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    Wow I am impress, ^-^, People have so much imagination, I can't even draw a Stick man :D ? I can only do SFM stuff :
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    I hafta apologize to my dear ladies. Say, have a couple of shadow-pencil images! (Last one is my favorite <3 There's more, I took it from here - http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/11/vincent-bal-shadow-doodles/)
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    ponies...ponies everywhere! This site is so AWESOME!!!
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    I'm really liking that pinecone one lol
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    At least u can do that hahaha, I have yet to do that cause I'm so bad
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    any pony see the times they are changelings ?
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    I love your profile pic so much think i might draw it pinkamena1
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    all i'm thinking now is that i want that teddy bear for christmas lol
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    ok that did confort me a bit by laughing but damn, i just got my headphones like a week ago too !