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    Thank you for the support I thought we had something but anyways changing the subject... why is vinal scratch an option as favorite pony but not Octavia this confuses me
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    I miss u all here, come and give me a hug. Your admin for this thread missed u <3
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    I haven't used this in forever... anyone miss me? XD
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    Ya boi only just found out that you can enable status updates from the settings. bruh
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    So ehm... G'day ya'll. I don't really know what to do/say here so... G'day! (Wait didn't i already say that? Darn-it). Glad to be here... I think... No wait, yeah I'm happy to be here and hope that this place will keep living. Be it by a small amount or not. I eh... Think that was it. Alpaca out! *poof*
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    I had a couple friends Coca-Col-addicts, they were drinking it 24/7, inhaling it, showering with it and then they'd go to sleep with a jar of Coca-Cola intravenously attached
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    I also don't like tea. Sometimes I drink what my friends drink, sometimes what I like, sometimes what is healthy and relaxes me (that would be tea). I'm really all over the place with drinks
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    Remember, it's all about the way you see it! If you like art, there's more stuff here - https://www.pinterest.com/Jamesgoblin/inspiration/