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    though really, i love snuggling this blanket of mine. it's just so damn snuggle-able and soft and... mmmm... blanket
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    Hmm, my suggestion for populating is to remove the password you always have on it. You might just get somewhere with it.
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    Alcina threatened me for typing out the sailor moon theme.
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    Well, Silent Killer +Slow Death in which you can do NOTHING + Constant poison from Spies hitting you and the fact that this weapon has NO downsides.... I bet it can´t randomly crit.
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    I only watch Harry Potter because I've had a crush on Emma Watson since I was 13.
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    .............. I like to shave my pubic hair /)_-
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    Stuff. Built a USB DVD drive out of a DVD drive salvaged from my old Acer Aspire.
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    They let you stack 2 bloodthirsters as Rengar? Your necklace must have been maxed to the brim. I would have went with warmong's but awesome nethrless dude, there's never enough ad when you're rengar >:P ult in, use 2-4 sec to kill your target. and my necklace was maxed ofc :3
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    Stomping over Brony-haters in competitive games like TF2, Dota2 or CS:GO. Yeah, I know I shouldn't let their attitudes bother me, but DAMN does it feel good to kick their asses.
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    this really brings back memories of middle school..*FLASHBACK*
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    Hmm. . .SEA PONY PERHAPS? Shoo-be-doo-sho--*headshot*