. Kyle


      its dead though

  13. ill be waiting for the day, pinkie pie gets reworked. untill then i shall sleep
  14. where are u arent u managing this?

    1. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      .... Same question

  15. some kpop actually
  16. i miss yall like fuck man ahhhh yall dead :forever:

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    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena
    3. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      Me too ?



    4. Pinkamena1


      Yes you too and hmmm dead inside or in here? Lol :twitch:

  17. Necros dont exist here. Post whenever you like.
  18. Not to necro a dead post but, yeah I loaded up TF2 the other day to see what's become of the dear server. As dead as can be unfortunately. Many good memories and good times. Maybe some day it will rise up through the ashes.
  19. It'll be great if the servers were able to come back from being dead, Plus i'm not only focused on the US servers problems cause i know EU had problems relating to way more broken stuff slightly before US servers started having the same problems.
  20. I really hope that the server will come back. I've already seen someone posting something like this that they play TF2 just cause of VSP... it is good to know that i'm not the only one. I fell in love with this gamemode since first day i tried this out... the only thing i do in TF2 is just hoping onto some jump servers boring my butt off... i just rarely go to casual... but it is good to see it haven't been forgotten
  21. If you somehow manage to bring this back from the death, I'll be genuinely surprised.
  22. Alright Alright. I only proposed these changes because just about every weapon on the server has some kind of buff/debuff to make it better or worse depending on the weapon. I wasn't really calling them "overpowered" and i cannot make this claim valid because i haven't been playing on the server. I just thought that these weapons should not be excluded from the weapon changes. Now i emphasized the jetpack because every single weapon that supports major mobility has been nerfed completely into the ground. (Sticky/Rocket Jumper, BFB, Crit-a-cola, GRU.) How come the jetpack should be any different....? A damage penalty on the Dragons Fury means nothing when it does 300% bonus damage vs burning players. So technically giving it a slight damage penalty and mini crits on burning players won't hurt it much. And stock flamethrower has that damage bonus because it requires that the pyro gets close to the hale to deal damage which is risky. But the dragons fury fire projectile has a longer lifetime and travels farther. (However with the recent buff to flamethrowers i do not know if the flamethrower has the same range as the dragons fury) So Pyro can deal consistent fire damage from farther away which is less risky. So a slight damage penalty wont hurt it much and the mini crits on burning players will outweigh this penalty. But this thread is for discussing the problems in the server and as i already said, this server's owners have left the server for good. So its highly unlikely that these weapon changes will ever be implemented or even seen. I already put forth my suggestion to revive the server. But my suggestion can only come true if the community is behind it.
  23. The Dragon's fury is fine considering it has poor knock-back on hit especially with crits and it's air-blast is awful enough already, why nerf it beyond it being already being semi bad. Jet-pack is fine the way it is, you're already losing damage by equipping it for an escape function which is one penalty, the other penalty is it having a bad Holster and re-holster time along with almost no knock-back considering you only have 2 charges for it compared to the amount of flares you can pump out and can refill it as well, similar to Soldier being able to jump away and able to reload quicker and refill ammo faster than the jet-pack. Also the weapon stats are being handled on a different thread.
  24. The big difference between the Jumpers and the Jetpack is that the Jetpack is on a cooldown. A long 15 second cooldown per jump, up to 2 jumps total. That's against 4 rockets that can clear an entire map and reload before you have any chance of dying. The BFB is a problem because its a passive speed increase on an already hard to track down class, I agree it's nerfed for a good reason. I still don't see how the Jetpack needs any sort of nerfing, keep in mind this is coming from someone who mains soldier, the mobility tied to the Jetpack is very low by comparison, and nerfing it is complete overkill. It literally takes 2 super jumps max to chase the Pyro. While that might seem annoying, chasing a good soldier can be so much worse in comparison on maps with abundant health packs. To clarify on the Sandvich, it only was a one time use with the Killing Gloves of Boxing, and that wasn't even technically intended. It had an attribute that turned ammo into health, so whenever it regened, it would give you a measly amount of health that wasn't even noticeable, and the regen would restart. The Dalokohs wasn't initially affected because it wasn't tied to a cooldown. Later on the attribute for ammo turning into health was removed from the game and hasn't existed since, so the sandvich can be used as much as you want now. As it stands every rechargeable for Heavy regens, and I'm not even sure if you can cap it easily. Thing is that like I said in my post, the Stock Flamethrower has a damage bonus and a damage bonus while being healed, so I find it odd that you want to nerf the damage of the harder to aim Flamethrower still. Its less reliable on top of having a very inconsistent airblast. It might do a lot of damage, but I still consider that a trade off. Id hate to have the more skilled weapons nerfed into the floor and everyone keep using the stock Flamethrower because I wouldn't touch Pyro personally in that state. I probably won't change your mind here, it's just odd to me that people think it's overpowered, especially with how much the hitbox got nerfed an update or so ago. I never claimed you said the Hot Hand was overpowered, all I said is that its a waste of resources to probably bother with. I could care less at what happens to it as long as it stays fun to slap people.
  25. The risk is the deploy time and recharge, The Flare Gun is already better than it why nerf the Thruster. Auro's post about how they are show that they're fine as they are currently
  26. So with this logic, why don't we go ahead and bring back stock sticky/rocket jumper because you trade damage for mobility and there's nothing wrong with sticky jumping/rocket jumping for away from the hale over and over for virtually no cost. And while we're at it bring back stock BFB because you lose boost from double jumping and there is totally nothing wrong with outrunning the hale dealing 3000 damage. Jetpacking away from the hale should have some kind of COST some kind of RISK. The deploy time means nothing if you airblast the hale then get the jetpack out and fly away especially with the degreaser. I agree i was overzealous with the banna change but i thought you could only eat a sandvich once and that was it on this server...? I read it somewhere.....nvm forget it. Do not underestimate the dragons fury. It deals a stupid amount of damage especially with crits. My change just made it so that you can still deal a good amount of damage but you get penalized harder if you miss. Although doing some research it appears you literally cannot do that because no such stat exists. So I think it should deal mini crits on burning players but have a 35% damage penalty. I never said the hot hand was OP, i just gave it a buff so that you get rewarded for managing to slap the hale 3 times in a row without dying in one hit.
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