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    This community has existed for well over 5 years. Although we welcome new members every day, it has become commonplace to receive an account deletion request from an old member every month. The most common reason provided for these requests is disassociation with the MLP fandom and embarrassment over seeing Google connect a username or real name to an MLP community. I do my best to honor deletion requests when they come from an account that is in good standing (IE, someone who isn't banned or ban-evading). However, I would like to remind existing and future members that such circumstances can be avoided if they separate their online gaming identity from their real life identity. It is not only reckless, but dangerous to have the same username across social media that you use everywhere else online. This could potentially open you up to harassment, stalking, or even swatting if the wrong people Google your name. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has an article on this subject with a guide on how to stay safe and anonymous online. I would suggest that everyone give it a read. Nobody values your privacy more than you, and it is up to you to protect it. Not every online community honors deletion requests and in fact, ours is one of the few.
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    Once there was a place called New Jersey, where the connection between players were strong, then it started falling apart and higher-ups had to intervene..