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    I tried what JamesGoblin sended, about the download process on my phone, but my screen was just flipping in the same way. I was sad ;-;
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    I hafta apologize to my dear ladies. Say, have a couple of shadow-pencil images! (Last one is my favorite <3 There's more, I took it from here - http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/11/vincent-bal-shadow-doodles/)
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    The moment when u realize celestias hair moves by itself all the time...
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    Omg that download process... I must try it!
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    Excusez-moi for 100% off-topic, but dat sig!
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    We do, and here's a little friendly advice to help you with downloads!
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    Hello everyone!!! Hope u have a great day/night
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    Hello Pretty Prince Person, Nice to meet you. Hi ^^ Welcome here
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    Lol cool just saw I'm not a blank flank anymore but a filly! Bet that @JamesGoblin and @Ice_Shard
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    when all you have in life is that chat room that makes u feel alive again and you have that those two guys that make your day... because without them I would nothing @Ice_Shard @JamesGoblin
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    Really James really ??? *dies laughing and crying * hey from your lonely admin melody
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    Gotta do what i gotta do boi, if i don't do it, how would I be ? Lol a mouse, u should like an elephant ( cause ur scared of mice) be careful!! from your lonely admin
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    Don't you dare doing anything you would do if that's something I wouldn't do as you do or don't or...whatever! PS while I'm here...amagad M-M-M-MOUSE!