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    A change I'd like to see implemented is to the shield deleting for the Demoman, have it only destroy the shield if the user's charge is under 80%, if they have over 80% it would just remove all built up charge and count as a blocked hit. Another change thats coming out (or should) is to the Freedom Staff, it dealt too much knockback and lead to rather unpleasant results and also the Force of Nature should get its default attributes back ontop of what it has now, unexpected result. I'll need to test some of the resistance weapons compared to the bosses to see if they're surviving a bit too much (KGB heavies are meant to survive 3 hits, Batallions Backup 4 (so they can effectively use it)). Now that I think about it I'll need to boost the Rocket Jumper slightly since its a little underpowered compared to its Demoman equivalent.
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    apparently i'm fond of low light environments. who would've guessed?
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    Because playing spy wasn't already difficult enough with all the paranoid engies and trigger happy pyros.
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    My mother has a habit of taking photo's of someone wherever they go.. and I had to be it..
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    I was bored and... well... ended up with this:
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    Hey look, I'm wearing a suit!
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    Yesterday's reenactment (big guy with the flag): I got to fire a musket after that. Haha, you can really feel when the flint strikes the powder in the pan, and the explodes in your face.
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    I just hope nothing gets broken. They're treading some very fine lines with major changes to staples like badwater (one of the least broken official maps), and they have to make changes to make the weapon balanced rather then straight nerfing it. The DR for example, sounds like its just getting reduced cloak time, which would be awful. What I think/hope they mean is that damage taken while cloaked will reduce it, and have something like the cloak time buffed to balance it without making it nigh-useless.
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    Charge! (The Colour bearer)