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    Flutterbat has some annoying qualities, she is able to attack too quickly after decloaking, because frankly, I die more often to her being semi-invisible stil lfrom decloak, than actually seeing her, I also find that weighdown needs a bit of a...change on her, it's too easy to aim imo due to the floating effect. I've asked a bit on the server and generally the most of a reply I got was that she isn't really fun to fight. Something I think should be changed, either due to changes on the boss, or it's mechanics, or other things. Keep in mind this is just my opinion however.
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    Thanks Emerald Streak. Though, I found something which makes me worry about things until I actually start doing things. This gamemode was officially updated between 3 years, 8 months, 18 days and 11 months, 17 days old. I did some tests and figured out that a command was added called "ff2_start_music" in version 1.0.11, which was about a year ago, almost exact. I tried firing this command, and the command "ff2_stop_music" at the same time and this is the result. Which confirms my range. Here's the proof of those commands in the code. 1.10.11 The command is right above it. 1.0.8 Missing the command. ( Please note that the code structure drastically changed since the old version so it's not exactly placed where it is. ) Considering the last update that was a little around the time 1.10.11 was around, in the !ff menu where the PV devs overwrite the plugin versions and everything with their own versions (tsk tsk), I believe that the version is in the upper range of the numbers of the elderly server plugin that is. Hopefully updates can get back rolling somehow.
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    Player with chat tags such such as 20% cooler, royal guard and sea pony, has the color code written in chat. This is just for Server #1 This is how it looks like and it's quite annoying.
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    There is a bug with the Donor system where it sometimes doesn't go through. If you have this problem, please send me a PM here, or add either Pinkamena or Videogames380 on Steam so I can add you manually. I will compensate you with additional time to make up for any wait.
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    When you go on a browser, there's a link of your profile at the top. Normaly it's look like http:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/102347801238912 or This (If you putted a custom URL for your profile : htttp://steamcommunity.com/id/mauricebro1 You just need to put your Steam Profile URL, it would automaticly put your profile for the donation. If you need help with anything, leave me a feed back. ^^
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    Hey everyone. Progress is slow, but I am working to get everything back online. Thank you for being patient.