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    Hello Everyone i would ask to Tell wich stuff are Broken For now and Just would love to See its fixed and Bring Fair Stats back. Lets Start from Pyro.Our Dear Pyro Have Broken Reserve shooter wich will manage to get you Over 500 Damage by 4 shots.With Degreaser is Litteraly Pain in the ass with this weapon.1 Damage Flame and then Spamm Shotgun to get Damage.Even From RED spawn to Blu Spawn on Nucleus You deal 120 damage by 1shot.Wich Are not Fair at Fucking All 2nd Is SPells.God This Thing is Broken As Hell now.EVery single Class getting spells and dont have any Buffs Like Less HP or cant use some Kind of Item. Engineers on Europe server litteraly playing with Lvl 3 Sentry and Spells Non stop.Nothing can Win without rage.The Pyro With Spells..Wont even talk about this because everyone Know this shit. Thats what i got for now.If ill find other stuffs i`ll Tell.