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    Just going to dump all of my complaints about the current status of the VSP servers here because it's to a point where I could care less what happens with anything. The biggest thing is probably boss and weapon balance. People literally complain about bosses and weapons constantly, things that are so obviously overpowered (Rainbow Dash) or unnecessary (Laugh crit on Pinkie/Surprise), things get brought up on here, but nothing is ever done. The community is almost completely ignored when it comes to balance, and it's the most frustrating thing giving feedback that doesn't even matter. I don't think hardly any of my suggestions I've made have ever been implemented, even if there were a lot of players agreeing with it, it's just ignored. What's the point of trying? Another current thing regarding weapons is the fact that the new Gun Mettle skins and Spy's watches still aren't fixed. All the skins still work as TF2 default, and the Invis Watch gives a speed boost (won't block a hit though), and the Dead Ringer is plain out useless. The update came out July 2nd, it's been almost a month and a half, seriously, why is it not fixed? Last thing about server maintenance would probably be regarding new bosses getting added. I mean, I'm still personally against it, but how long has FnaP been done for? From what I remember, it's been over 6 MONTHS, and it's not added? It's not like the boss was denied to getting added, it just ignored. I just don't understand how it hasn't been added yet, or AT LEAST given a REASON as to why it hasn't been. Which reminds me, why are we always in the dark when it comes to things? Can we at least get an estimate of when things will get changed, or at least a response regarding something that we deem unbalanced? I don't see a point in trying to get things changed, because nothing is ever touched. This could also relate to the PF2 players wanting a vanilla server. People are getting impatient and don't think it's going to happen, but we aren't getting any responses regarding it. Sure, people have lives, they're busy, everyone is. But, if the people who can actually change things don't have time, why not give others the ability to do so? There are plenty of willing people with the time that would love to balance weapons and bosses, or at least get things added to the server. I just hate trying when I know nothing will actually get done. Another personal thing that really bothers me is the terrible performance of the servers. Seems to have awful issues with connection (getting hit from 10 ft away from people that have <50 ping), and my FPS is terrible on there. Please, remove the necessary particle effects on weapons and from rages. It' just causes so much frame issues. tl;dr Nothing gets changed, the community is completely ignored, and RIP FPS. Edit: forgot to mention spellbooks. When you have so many complaints about it, constantly, so many people hate them, you'd think that they would get changed or plain out removed.
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    I'm going to keep things civil and say the main problem with having quad models instead of the mercs is that newcomers will have absolutely no idea which pony is which class from which team, resulting in having frustrated players who will most likely never come back on the server. As Staryoshi said, TF2 has a cast of very easily recognizable classes you can identify at first sight and instantly know if they are on your team or not based on their color. Using quad models will not only make it hard to know which team everyone is, but also make every class model very similar so unless you exactly know the layout you will have no way of finding what they are until they shoot you. And seriously Aeth...? It's been less than a week and you ALREADY have to insult someone else because they don't share your point of view...? They were nice enough to host us and pay for an IP chat specifically for us so STOP BEING A SELF ENTITLED ASS FOR ONCE!!
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    I just wanted to post since I've disappeared for 7 months. I know there's a lot of drama that happened in my absence and I really just want to say...I'm not the least bit involved or interested with that. I've been in enough communities as a volunteer (3 MORPG's from the late 90's and early 00's) to know that a community without drama is a dead community. That said, I'm too old for that shit, so I choose neutrality. :P So what have I been doing? Well I had two goals...get my life back on track, and work on my various indie concepts. The former, I'm just going to be honest, I've done next to nothing to accomplish, heh. I've spent most of my time on indie concepts...when not addicted to games. I began working on yet another 2+ year concept. Back to the framework, because I'm stubborn, oldschool, and unwilling to start on someone else's engine. Weeks, months go by coding framework...again. This is framework on top of framework I wrote in 2008 and 2013. No actual game to be seen for a long period of time really starts to get to you. I consider myself to be a vaporware queen based on how often I give up on projects due to scope and fears of it being too derivative. About 4 months into my absence, it came to a head...I NEEDED to make something with a shorter time frame. My 2+ year concept was to have danmaku (bullet hell) elements, but for my side project, I decided to combine certain interests of mine and make it a full blown arcade-style danmaku game...about the 2016 election... It's to have a bit of satire and a wide range of mechanics uncommon to arcade shooters (since I'm a programmer and all) but most importantly, its very subject matter forces me to keep the project within a reasonable scope. If I release it in December...too late! But that's also meant that I've been increasingly unable to devote time to anything else. Not that I would anyway...if I divided my coding efforts between VSP and my game, my efficiency would be like 30% on each. It's just how I am. So there it is. The fact of the matter is I still love this community and the only reason I haven't popped in sooner is because REMARKABLY, nothing(edit: under my control :P kralthe) seems to have broken in the last 7 months. Raini and Simple still have me on Steam, so they would've told me. I guess I can brag about how stable my code is. :P I really expected to have to pop in at least once by now for fixes. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Hope to be able to pop in eventually but for now, I'm in a deep crunch period...heh.
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    Just a heads up kulsoria and LegendaryR'QA, please keep this discussion you have out of this thread and into private chat since the dialogue seems rather personal between the two of you and not meant for the public to read. Any more topic derailments and/or anything beyond like this will most likely get you an actual warning. The same goes in terms of some other hostile discussion between Pony Fortress 2 and Ponyville.net players. Yes our playstyle cultures are indeed "clashing" right now, but again, this is the part of where we learn from each other and discuss as to how we can reach a middle ground here. This "friendly heads-up" shall not be discussed any further and is final. Let's get back on topic here. Before when the Cali server got revamped into the new Ponyvote map it received, Admin Videogames380 and former Ponyville Moderator Sm;)e for Cheerilee joined in on Cali in order to play on a vanilla TF2 map. After getting pass the predicable and easy to ignore (but annoying like flies) roleplayers who did not want to change the map, they were met with the issue of being given the forced quad-pony skin and were not satisfied in terms of effectively playing a vanilla game of TF2, especially for Cheerilee who is a big Vanilla TF2 player. And for a moment I thought that they were able to frequent the servers once more and enjoy the gameplay (regardless of what server it is) with the other fellow community members. I've given you an example of the issue of quad-pony models being enabled on a Vanilla TF2 environment, but now I need to give my two cents on it. Yes keep the quad-pony models on custom gamemode servers like Versus Ponyville, but keep it at an absolute minimum on the Vanilla TF2 server should it ever come back (and yes, I do want Vanilla TF2 to come back to Ponyville; Cali can always revert back to being a Ponyvote/Trade/Mini-Game Arena/Custom TF2 server). You can put the different team colors on them, you can enforce the "brony hivemind-set" on what pony correspond with what class, but no matter what if this is enabled at all times then this will scare off any newcomers into our community from playing any more Vanilla TF2 and potentially checking out our other servers. To me, the quad-pony skin enabled during humiliation/set-up time is more of a concession then it is a middle-ground. The more neutral-ground is to have a plug-in to, as I said earlier, to enable the player to select whatever model they want to use. However, I feel that the plug-in should be enabled if there's a consistent population on the Vanilla TF2 server for a good amount of months before being considered in adding it in. And at this point, we're definitely way to far away to begin a separate discussion on this scenario. For now, you can definitely count me on in bringing back the Vanilla TF2 server.
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    Typical Flutterbat, always disappearing.
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    What if the history array was increased, the one that prevents recently played maps from being chosen again? It's actually a cvar: sm_mapvote_exclude Defaults to 5. Raini or Simple sets it to 10 and instant increase of variety. That would definitely help with the freshness problem...wouldn't have crevice twice in a three hour span, that's for sure.
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    Holy balls batman, sensible negotiation (+1) Added a new poll option, please consider revoting. EDIT: so now that I have time to elaborate, I'd like to explain a little why I opted to change my vote. This boss is complete. Sarysa's play demo on page 1 is done; Music, models, rages, unique perks, all of it is there. I have rarely ever seen a VSH community throw away a boss that has gone through full development and is literally waiting to be added in. Had the developers not spoiled it (big *hint hint, wink wink* here), this boss may have ended up like any other and been added in without an outcry. This is legitimately the first time people were ever voting on the fate of a boss. To give it the axe without a single afterthought at this point in its development sounds like we're being too picky when we've had no major changelogs / additions recently. I'll be blunt: I don't like FNAF. I don't like that this boss was inspired by it. I will (probably) end up modding it after fighting them once anyway. I care about the time and effort already made to get the boss this far, and sending it to "death's door" now seems careless when nothing else is going on. EDIT: After what seems like a drop in the amound of conversation to be had in this thread, it would seem as though everyone has put in the two cents they wanted to share. At this point, it's best to let the bosses run their course as they are already done anyway. Client side mods to the hale will be a considered possibility to this boss anyway (Considered, not promised.).
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    I've never seen the point in FNAF, It was too hyped for nothing, though good on the original dev for making something a lot of people enjoyed. Other than that, I don't have an appreciation for it. However, I can seperate the game from the art. Everyone is getting fickle about this without first citing issues that the boss actually has. Instead, we're fighting over possible issues that have been had in the past with other hales as if its universal and trying things is bad. I think this thread is acting as a relief for delayed disapproval of the idea, and not the product. The lack of actual criticism towards the mechanics and implementation of the hale show that we're not fighting about fnap at all, but the idea of something from fnaf being in the server. The argument that non-fip characters don't belong here has been shelved and put away a long time ago. People make hales for mechanics and gameplay, and sometimes that aligns with the hype-machine. The attempts at keeping hales only in a tight-nit group of fip characters and relating ones is at best jaded, if not intolerant, because the only reasoning behind it is "it's not mlp". Which is the same argument everybody else uses to justify their likeness's and bias's. Of course, somebody is going to go off and say "Why don't we just start putting in anything then?" as a justification that ignores the process of development and the culture of VSP. This was founded to support mlp characters and fanworks, when someone wants to put in the 'anon' character, then go guns blazing on them, but all of the characters created and approved for implimentation so far are a part of the mlp fandom, and even though some may be more custom, they can be awesome without community hype. 'Purism' will do nothing to improve quality of vsp hales, infact its a very inverse effect, and hype can be a good or bad reason to create something. Also, a good amount of players on the servers are not bronies, they're players that like good gameplay. Thi is actually my favorite character because it introduced mechanics that are more fun, and have their own deadly capabilities. I can also like Celestia and burn the house down, because when we're into actually /playing/ the hale, I don't think we are directly caring if our character is cool enough in our minds. Also, that being said, newer boss's like Thi are much more fun to play against, rather than everybody burning to death consistently. 'Re-working' old hales is a lot more difficult than you might think. Firstly it depends on who made the hale, and developers generally have a respect for each other, as in not completely re-doing somebody else's work continually. Even if you do re-work one, every character has more pitfalls in what abilities it should have and how they should be implimented than any newer character, even fnap, because everybody has their bias for certain abilities and they think that 'this' thing makes it true to the show or not. Good implimentations of episode references and abilities have their own issues as its very restricting, and has some unavoidable bugs. It can be a very lose-lose situation, and one that then has your name right ontop of it. So, in closing, I'd like to see a thread where we talk about the actual boss, you know the thing that has had months of work put into it, and not peoples bias's against fnaf and non-fip characters.
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    ...Screwball model! After being shelved for almost a year and a half, I finally decided to get off my lazy backside and work on the Screwball model some more. With a some help from No Name in the form of the new Scout base, jigglebone rigging, and some useful tips, this is what I'm able to come up with after a a couple days of messing around and self-teaching my way around Blender. I'm still brainstorming on abilities, though I have a fairly good idea of what she'd do, what with her being a chaos-themed hale. It involves random number generation and things from the Halloween 2012 and 2014 events.
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    Basically what Scootz said. We know that you aren't purposely trying to annoy people, or cause any issues, you aren't doing it on purpose. Just that the main issue was that you never really changed your behavior. It got difficult to try and defend someone who was constantly just blaring in your ears about something that you've never even heard of before. I really don't want to sound rude, but that's just how it was for most people. You could eventually learn, it's good that you do realize that people have an issue, which is a start. Just that over all the time that you've played, it's just been just as bad the whole time. Like Scootz said, at least a month or so would be good, you need to learn what it's like to not have the option, so maybe you won't have to constantly use it when it's available. Overall though, you do take a lot more crap then you deserve, and I do commend you on continuing to play, even after all of that. Must take a lot outta ya. Just hope you can learn.
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    The changes with the latest patch (non-exhaustive): Twilight sparkle doesn't have a stun anymore. Her invulnerability is shorter, but so is the teleport cooldown. Flutterbat is available to be played, her cloak does not regenerate automatically anymore. To regenerate the cloak, you have to kill someone and pick up their tree, that gives you 40% cloak. Spike's airblast does not hurt players anymore. Chrysalis does less damage on a swing and has normal swing speed. Increased her damage against buildings. Rarity has 2 extra seconds of invisibility. Rainbow dash's flying rage now lasts for 2 seconds, her jumps have 30% less vertical reach now. Snowdrop doesn't have the extreme particles behind the snowflakes anymore, should prevent performance issues and crashing. Zecora's rage is more forgiving to distance between players. Cheese Sandwich moves faster during rage and rage lasts longer. Braeburn's turrets have 250 less HP. Pinkie Pie and Surprise don't cause laugh on hit now ever. Applejack has a slightly reduced stun time, slightly reduced knockback resistance. Dovashy now has a much smaller radius within which people get knocked back, people are marked for death for some time with a larger radius during her rage. Nightmare moon does less damage now. Fluttershy does more damage with her melee. Trixie now swings her melee at a normal speed. A bunch of bosses have no random crits now, including Lyra, Pinkamena, Pipsqueak and Twilight Sparkle (DJ pon3, Pinkie Pie, Surprise etc. lots of them). Some incrimental adjustments otherwise. With weapons : SMG reskins should get all crits now. Invasion weapons should work properly. Original now shoots faster and has more splash radius. Grenade launcher damage reduced by 10% Backburner now has more range. Backscatter has 40% more bullets per shot. Dead ringer should work correctly, all other invisiwatches have a 3% flat speed boost, cloaked or not. Unresolved issues: Medigun uber under 20% disappears, unknown cause Nightmarity locks player to the blue team and makes the next round start problematic
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    No, it's taking it too seriously when you start insulting people for wanting to play more relaxed games of TF2, or if they want to have a fun-server or whatever. At this point, I'm honestly surprised you're still around given the kind of shit you've been giving people here. Tell me, who would shoot down such a genuinely good idea? Forcing random team selection would make the servers a lot more balanced and largely prevent teamstacking. So why was it shot down on PF2?
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    Oh boy where to begin, well first off, hello Im PyRoMaNcEr some of you know me and some of you dont, but for those of you that do know me, well, this post is about you. I joined the server back in 2013, and that was also when i got into the brony experience. and in that first day i heard the wackiest, strangest, most oddball conversation and phrases being spat everywhere. so i left the server. i came back the next day and started playing with a relatively low amount of people playing, among those people online were Spooky Battz, gamebrain, spazzy, and eloquent pyro. that was also the first time i'd ever played as a duo boss, i was pinkie and my counterpart was eloquent as molestia and he started the match with the phrase "Swiggity Swooty" and then we proceeded to win the match, but the thing i remember the most from that was the blast i had experiencing it, i added eloquent soon after and he became one of my first (and wackiest) friends on the ponyville servers, others followed after and i felt like my precense was enjoyed by others, whether it was "Hi Pyro" from one of them when i joined the server, or a laugh at something i did to end a match. those moment may not have ment too much to them or anyone that experienced it, but to me... it meant everything. i appreciated every moment shared with you guys on the server and im glad that met you all. But the reason i am posting this is to say thank you. to those who beared through my childish acts or my hilarious mishaps, those who still talk to me, and even though some of you dont like me or see eye to eye with me i still want to say thank you, for bringing me out of a hole i dug myself, most people call the hole depression, mine wasnt very deep, but im still glad you all pulled me out of it, and i can smile knowing that i met you all. So thank you all. For everything. P.S. Im not dying or leaving forever, its just my presence here is minuscule so i wanted to say it before everyone else leaves.
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    Well, I can understand the money factor for sure, obviously that will always be a problem, but the thing is, I'm sure the server will easily survive. Texas servers are a nice middle ground for any US players, but we just have so many EU players and foreign players in general that still actually play on the normal Texas server. It can honestly be incredibly frustrating when I can't play any games with any of my friends that live in EU, because none of us ever want to deal with the ping and it's just never fair in the end for one of the parties. Having a server in the East Coast area would help tremendously with this issue because it would allow at least playable pings for each groups of players. 2 Texas servers with almost identical gamemodes (literally the only difference being Funbox has deathrun, and from what I've seen, most of them don't even like playing it.) is just incredibly redundant, and it would be nice if we have more spread out servers to accommodate a wider variety of players.
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    So I know some of you have seen this by now: and the associated thread With that in mind, would people approve of Iron Will getting a revamp with the same abilities? The animation part is easy -- any soldier model be it Iron Will or Pinkie Pie could get these animations added to their QC and it'd just work. I still need to polish the animations (especially the left hook) but it would take about 15 minutes to create a version of Jug's iron will with the physical attack animations.
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    After the last update, VSP servers keeps force to download the taunt sounds everytime I join the server or during a map change. It's not a really issue, but it's quite annoying
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    Dunes Problem Fixed! If this gets added, I've also mapped coords for hydrothunder, rockslide, west, and watchtower. (and weaponsdepot, would be great to see that map return)
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    Please keep the following in mind when watching the video: 1. All textures are placeholders!!! 2. BSP portion of the map is almost complete (just missing the rocky base to cover up the basement from the outside). 3. Props have not been added yet. 4. Map has not been configured for Arena_ yet. 5. Airlifts not been added yet. 6. Proper lighting has not been added yet. 7. There will be no elevators!
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    For moderator, I would like to appoint: Zeke Aileron™ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zeke_Aileron/ This person through the time I've seen them has shown exceptional conduct, positive steam reputation and activity. He has also been active in game and on forums for about a year. The reason I would like this person to become moderator is because of these qualities and for for the absence of other rule upholders. I believe this person would bring great moral with this position.
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    The beach map is bad and should be removed from the map rotation. First off, the map has a lot of bad geometry. There are lots of hills, and slopes, making movement for non-super jump hales difficult. It's only further made difficult by the fact that some areas that look like they're passable, cannot, in fact, be passed. I'm not sure if I'm explaining what I mean very well, but basically, there are some areas that you'll just hang on when trying to move on. Secondly, the map is terribly bright and hard to look at. If you're not playing in DirectX 8, the map is crazy bright, especially the sky. It's very difficult to see super-jumping hales due to the brightness. Third, and perhaps least fun of all, the map promotes stalling. All those previously mentioned slopes and hills allow Persian persuader demoknights to charge around the map, fly around, and just avoid the hale. This happens literally every time this map is played. Maybe not every single round, but a lot of them. That's not fun to watch. It's stalling, it's a waste of time, and it's against the rules because it's stalling. I think it'd be a bit silly to ban everyone who's ever done it on this map, as the map itself promotes stalling, so it'd really be best if it were just removed entirely. Here's a small glimpse of what happens on this map every time a Persian persuader demoknight is last alive. And there probably will be one.
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    I'd like to re-recommend a Moderator. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BronyDownUnder/ It would be nice to have a mod that would play on the times that there aren't many mods on. As if someone is breaking the rules in the middle of the night, usually no one is on to stop them.
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    I want to recommend Eleanora for moderator position. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ellievix She's been around for probably over a year now and plays pretty much regularly, is also known and recognized by people from the server and helps enforce the rules or gets someone in case help is needed. Also isn't afraid to enforce said rules over mic which is always a plus since some people don't pay attention to chat at all. So in my opinion, she could make a great addition to the staff team.
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    (I am merely a bystander to this, and would like to voice something on the matter.) Lrad, I've known you for a long while. And I know you do mean good when you come and play. You're not a bad person, I've met worse at least. But, you do have flaws to where you aren't the most liked person on the server. You do tend to spam the mic. In ways to where I have heard you basically yell over someone as they are already talking. You have done that on multiple occasions. At other times, you have let your frustrations get the better of you to where you voice it out loud and that just puts a negative vibe on the server. I do agree that more often than not, you are picked on. I never liked it to begin with since you are a friend and I try my best to stick up for you. (That can be taken to a completely different subject, so...) I wasn't there when you and Gimpy got into an argument, I only heard about it through you and another player. So I have no say in that. As for the Discord thing, I was there and can tell you that she was only asking about whether the sticky launcher and/or rocket jumper was allowed during the Friendly Fire rage. It was one of the two since one of the players killed her with one of them. The problem is that you misinterpreted her question; the emphasis of HA was then taken as an act of instigation. I will say I may of unfortunately added fuel to that as Buffy began to get upset from how the HA was implied. Buffy knew that teamkilling is allowed, and truthfully the laugh towards her was not really needed. There is another instance that I again have no power in saying about. I was told that you told another player to basically go kill themselves and that the server would be better off without them. True or not, said out of anger or not, this is a highly disgraceful thing that no one should say to another player. But this instance is one of the reasons why Videogames had to come in to talk to you about. I have advised you in private chat to watch what you say. Sometimes what you may say can be very irritating to players. Whether it just be a simple but harsh laugh, to how I have heard what you called Gimpy, how you may call out who you are trying to teamkill - and to the other end of the spectrum, complaining on mic about not getting damage, losing a round as a hale, missing out on your turn as hale/as someone cuts in before your turn/you aren't able to kill the minions or justify that "it's your job to kill them" - and more, each can slowly annoy people. Not trying to be rude to you, but those are some of the problems I have seen and heard from others. On on end, it comes across as being a jerk, another it comes across as feeling entitled or that you should be given it. That can be very irritating. Everyone may have those same moments as previously stated (being too cocky, or throw a tantrum of not getting their way). It happens. My way of thinking: let it go, don't take it seriously. It's just a game and everyone is trying to have fun. When someone comes in acting as such, it kind of ruins it. I don't believe you should be permamuted forever. But in my honest opinion, this may be a bit of a learning experience for you. Typing in chat is not all that horrible as it is. Yes it's going to leave you vulnerable to the hale or other hazards. I have said it's better to find a safe spot to type really quick and for more lengthy talking, better to wait until you're out from the round if you are killed. I apologize for my wordy opinion, just wanted to get something out and have it be clear. -From an honest friend; I have no authority.
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    Let us be real and reasonable, the vsp has a good community, the hales mechanic are good depending on what hale. But that not the thing, the thing is when people play hale, they have a switch for the modem that makes them lag, and with that makes it hard for people to play time to time, the Hit Reg makes it seem that we're on Csgo. when that people find it necessary for them to use rage when honestly they don't even need it, with the side hit on the wild side, its like hitting someone that has a sword that is half the side of the world, while we try to fight them with any luck some of us do get damage, but thin you have people that would brag about it, yea yea let us be real, we all brag when we "rekt" them and get the kill that EVERYONE work hard for (unless you're those players that didn't do damage) to kill the hale. Now you're thinking well this have NOTHING to do with how it feel, in a way no and in a way yes, let say you're a new comer that just joined the server, you're thinking in your mind "ooh here we go im going to go kill some pony's, im going to be big war hero", that moment in your head is where shit hit the fan. When you try to dodging the hale, just to get side hitted by a hale that has demo weapon AKA the EYELANDER RANGE EFFECT. Which basically mean, what i said up top, getting hit by a hale that has a weapon that is half of the earth while you're a mile away trying to get damage, and you're dead from a mile away, or you get hit by the hale even though you jumped off the edge of a platform hitting the ground, and the kill feed says something different from what you saw. With that note, people find it irritating, also when you play spy, and get a backstab animation, and not getting any damage, when people shoot the hale, and the hale teleport to the other side of the map, when you don't get damage, and the feeling of disappointment from not getting the kill, not getting the damage, and getting salty after words, which makes it sad, because they become hale and rage spam.( ) with that note, it should be known that with best interest to look into the server because the client side is horrible, and granted it could also be because of some of the particle effect that some has hale, that makes people lag worst thin when we play pumpkin farm, which is a HORRIBLE MAP and there is allot of people that would agree, which is why i would like to end this with this with a video to basically explain what i just said.
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    Keep in mind, we don't and never will have a system of promotions based on time played or anything like that. The only way to be made admin from moderators is just to ask me about it, and then i'll do research about how well you've performed as moderator and make my decision then (which will depend not only on time spent on servers, but also how the person talks to other people / new players / etc). It's not like we keep a list of people and award them promotions. In any case, based on feedback in this thread, we have added several people to the team. The new moderators are : Colgate Taoru Grandpa Bard Thunder-Chan (EU) SureShot The new admins that were made from moderators are: Chuckle Gimpy Nurse Emmy
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    Well, I might as well write up my recent boss ideas for people to look at, mostly want some feedback. (Also I've said some of these hales before and also there are some new ones.) With this list there is also 3 attributes added Type of Hale?: Healh Formula?: Difficulty?: Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: All lines for voices will be added at A LATER DATE (mostly cause i'm lazy) REMEMBER: Non of these are final, need community feedback! Another thing: Yes these are how my sketches for new/old hales go plz no h8 :c ____________________________________________________________________________ Old Models The Great Trixie and the All-Powerfull Twilight This hale is something that was removed after the purge why not bring it back! Updated models and all! Type of hale?: Duo/ Donator . Health Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075/2. Difficulty?: Medium. Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: Both of them have Teleport. Let's start off with Twilight! Weapon: Bushwacka Index Code: 232 Rage: 100% Rage Twilight as before is ubercharged untill the channel is done(Channel last 3.14159 seconds) and explodes in a large scale area dealing 300+ damage to all players standing right beside her, on top, underneath ect and for the minimum amount of damage it should be set at 20 but with much larger knockback the further away. Twilight is stunned for 2 seconds after the rage due to fatigue. R Rage: This is a rather new concept so none of the older hales had these, so what would happen is twilight would gain these stacks of Lighting Orb spells every time she would use her normal rage (or she gains one every 30 seconds) She may send it out and it moves very quickly and every player hit takes 7.25% of there max health each second they are in it and it lasts about 10-20 seconds. Next is The Great Trixie Rage. 100% Rage As her old rage went, Trixie turns invincible and reflects everything touching her (or as I like to call it Blueberry mode) all rockets, flares, crossbow shots ect are all reflected back. While in this mode Trixie gains bonus movement speed. R Rage. 50% Rage She puts a set of fireworks on the ground and they last untill destroyed, when players walk near a set of fire works fly out and explode into the air dealing a massive amount of AOE damage and lighting players on fire. You can only have a maximum of 3 on the field at once. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0DE5zyRI6U This is a original song from the duo that is amazing and that really should come back. Another original song cause if we bring back the boss WHY NOT THE SONGS AS WELL :D New Song, this song is sorta a new concept to ponyville for being so upbeat but being right for the character(s) This duo would be extremely fun to play for a lot of players! It would be a easy hale, and not even close to free win it would take some skill to master firework placements and some good locations to use Twilights rage as you would be vulnerable after exploding. ____________________________________________________________________________ Starswirl The Bearded This character is a all around mage that can shoot lasors from a far distance, hell fire spells and summon big spooky eye things to fight for him. Type of Hale?: Solo/ Non Donator Healh Formula?: [(460+n)×n]1.075 Difficulty?: Very Hard Superjump/Teleport or other ability?: Teleport Weapon: Spellbook (He will hold some custom type of book, like the one from Magical Mystery Cure) Starswirls a magic user no up close fighting, so instead he uses his electric attacks, instead of melee he gains a lightning bolt attack which he may fire from a long distance. He can charge up his lightning attack to get even stronger shooting a beam of lightning but at the cost of him having to stand still and charge it by holding down mouse one. Rage: 50,70,100% rage at these specifique times he gains a different rage and cannot cast the one lower (Example: If I was at 69% and went to 70% I couldn't cast MONOCULOUS anymore it would be Hellfire instead) 50%: At 50% rage he is able to cast MONOCULOUS! And spawn a MONOCULOUS to fight on his side. MONOCULOUS gains increased attack speed then the original and more damage per rocket. Also, it seems your MONOCULOUS and his MONOCULOUS don't get along too well... I wonder why? 70%: At 70% Hellfire is unlocked and is able to cast 2 things of hellfire each dealing normal hellfire damage. Dealing massive AOE to a team is deadly. No? 100% At 100% rage Starswirl becomes invincible ammune to all damage and all forms of CC (Knockback for example) and uses his master attack spell. The Zero Lazor. Shooting this lazor in a straight line after a short animation and cast time the spell comes out of a special spell symbol (that's custom made) and fires a MASSIVE lazor in a straight line piercing all players but not walls and dealing 150 damage a second people are in it. Players with uber can still withstand the blow and but are pushed back as it pushes all players back. (The size of the lazor is a bit taller then the boss) Music: Very Beautiful track has a magical feel to it and is downright gorgeous This song aswell, beautiful music and downright amazing. This hale will be really hard with his magic spell attacks just like Megapony it will take a lot of skill to master what to use at the right time and if you do it correctly you could decimate an entire team! ____________________________________________________________________________ This is all for now I will come back tommorow with more beta boss ideas and as always. PLAYER SUGGESTION IS ALWAYS WELCOME!! Edit #1 Due to player suggestion I will post this here but it will be with Starswirl. Starswirl has a Mana bar he can only use so much of his charged attacks as possible not being so spammy.
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    Course everyone does, but some it's a lot more apparent than others, so it's not like you can completely dismiss it as an issue because everyone gets mad. If someone is just cussing people out pretty much every game they die on, it's obviously an issue, like one comment a day? Sure, not an issue. Just depends on how much it actually happens. That being said, I wouldn't personally know how much it is, because I don't play with him often, so I don't have much an opinion on the matter, but if it's a common issue, then it might be a problem when it comes to mod. You do need to know how to keep calm and not call out other people on things as staff.
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    5 accounts with 1 post total all recommending the same guy at once? Not fishy at all. 4 of the posts are just half copy and pasted from one another... When it comes to the actual guy, I've seen him play and he doesn't seem like the rule breaker type, but I don't think I've ever seen him enforce rules or anything. Seems like someone who just wants the tag to me.
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    *sneaks in* So as much as I have not been around in the community or been on the server to play, there is a player I believe that fits the bill for a moderator role. I'd like to suggest a potential candidate for a moderator position for the Texas VSP server: Val http://steamcommunity.com/id/Valpony/ Val has been around on the server for a while. He is friends with other moderators on the servers as well as some admins. He knows the rules and follows them to a T and won't hesitate to warn anyone who is breaking the rules. And I know he is on often to where he can come on in a pinch to help out. Val is a really good person and has good intentions to help out where he can, especially has been trying to help out with the staff in case any problems arise. And that is my suggestion for a mod to add to your VSP staff ^^
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    Even after the unmute though, Lrad, just try and remember why you got muted. Just try not to forget it happened, and try to use it as a learning experience instead. I'm just afraid that the second you get unmuted, you'll forget it all happened and just go on talking even more because you couldn't before. Really tryin' not to be rude 'bout it, just trying to be honest.
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    Threads like these really shouldn't have a place on a forum, it doesn't deserve a response, but this thread and its creator has taken advantage of others niceties for some time, and if anybody comes looking for proof, I'd rather that the record be straight. Attacking the personal and professional lives of others is incredibly disrespectful, and I'm surprised that in itself didn't have this topic removed and the poster banned. You don't complain that others livelihoods don't match up to your wants, thats just selfish, and really just comes off as childish, unprofessional and inexperienced in the world. VSP is a game mode in TF2, not some organization that saves thousands of lives a year or makes any decent amount of money. That didn't happen. You were removed for many disrespectful and doomsayer posts. You don't get to be some sort of vindicator when all you've been doing is putting people down for making suggestions to improve the servers and community. Comparing some actual data: #7 100th percentile 32 player server for comparison: This is to set a baseline of what can be considered maximumly achievable. Please note that even though a server can achieve 32 players during the day, these graphs normalize the data to include night population. Funbox: This seems to be the best popped server, staying all around consistent, however there are gaps that develop over time after the summer. Still a pretty large population overall. Texas: Population pretty consistent from late spring through the summer, falling off a bit around the time school started. There is a large deficit in population on the 10th of Sept to the 17th. However, numbers then recovered to near 30-April. Not enough data to know if thats as good as last winter. Europe: This one may be right about 'dying', however that is not the end of the world, and absolutely can recover. Europe stays at a decent rate during the summer, falls a bit here and there, then falls off around July 16 and recovers 30th July. It then progressively increases and decreases, however the overall population after the summer is still playable, currently it is only playable at rare points. None of this points to 'vsp is dying'. It points to a small to moderate reduction in population and absolutely can recover, but there are many more factors than just 'servers being ignored'. Jug listed most of them. You did not have a hand in either the models or the code. That was No Name and Sarysa respectively. There may be some smaller details that you perhaps contributed to, but a large majority of it did not come from you, and you don't get to just 'own the idea' of it and claim that all of that work others did should not see fruition. This is very backwards from your post being about 'saving ponyville'. You want it to improve, yet you don't want your contributions to be used? To me, that has spite written all over it. Doom saying does not improve anything. It does not get people out of their chairs and called to action to improve the servers. All it does is deter new players and demoralize current ones. If you went to another server forums and saw that the to post was about how much that server sucks, then why would you play on it? Overall, this kind of thread is the reverse of its supposed intention. You want to see what happens when you make too many demands of people who spend their free time doing free things for you, go see Forged Alliance Forever. Even though it all worked very well, the users wanted more, and thought that they had some sort of position to demand that the head admin make the changes they wanted. So instead of trying to be apart of the change they want to see, they just crap on the guy responsible for it, and people only take so much of that. You get what you get out of the good will of others, don't take advantage of that. Its alright to ask for more and say that things are broken, but threads and attitudes like these are absolutely not okay.
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    Sorry if I forgot to read anything before I post this. Regarding Vaccinator: Definitely needs some sort of crit resist when it comes to the resist uber. Agree on that. Regarding Quick-Fix: The reason the Medic doesn't get healed by his own uber is because of the "Blocks healing while in use" stat I'm fairly sure. This is seriously a pain that the uber does not help yourself in any way, and not being able to heal Medics using it is also a pain. I would like that to be removed if possible. Is it just there so 2 Quick-Fix meds can't consistently overheal each other? If so, at least add a 50% or something slower heal rate for the Medic using the QF. This will make ubers build faster off of the Medic with slower healing though, so I recommend adding something like an ubercharge building penalty to balance it out. Also, medic doesn't need to be nerfed anymore then it is. Uber is so easy to counter, you literally just have to jump away, or teleport away.
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    I think, in short, what Col is trying to say is that we wish updates were announced with clarity, i.e. in the form of a new thread each time a new update is made, say in threads titled something like, "Servers Update #/##," where "#" stands in for the date, so that the updates are: Organized front and center at the top of a unique thread, as to keep the new info from being buried down in say, page 28 of a long-standing page. Popping up in the recent topics column, so folks logging in can see there's an update from right there at the top page of the forums. Can be more readily compared to other server updates, without again, surfing through one long singular thread. Easier to moderate. Contain all the details of how the weapons were changed this update, not just "x weapon(s) were changed this update."Based on what I've seen with PF2, trust me, folks WANT to see the minutiae, whether it's Valve or server updates.
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    Normally I'd agree with you Nile, one lenny isn't an issue, right? But I assume you haven't played as often on the normal texas server. Occasionally if someone uses a bind, there will be 4 or 5 others that just HAVE to use a bind just because others are, which just floods the chat. If it's 1 person using binds, sure, I don't mind a bind or so every few minutes, but when there's 4 or 5 people using binds just because other's are? Yeaaah, it's an issue. I used to be part of the problem, and now I see why it's so annoying, but I'm not sure what can necessarily be done about it, since it's not like a single person spamming, it's just a single line by multiple people.
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    Here is another one.. A big one. Zen suggested i make this after my terrible experiance on PF2... I think the server should have a randomizer or some way to keep teams balanced.. They have a lot of good players that love to group together and make it unplayable for far less skilled players like me. I think this will turn off players from playing said servers as it's not fun to get steam rolled into oblivion by players who are far better than you. IT just isn't fun and is a huge turn off and it's very frustrating. Another reason regarding my bad experiance is when i tried to scramble teams they voted no multiple times showing that they didn't care about balance as long as they won.It felt like they didn't care if anyone else had fun as long as they won. I don't play to win or lose. I play to have fun and if a vanilla server is gonna be made then by god it needs a way to keep teams balanced. Zen suggested randomizing teams at the start of a map and locking the teams assuring that players would not switch mid game to stack the teams. Im not sure how any team balancing could work but i don't want anyone to experiance my bad time with PF2 or new players. It would be a huge turn off for new ppl and less experianced players and would be bad for the server in generall. Thanks for reading and if anyone agree's LET ME KNOW PLEASE. Sorry if i sounded rude or biased but that's how i felt playing there.
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    I'd rather not see these be added as official bosses. I am not of fan of creepypasta / horror-originating characters (this holds true even when I go to other modded servers). As much as I hate to bring it up, I'd like to mention Appledoom (from story of the blanks). For those unfamiliar, we used to have it as a Hale, the music painted a very dark setting, the boss was accompanied by a black fog, and her rage pulled up a bloody overlay that was actually creepy enough to make players panic and disconnect from the server. I asked Jug personally to play with the files to actually make a more friendly variant of the boss. He showed me how to change the music (the music was recycled for Nightmare Moon, and remains modded to this day, three computers later), and gave me a replacement for the overlay that had Woona on it instead of the original picture. Not only was I disturbed by its presence and would sit out or go AFK during those rounds, but I'm not the only one to use those adjusted files. When everything was said and done, the boss was scrapped and hasn't been reused since (other than the previously mentioned music). I'm happy it hasn't been brought back. If this were a Slender mod, I could see it being entirely fitting since that game mode is meant to spook the shit out of you (which is WHY I don't play it). We're talking about a server community that prides itself on being friendly to one and all, and not everybody can appreciate a scare ([myself included] be it a good one or not). Now, I've heard bits and pieces from the developer side of these bosses as they went through the usual progression of being readied to be added to the server. I genuinely respect the effort and work the devs do to make the bosses, but I am a skeptic of how well these bosses would be received by the larger player base that don't actively browse the forums. Ninja edit to OP: Changed the description of the poll options to more clearly explain we are voting on these hales only. (Ponifying being included in the "No" response indicates lack of consistency since other hales ARE ponified variants)
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    A few things regarding server plug-ins. First of all, the Funbox and the EU server don't have an afk manager, and I feel bad for the mods and admins that have to take care of all of the kicking on those servers. Second thing, can we get an auto-kicker for people with "ping covers"? It's just frustrating because most people who use them have 150+ ping, and having to type ping in console and looking for the name is time consuming.
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    The main problem with your idea is that despite taking care of the problem of identifying the teams with the paint command, in counterpart is makes it even harder to differentiate classes and I will explain you why. It has already been said multiple times in this thread, TF2 has that advantage of having classes easily recognizable by their appearance, meaning you know instantly if you are against a heavy, a scout or a spy. Quad models on the other hoof ALL share the same base template, with the only details being the color and the slight change of mane/tail. Now, let's say we force all quad models to share the same color based on their team, how exactly are we supposed to recognize ponies running straight at us fast enough to adapt before they can shoot us and most likely kill us? Not to mention quad models are extremely limited in animations, in particular when they swing their melee. I stand on my case and say quad models should be avoided during vanilla gameplay and should only appear during humiliation round.
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    Vanilla server without too much overt pony would be nice. Pony saysounds, pony icons over donator heads during humiliation, and not much else. Certainly fuck no to all those utterly awful pony maps.
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    Without completely killing pyros, would like to suggest something for every flamethrower that can airblast. Could we get the stat "No ammo from dispensers while active" (421?) on each of them? It would at least force pyros to change weapons to get more ammo, so they can't sit by a dispenser and constantly spam airblast.
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    Well that's 7 replies sent to the trash can, under the title "Unproductive argument". It's alright to disagree with nominations, but please elaborate. Just saying "No" is just opening the doors for flame wars.
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    Considering that the hale is supposed to be stunned for part of the R rages too is what makes it cheap. It's basically exploiting to get a few extra seconds on the stun. I guess you could say its even because the players can also do the same to avoid it, but it's not like you know when they're gonna use it.
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    It's so simple, we could... revert all weapons back to their vanilla values.
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    Ugh looking through this Topic hurts, and I think it's high time I lay the truth down, and show the real reality of becoming staff. Becoming staff, either it be Admin or Moderator is not something that is like "fun" in itself. It's nothing more then a tag and some little itty bitty commands to punish those who break the rules to a certain severity. To be as truthful as possible for you, or to anyone aiming to be mod, it involves getting called on servers a lot for stupid little things and getting your games interrupted for very small things. Then if you do accept the call, and you get on they either stop, or disconnect basically wasting your time and slightly irritating you. Take that and multiply it by several weeks and even months if you will and take that with also the completely stupid amount of Bootlickers you get just because of the fact that your mod for some reason and that you instantly "deserve" respect. Mod is not fun, and people should really hold the cons in their heads when choosing to become one and not just the pros. Biggest thing though that this community needs? Not people who just enforce the rules and giving them mod. Anyone with half a brain can type /motd and just look at rules and try to be a big kid and act like they know everything. What this community needs more of is staff with less intent of sighting rules off like a robot and actually having a personality. Sometimes I don't even come on Funbox just to enforce even though I have mod myself. I come on to have fun and show people like that the VSP game mode isn't so bland and that with a little humor it's really fun. Thing is thought with Staff, or mods people will follow mods and everything they do even though what they are doing is right or wrong. If all the staff is bland, and boring, then the community is bland and boring. My opinion? Stop being Brickwalls 95% of VSP staff and lighten up. If you wanna make a community better make people stay on and play a little longer since it's just more then the game mode keeping them involved. Take it or leave it, that's my advice for the day.
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    I'm in the midst of a code overhaul, which consists mainly of bug fixes but also a few balance tweaks. A lot of my old code is not up to the quality of my newer code. The reasons are twofold -- first is that with my early work I didn't know the API as well as I do now, and had to make compromises that were inefficient or awkward. The second is well, I'm an oldschool programmer I suppose. Modern interfaces such as Unity (and to an extent, Sourcemod) promote event-based module programming which I frankly despise. Events, aka callbacks are a perfectly nice tool but they're only part of the solution, and you can really write powerful code either off the main loop or off whatever's closest to it that the API allows. My early rage packs came before I knew OnGameFrame() existed and my old code is a sloppy hodgepodge of timers which I've since organized and optimized. Anyway, tl;dr aside, the point of this thread is to talk about why so many of my rages work through walls. This does NOT include Fluffle Puff, whose rect was just set too large and will ultimately be fixed. Here's a good demonstration to start off with: In that video, we see a scout and a pyro versus IonAttack/IonCannon, which is Fausticorn's rage. The scout is right next to it, while the pyro is a bit away from it. The scout survives easily, while the pyro is obliterated? Why? It's because of the nature of point explosions. I actually made a diagram awhile ago that kind of explains what's going on: This is with a sticky, but stickies have the same problem. If the center of the sticky doesn't collide with the player, the explosion misses...even though you'd expect it to hit in real life. People have proposed various solutions to this but none are very good. The problem is that a large number of traces would need to be done to ensure relative accuracy of an explosion. The search pattern for this doesn't really matter much. My example below is a binary search pattern which would search top bottom, then in between what's been searched so far, in between what's been searched so far, and so on and so forth: This is a fairly fortunate example where a hit would probably be found within 32 searches. Some player could easily be in a condition where they should be hit by the explosion but it'd take 1024 searches to find them -- and that's just from one axis. Multiply it by a second axis (assume you do fewer searches with said axis) and that's upwards of tens or hundreds of thousands of traces you do to try to get some accuracy out of this explosion. It's far too computationally expensive, and as a result, even this refined method would have to have bullshit misses. Not to mention, that scout video would still occur because no points would ever connect with the scout, unless you added another layer to the logic by giving dimension to the explosion itself...but again...computational expense becomes an issue. Just doing 4 tests with six axes (three axes for the player and three for the explosion) would be 4096 traces. It's just a terrible idea. So that all considered, there are two options: Do it the valve way with bullshit misses, or do it my way with bullshit hits through walls. I chose the latter because it's more frustrating the hale to deal with the situation in the scout video than it is for players to counter my rages that go through walls. Hales with said rages include:Doctor Whooves - Just watch him before he blows. He can teledie because he needs to be able to do so, but aside from that he's easily avoided.DJ Pon-3's guitar - You get a 3.5 second warning for this one. If you're camping in a corner, you deserve to die. Plus it's sound, so it's somewhat justified in this case.DJ Pon-3's amplifier - Again, if you're camping in a corner, you deserve to die. Different bosses require different counter-strategies. Plus it's sound, so it's somewhat justified in this case.Daring Do's fire and wind totems - Also applicable, since the computational cost of shortest path from totem to a particular point would be astounding.Maud Pie's Rocks - These also qualify. They can hit through very thin walls. The area needs to be large enough so it's not too difficult for the rocks to hit someone. They suffer the same concerns as my point explosion example. Either way, if you're near a wall to begin with your anti-maud strategy is flawed as it is...corners and walls are how rocks get kills.The other criticism I get related to things working through walls are weather effects. Daring Do's lightning totem and Snowdrop's rocket-snow. The answer is simple: I have no way of knowing what a sky is. Not all maps have a wall that blocks players but not projectiles at the top. (i.e. vsh_west_fix does, vsh_mc_village_beta doesn't) Also, some maps are entirely indoors. It's not only that I can't make the distinction, but that it'd also be unfair to the hale. BTW, it's worth mentioning that I do use a point explosion once...and that's for Fluffle's pillow. Accuracy isn't a big problem with that because it's typically detonated in midair. Anyway, I hope this will give people a greater understanding of the complexities of game mechanics. :p
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    Double posty again. Might get a lot of flak for this, but can we just get spells limited to Funbox, and just have them disabled on the non-funbox Texas server? I know they're currently broken on Funbox, and it's actually caused a lot of their players to play on the other server. Funbox seems to enjoy them a lot more, while non-funbox seems to despise them for the most part.