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  3. Well we're we seeing the server back in any future?
  4. Yes, maybe someone will see us and write something...anything? At least we can hope
  5. Miss and love yall

    1. JamesGoblin


      Hey, someone liked your update!

  6. This died time to revive
  7. I don't think it's gonna disappear anytime soon. \but who knows?
  8. I'm in, Yessss.
  9. Who knows what will happen here in a few years?

    1. Pinkamena1


      There will be tumble weeds in your place

  10. I wonder what one day will happen with this site
  11. Your all bronys

    1. kimos


      Why you mentioning that?

    2. Pinkamena1
  12. Yes it's dead but :
  13. So I finally came back after moving house, and the first thing I do is login to TF2 and see if I can finally play the gamemode. But when I logged in and checked the custom servers which I have put on my faves, I couldn't find it, like at all, no matter how specific I made the search. So I checked here and apparently the servers itself, all of them are gone, vanished without a trace or way to bring it back. So can I have confirmation that it is definitely, completely gone? On the bright side, this site is still here.
  14. am i the only pegasister or? *wonders in a daze* 

  15. Yeah apparently it seems creating new account is also broken or how did you exactly make a alt account? My friend did try and wasn't able to do
  16. Click me if you want to play VSP again!

  17. For those that might be interested… Some fans are working on a reborn vsp. Though it's in beta still, it's already fairly close to the original.

    Link if interested:

  18. Well I did not expect this post to get updated. I wanted keys but I was bested by time.
  19. I'm still alive :
  20. 10 keys to the next poster. (Shh, I'm not dead...)
  21. Currently I have exactly 530 profile views. I will see what this topic leads me into.
  22. So. The servers are pretty much dead, if not completely, aren't they? Yes, they are. And just like everyone, I do NOT like it. I might sound like a full idiot now, I know, but nothing prevents me from trying, does it? I wonder if somebody is even going to notice me here, since I am a "Blank Flank" and pretty much the only thing I have here, are 3 topic replies and ~530 profile views (no idea who ever did this). I even once failed to catch Rainy's attention upon writing to her in Twitter, no needs to lie. But if somebody does actually notice me here... Listen, I like doing things that make the others feel at least a bit happier, and I hate it when I just need to stare at something which certainly needs help, being able to do nothing. Considering the fact that many people liked these servers when they were still active, I do believe this will be good news that they are back online. I dare to proclaim that I might try to help the servers out. Of course, I might not be as good at computer science and programming as our glorious admins are, but I have a lot of ideas for these servers which, I do believe, can actually help. If I have somebody to work together with, we might not only resurrect these servers but even "make them great again!!!". Don't you think these servers were too good not to deserve a second attempt? Don't you miss those good old times you had on these servers? Don't you want to have them for once again? I do. Whoever you are, feel free to contact me if I actually caught your attention. Offer me your participation, discuss my ideas, or call me an idiot and say that the resurrection is no longer possible - you are always welcome. Thank you for the attention, and may the God bless you. Cordially, - Gleb A. Lincoln (Nemo).
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