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    Just going to dump all of my complaints about the current status of the VSP servers here because it's to a point where I could care less what happens with anything. The biggest thing is probably boss and weapon balance. People literally complain about bosses and weapons constantly, things that are so obviously overpowered (Rainbow Dash) or unnecessary (Laugh crit on Pinkie/Surprise), things get brought up on here, but nothing is ever done. The community is almost completely ignored when it comes to balance, and it's the most frustrating thing giving feedback that doesn't even matter. I don't think hardly any of my suggestions I've made have ever been implemented, even if there were a lot of players agreeing with it, it's just ignored. What's the point of trying? Another current thing regarding weapons is the fact that the new Gun Mettle skins and Spy's watches still aren't fixed. All the skins still work as TF2 default, and the Invis Watch gives a speed boost (won't block a hit though), and the Dead Ringer is plain out useless. The update came out July 2nd, it's been almost a month and a half, seriously, why is it not fixed? Last thing about server maintenance would probably be regarding new bosses getting added. I mean, I'm still personally against it, but how long has FnaP been done for? From what I remember, it's been over 6 MONTHS, and it's not added? It's not like the boss was denied to getting added, it just ignored. I just don't understand how it hasn't been added yet, or AT LEAST given a REASON as to why it hasn't been. Which reminds me, why are we always in the dark when it comes to things? Can we at least get an estimate of when things will get changed, or at least a response regarding something that we deem unbalanced? I don't see a point in trying to get things changed, because nothing is ever touched. This could also relate to the PF2 players wanting a vanilla server. People are getting impatient and don't think it's going to happen, but we aren't getting any responses regarding it. Sure, people have lives, they're busy, everyone is. But, if the people who can actually change things don't have time, why not give others the ability to do so? There are plenty of willing people with the time that would love to balance weapons and bosses, or at least get things added to the server. I just hate trying when I know nothing will actually get done. Another personal thing that really bothers me is the terrible performance of the servers. Seems to have awful issues with connection (getting hit from 10 ft away from people that have <50 ping), and my FPS is terrible on there. Please, remove the necessary particle effects on weapons and from rages. It' just causes so much frame issues. tl;dr Nothing gets changed, the community is completely ignored, and RIP FPS. Edit: forgot to mention spellbooks. When you have so many complaints about it, constantly, so many people hate them, you'd think that they would get changed or plain out removed.
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    i dunno, physical aspects the woman probably has it rougher. getting smacked in the groin probably will happen to guys more times than things like childbirth, but i doubt the combined pain of that matches childbirth. but there are a lot of double standards now a days where woman just have it better than men. i mean, i'm all for equal rights but that simply means exactly that. equal. this picture about sums it up. Now you can argue about a couple of these. I.E the woman hitting the man, but at this point society things like this way quite a bit. i understand why and all but GEEEEEZ
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    You know what woulda been a better transformation? TRUE POWER!
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    "Ah wuz marryin' mah sister b'fore it wuz cool."
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    Recently, a pornographic comic has been a hot topic on the forums. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of these rules: Do not link to this comic or discuss its contents here. This may lead to a warning or a ban depending on the offense. There are people who do not want to see the comic, so please keep it off of this forum. Thank you.
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    This topic is now a game show called "WHO DOES FLUFFY H8" and I'm your host, Groucho Marx. Hello everyone, and I hope you've been having a pleasant evening because if you haven't, this show isn't going to change things, and if you have, prepare to join the other guys. I'm Groucho Marx, but you probably already knew that, and if you didn't, well, ignorance is bliss. On tonight's show our contestants are evidently every single person on this message board except Fluffy and I'll tell ya : the only thing the studio doesn't have in common with a clown car is the smell of grease paint. If you're just joining us, run. If you insist on staying, don't say we didn't warn you. You're probably beyond help anyway. So then, can we have the next contestant step up and ask Fluffy that special question... "DOES TEH FLUFFY H8 ME?!"
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    woodle, you're a fucking asshole, I hate you.
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    Are you a story? cause i'd like to look at your plot all day
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    Just something I read while browsing ponies: "When Twilight restored her friends' memories in Return of Harmony, she did so from her letters and from her own perspective. That means they now remember being how Twilight perceived them, not how they actually were. Rarity is more drama-y than ever, Pinkie is more random and extroverted, Rainbow is more conceited, Applejack is more reasonable and truthy than before, and of course Fluttershy is a doormat. Discord tricked Twilight into mind-raping her best friends, and the best part (from his perspective) is that she doesn't even know she's doing it. That's why he made that silly face just before being statued." ..it makes sense.
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    You think that's bad but here's a kicker About a team that just couldn't be thicker So sit back, relax, and pull up a chair And I'll tell you about crockets and demospam all up in my hair see-tee-eff turbine, I'm camping in base Got a sentry up shooting scouts in the face Blockin, an spy checkin, with mah pyro mate Waiting for the intel - it was running kinda late When a couple of BLUs with a demo or two Started charging into my intel room I got crit rocket to the feet and my team got mad said "GOD DAMN ENGIE WHY YOU SO BAD?" I changed to a different class but when I left spawn there was a heavy and a medic with their uber on in my defence I have to say I ariblasted with care only to yell "GOD DAMN CROCKET OUTTA NO WHERE" We. Were. down by 2 and they were closing for the kill I yelled "YO MEDIC HOW ABOUT A HEAL" but he ubered a scout and we came to be The failingist team in all history.
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    Alright, fine, you bastards force my hand. Boss Suggestion Mr. Kenyon "It's time for another Pony Story BEATING Funtime!" Ah, crap. Ponyville's local fanfic reader has gone off the deep end. Now he's forcing everyone to listen to his horrible versions of pony voices...or die trying to escape. Mr. Kenyon's playstyle bases itself off two primary factors: His stories, and his immense ego. After all, no one else has had the balls to make a boss suggestion of themselves, yet. That's gotta count for something. Passive: Quiet During the Performance! (tentative) "Dammit, shut up for a moment and listen to me!" More like a mini-rage, I suppose. After certain damage intervals, QDP basically would mute all noises, save for a pre-recorded message of Mr. Kenyon mocking the players' attempts to avoid listening to his story. Kind of the audio equivalent of Pinkie's screen-covering rage. I'm no programmer, so I'm not even sure this is feasible, but this, or something like it would be an interesting touch. Abilities: Teleport "Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?" Kenyon's no unicorn, but the sheer rage that builds up, knowing people are trying to avoid listening to him allow him to break the rules of physics in short bursts, teleporting behind a random player. Rage: Storytime! "Alright, kids, it's time to tell you a little story about Mr. Kenyon, AND HOW HE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE RED TEAM." Ohhhh, shit. Now you've done it. Kenyon's had just about enough of this. Everyone's going to listen to his story, and they are going to LIKE it, goddammit. Kenyon and all players teleport to a point on the map. If possible, it's preferred that the other players are able to be around him in a circle, but out of Kenyon-smacky range. Kenyon holds still as he reveals the story he plans to read, allowing players a moment to run like hell before he summons characters from the stories in question, who sound oddly similar to himself... (Basically, summons helper minions of weaker stats (a la Chrysalis,) based on various stories read.) Examples: Allegrezza - Vinyl and Octavia Cupcakes - Pinkamena The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie - Harvey Grimwold (Biker-styled Heavy with pink All-Father?) My Little Time Lord - Derpy and the Doctor For I Am A Jelly God - The Smooze (Not sure how this one would be done, jelly monsters and all that, but I'd LOVE to make voices for them.) This rage could either be done traditionally, or in a multi stage style like Jug's suggested CMC Revision, with each stage creating more or tougher minions. All this, plus a customized voice for the boss, like Saxton Hale's original mocking of each of the classes as he beat them to a bloody pulp. Of course, voice work can always be provided as necessary.
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    If you witness someone spamming sounds using a bug in our sound system, or showing others how to spam sounds this way, please PM me their Steam ID and name. You may face a warning or a ban for doing it yourself. This is against the rules and counts as abusive behavior, not to mention the people doing it know exactly what they are doing so it cannot be done by "accident." Thank you.
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    Read this. It's important, and needs to be discussed. It's messy too, so if you don't understand anything, just ask. Lately, people have been having a problem with nite crew. People including myself who come into chat around nighttime and talk about pending issues and things we don't usually chat about in the daytime. Nite crew was created so that we could get away from the RP and hugbox lovey stuff in the day. It was different, and we liked it. This difference in daytime chat and nighttime chat has created a rift of people who do and don't like RolePlay. There were, have and are people that come in chat and feel excluded from chat because we are "ignoring" them. We will tell them that they aren't contributing, and they get frustrated. I told them an abridged version of this: Now pump this up on a larger scale, and put the 5 people talking and the 6th person on this scale. Let's set this into 2 scenarios. one for Nite crew, and one for the rest of the time in chat. 5 people are talking about a current pending issue. A 6th person comes into chat, and throws bits and bobs of something irrelevant into the conversation IE: RolePlay. The 6th person feels excluded because nobody is talking to him, or her. is this the 5 people's fault, or is it the 6th person's fault? Now 5 people are Roleplaying in the daytime, having a grand old time. a 6th person comes into chat, and throws bits and bobs of news around, which is still irrelevant. The 6th person feels excluded because nobody is talking to him, or her. Is this the 5 Roleplayer's fault, or is it the 6th person's fault? In both scenarios, it's the 6th person's fault. BUT there's one last scenario, which nite crew, including myself has been doing as of recent. We've been telling the 6th person that they're not contributing to the conversation, and that is why we aren't talking to them. On three occasions, I have been the first to tell people this in chat. I phrased it as the quote above. nothing more. The other 4 people in chat agreed, and the 6th person felt ganged up on. Tell me if i'm wrong, but is it wrong to do what I just did, and tell people that they're not contributing? I will come in chat in daytime, and people RolePlay, and other things that I don't like. If people are RP'ing, I'll leave because it's not my can of beans. Why can't other people just do this? Now to discuss elitism. Many people now seem to think that Nite crew is an elitist couple of people with a club that's harder to get into than the illuminati. It's not. It's just people who come in chat and talk. This whole illusion of elitism has been blown out of proportion by the whole above business about RP at daytime and nighttime. Half the time, we joke about Elitsm in the chat, calling eachother casuals and noobs, but all that is pointed at the usual people in nighttime chat, not the bystanders. We aren't ganging up on anyone, or any deal like that. Are you seeing how all this is tied together? This is a mess post right now, and I'll edit it as I go along and add more. it's late where I am, and this needs to be discussed. If you've got a concern with nite crew, vocalize it here. We gotta talk about this guys.
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    See this here opens the doorway for a whole mess of trouble. Once you change your actions due only to appease popular opinion, and to avoid 'being picked on' , there is no logical stopping point untill you are completely back in the shallow embrace of coolness and the status quo. For example, bronies get picked on for buying MLP Toys....better stop doing that, everypony. Some bronies are gay.... stop being gay or bi, guys. Bronies get picked on for devoting massive amount of time to artistic endeavors.... stop the art, stop the fanfics, stop the pmv's, stop the customs. Bronies get picked on for love and tolerance..... get jaded again real quick, everypony, and start hating. Start flaming people for their differences. Lastly Bronies first and foremost get picked on for watching a 'little girls' cartoon show'..... Guess we better pack it in, switch back over to CSI and Pro wrestling,maybe some of that lovely reality tv, after all that is what adult males are supposed to watch, right? Well at this point, the fandom is dead, but the fans are free from ridicule! Well... except for the ones who are fat, slow, ugly, differently colored, effeminate, overly artistic, emotional, awkward, shy, wear the wrong clothes, or basically show any difference from the rest of modern society... Point I'm trying to make is haters will hate, no matter what you do. While ponysex may be a bit extreme to some, asking any group to censor its activities to avoid ridicule is the first step toward asking the same group to disband completely. Those who ridicule and persecute always do so from a point of ignorance, and they will not stop untill everyone is just like them, so they can find no differences to persecute. Asking, and more to the point, demanding that ponies change their diryt ways is a mildly sugar-coated version of the hate we get from outside the herd. Guess these kinds of ponies are the 'enemies from within'...
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    Let a professional show you how its done: I’ll tell you a story before I go to bed How I got team switched from BLU to RED It took only a second just sitting right there When I took crits from some dumb Russian bear Cp_well is where it all began Just spawned with my team and we had a plan Pick em off, survive, and dive for the cap Just do all of this and we win in a snap But the other team had their own plan too To Kritzkrieg a Heavy to kill all BLUs I got killed with a crit and the Administrator said: “Scout, you are now moved from BLU to RED!” I respawned a bit later with a pounding in my head I could obviously see that I was not RED I started to panic in front of the BLUs “Damnit,” I yelled out, “We’re gonna lose!” One steamroll later and it was all over I yelled to all my teammates “This sucks on ice!” I looked back at my team to see them all dead And that is how I went from BLU to RED Come at me bro.
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    Bodybuilders of both genders look equally disgusting.
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    I just hope he never gets directly involved with the show's production.... or else we'll never see season three.....
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    I'm going to keep things civil and say the main problem with having quad models instead of the mercs is that newcomers will have absolutely no idea which pony is which class from which team, resulting in having frustrated players who will most likely never come back on the server. As Staryoshi said, TF2 has a cast of very easily recognizable classes you can identify at first sight and instantly know if they are on your team or not based on their color. Using quad models will not only make it hard to know which team everyone is, but also make every class model very similar so unless you exactly know the layout you will have no way of finding what they are until they shoot you. And seriously Aeth...? It's been less than a week and you ALREADY have to insult someone else because they don't share your point of view...? They were nice enough to host us and pay for an IP chat specifically for us so STOP BEING A SELF ENTITLED ASS FOR ONCE!!
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    Yes it's bad. You're literally a horrible person. If you're going to fall in love with a pony, at least fall in love with one of the good ones.
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    So this year, I decided by popular vote to make Twilight Sparkle's bed! It's a queen sized bed standing at about 8" high off the ground with an extra 8" for the mattressThe footboard is about 12" tall, and the headboard is about 30" tall I did my best to color it as correctly as possible. I originally started with walnut, but the coloring was too dark for me to attain the correct colors, plus it seemed like a bit of a waste, so I decided to make it out of Alder, and dye it. I love the results, especially with the rich, red color that it brings out. I probably should have put in a little more purple, but after looking at some photos, I think I made the right decision. it's hollow, and suprizingly sturdy and light. Overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out, but we'll see how the eBay auction goes! http://www.ebay.com/itm/121067270332?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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    Let me first say that this community is one that has effected me as a person deeply. I've met many friends, had quite the ride through both highs and lows, and I'm a happier person thanks to the community! It's supposed to resemble Luna's cutie mark, and has the names of Those on the forum and members of Ponyville who have stood out in their contributions to this forum, and the community as a whole The list includes The highlander team CL The highlander team UFF The highlander team SAFF The highlander team PGHP the subs were included in all the highlander teams All the administrators, both those past and present And other choice members pm me over steam if you want to know who else got on the list! I tried to keep this whole thing relatively quiet, and it was quite difficult contacting everyone I needed to. If you weren't contacted, I'm sorry :( Raini, I will ship the medallion to you free of charge. All I need is your address. You can add me on steam Username: Sun Butt and PM me the details, and I'll get it sent off to you ASAP. Let this topic stand to say thank you Raini for creating an outstanding community! You guys are going to make me cry!! I really do not know what to say -- I am speechless! I am touched by all of your kindness, patience, and generosity on and off the servers every day. I feel that this community deserves an award more than myself. The entire Admin Staff, Dashy, our regulars on both the servers and forums, as well as the Donors have all made this community possible through their hard work, creativity, and friendship. Whenever I see you welcome a new player to the servers or forums, or just offer friendly assistance/advice, it fills me with so much pride for the small role I've played in creating this community. I have all of you to thank for giving these servers and forums the friendly atmosphere that I couldn't find in other communities and would have never been able to create on my own. Sun, I think that the award looks lovely and I am overwhelmed at the amount of effort that you and others have put into both keeping it a secret and obtaining everyone's signature! I would be honored to display it in my room and also hear about how you made this piece of art and went about obtaining so many signatures for it. Thank you for such a caring and generous gesture. This really made my day!
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    Hey Ponyville. Here is my 3000th post. Actually, I passed the 3k mark without realizing it (whoops) so this is a tad late. DEAL WITH IT. Anyways, I NEED A LIFE, NO? I guess I like being part of something--And I guess I couldn't ask for a better community to be part of. More than that, I've been made an admin here--and I've taken that role very seriously. I was to protect and preserve this community from trolls, and try to keep things in order within. Playing admin here is so easy though, as I've never met a more generally mature community. I'm not sure if it's just ponies draw in certain kinds of people, or if ponies make certain kinds of people--I think both actually. Since ponies, and subsequently this community, my life has taken some changes. I'm not sure how many are related, but I'd like to think that for the most part, ponies have improved my life in so many different ways. Anyways--on to the shout outs! @ TwilightPixel -- I think everyone knows that I'm pretty madly in love with you. <3 You've enriched my life and are helping me through one of the darkest parts of it. I hope to return all the happiness that you've given me. Thanks for being there for me, my very special somepony. I'll be there for you, as your partner, co-writer, and gaming buddy, and whatever else may coming along. I love you Pixel, and I always will. *pega-palm* @ Kuni -- The first friend I've made on this forum. I'm not sure how different things would have gone if you didn't offer me that Liberty Launcher months ago. Since adding me to your friends list we've talked most everyday about video games and art. You're also and funny as hell. Love you like a brother. *brohoof* @ Sarge -- Soon after Kuni, you offered me a Strange Sandman. We didn't talk much after that though. Then, after talking to Kuni about Borderlands, I had noticed that you played it some too. I decided to invite you along, and then the Iron Ponies were subsequently formed! You're one of the funnest guys to play games with, always making those awesome beats. A true friend, gaming buddy, and fellow artist--keep up the unces. *brohoof* @ Nikki Lyra -- Contrary to the metalhead stereotype, you're the nicest and most sensitive person in the world--Possibly too sensitive for your own good. But when I'm feeling down you're always there to try and cheer me up. You're as a good and loyal of a friend that anyone could ask for, and I'm here you help your though whatever obstacles you meet in life. *hugs* @ Cinnamon Groove -- Everyone's big brother, including mine. You always have something insightful to say, and wisdom to pass on. You really defined what it means to be a brony to me, and I've followed that example closely. You're one of the best posters in the community, and your contribution of the Heavy thread is arguably one of the most active serious threads on this whole site. Stay Gold, ponyboy. *brohoof* @ Malt Mix -- It made me feel trusted when you confided in me recently. I have to admit that for a while, I didn't care much for you, and I'm sorry for that. In retrospect, I think understand what you're going through, and those negative thoughts are in the past now. You're going through some rough times too and have nothing but sympathy from me now--and I'll be happy to support you however I can. *brohoof* @ Mr. and Mrs. K -- You two are a cool couple, and it's a blast to talk with you on Mumble most nights. You both are incredibly hilarious, with or without each other. Mrs. K always has got an interesting story to share, or a deluge of cute image links. And Mr. K is my bro, nuff` said. Not to mention Dat Voice. @ Lord Fluffy -- You've confided in me as well over a few things. And again, that makes me feel trusted. I sense a lot of anger in you, but deep down I know you're a kind and sensitive guy. I know you have family issues, but try to stay positive and focus on the time when you'll eventually leave. Just try not to do any permanent damage on the way out. You parents are certainly misguided, but they seem to mean the best for you and they do care for you. @ PK Rockin -- You once told me that you loved taking the time to read my extended long winded posts. That was the first bit of validation I got on this site. And that meant a lot to me. You're also the King of Randumb, and starter of the Name Game Thread--the single most active thread on this entire site. You're also, with out a doubt one of the funniest people I've ever met. @ Whatever You Want -- The very first time I saw you post, I didn't like what you had to say. It was just a bad first impression though. You're one of the best posters here and solid regular. You've always got something significant to say--whether it's about ponies or not. I've yet to instruct you on the intricacies of why Gummy can't be best pony though. @ Rainbow2A03 -- I think you're the only one who can keep up with me in the Rainbow fanboism. That alone, says a lot. You might be new, but you've already made a significant impression here. Also, you are my goto guy for 8-bit music. *brohoof* @ Sonic Rain -- Always good to see more polite Rainbow fans. You're an sensitive guy, and I identify with that. Try not to let the world weigh you down--you've got lots of friends here. I'm glad you still love all the ponies, even though RD is your favorite (same as me). Just keep in mind that we've got a few people with a wicked sense of humor. Don't take them too seriously, they don't mean any harm. :P @ Negevs the Bear -- I doubt any of you know Negevs. He's part of the UFF, and a generally awesome guy. You are all lacking because he doesn't post here. That is all. @ Zeeee -- Another member of the UFF who doesn't post, Zeeee is a good player, and makes some great movies. His Youtube channel is underrated--oyu should totally go visit it. @ Rainbow DashTM -- Damn, you're a good sniper. Also, yay, more Rainbow fans! You should post more. @ Drayno -- I'm still sad that he left Ponyville. Drayno is an awesome guy to play games with, and is throughly generous. @ Jack -- One of my newer friends. Your Norman persona is thoroughly entertaining--and you're just plain a really nice guy. You're relatively new, so I hope you stick around a good while. @ LVL -- My actual newest friend. Glad you found the Mumble, and you're always welcome to join and talk. @ Oh Hai Dare -- A fellow animal lover; you're the nicest most likable person in the world. And you make some awesome pony gifs! Haven't seen much of you on lately though. @ Hugh Man -- Magnificent Bastard #1: Never at a lost for words, you've always got a smartass comment to anything. I seem to recall a time that you didn't want to call yourself a brony. I'm not sure if you weren't into the show as much then or whatever--but I'm glad you've official joined our ranks. @ Grapes -- Magnificent Bastard #2: Ever the master of rustling people's jimmies. Believe it or not, you're fun to butt-heads with over the topic of RD being best pony. You demonstrate how trolling can be an art form, and you're quite the master at it. I know you don't think RD is best pony , but don't worry, I never think less of those who are wrong. @ Pinkamena -- Magnificent Bastard #3: You're number 3, but I think you were actually the first. You've sadly been MIA, and that's a damn shame. I hope we see you around sometime soon. @ Sweetie -- Owner of the Minecraft server, you're delightfully wacky as they come. Silly fun is generally guaranteed when you're around. @ Koach -- Glad you found a partner for BG2! You may not always seem like it, but I've noticed you're a kind and sympathetic guy. Also, as a lazy bastard, I acutally have to respect your adherence to discipline as well as your knowledge of history. @ Calzone -- Goddamn, you're a funny guy. Oh, and you're a craftsman as well? Delightfully quirky, and throughly likable, you offer a lot as a member of this community. Hope you stick around for a good while. P.S. You're username makes me hungry all the time. @ Dellobow -- We've had a spat or two in the past, but I just wanted to let you know that that's all water under the bridge. You're a solid intelligent poster, and welcome member of this community. It's good to have you around. @ Zelc -- Yay! Another artist.I love your art in general, your coloring style is rather fantastic--I've always wanted a chance to emulate it. Other than that, you're an awesome regular with good posts. @ Dallop of Mayo -- Some people are forum-clowns and some people forum-sages. Somehow you manage to be both--at the same time. Kudos. I always enjoy reading your posts. @ Sir Robin -- I know you largely as the guy who posts a bajillion awesome pony images with a great sense of humor. Don't stop posting ponies. Rainbro will be sad. @ Woodle/Braille guy -- I'd say you're the village idiot, and yet you're way too smart to be an idiot. You're pretty damn funny though. You might come across as a dick at times to people, but I think you're refreshingly blunt. Still, watch what you say--I'd hate to have to ban you. @ Kino -- My very first post was in the first response in a topic your started. You're a great admin, I think--and I've followed your example as a guideline. Not to mention you have a great sense of humor, and an image macro for every situation. You've rather been MIA lately though. @ Johnny Hoof -- Fellow artist and comic maker. Keep up the good work! I've played some games with you as well, and I think you've got a great sense of humor. @ Robogamon -- I think pretty much the only who obsesses over Sonic the Hedgehog like do. In Mumble, I think I'm the only guy who knows what you're talking about half the time. Sonic FTW. @ flipflopfloop -- When you post, I honestly tell if you're sarcastic, trolling, or just don't a damn. In any case, you're one of the forum clowns, and reading your posts generally guarantee a good laugh. @ Lemon/Octavia -- I know people have mocked you for your excessive posting--I think you've even mocked yourself. But when it comes right down to it, you're hard to dislike. You've demonstrated kindness like any brony should, and you deserve respect for that. Welcome to the herd. @ 10RSAX -- You've all but disappeared. :( I always felt you were a good poster, and I kinda miss your input here. I hope everything is okay. @ Torky -- We live so close that we could brohoof in one day and not miss a beat. And yet so far that because we're both dirt poor, such a trip can't be financed. It is sad. Oh well, a brohoof to my fellow SoCal brony. @ Unlimitedcha -- I don't care for Spongebob much (please don't hate me). You're a good contributing member to this community, as you always make good, intelligent, and often enough funny posts. It's good to have you around. @ Peng -- Wherever you are, I'm glad you're not here. @ Xemnas, kman224, The Doctor, Trixie, Coffey, Wildfire, Smashing Good Time, Cadence, BladeRulez, Pencil Doodle, Sterling Fist, Pencil Doodle, DJPON3, newbzoors, Racquerr, Crooner, Freinship Gentleman, ioncann0ns, LuthianDracul, Haze, LOL, Sparkle Dash, Easygoin`Engie, Malcolm Reynolds, Rhapsody, Aura, and the rest of the community that I'm probably forgetting at the moment -- I guess I don't any of you well enough to say much. But you're what makes the community go round. You all makes posts of value and set apart this community from all other. I hope that other brony community relfect you guys, because I'd like to think that all bronies and pega-sisters are just as awesome as you. @ Raini, Simple, Para, -- What shout-out would be complete without our overlord and her trusted minions? Thanks for making this whole place possible. :) And with that, I leave you with one of the best pony videos ever made, in my opinion. I hope it becomes the anthem of this site, if not all of bronydom. [media=]
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    Vinyl Scratch 2.0 Not entirely, since the player model is still pending. (No Name, Scootz, halp!) But I spent yesterday and today coding and modeling this replacement rage for Vinyl, so she can finally lose that damn thriller mess. I plan on submitting this with the updated player model. I have no idea what her RELOAD rage should be, except maybe a "near" version of the beam as the bass cannon to counter TwiPrincess' "far" version. Any suggestions? edit: I'm going to try and minimize that insanely loud hit sound, either through code magic or something lame...like limiting hale hits to once per 3 second, interspersed with world dmg edit2: Loud hit sound is gone. Boss won't be able to see damage numbers above players' heads, but will get kill credit.
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    Would you two take your makeout session to PMs, so we can get back to the original subject matter?
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    Rules Harassment Antagonizing and griefing others. First Offense: 1 Week Mute (Permamute), 1 Day Ban, or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Second Offense: 1 Week Ban, Permanent Mute (Permamute), or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Third Offense: Permanent Ban Voice Spam Spamming music and sounds over voice chat. First Offense: 1 Day Mute (Permamute) Second Offense: 1 Week Mute (Permamute) Third Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) Chat Spam Spamming text/say chat. First Offense: 1 Day /Happy Second Offense: 1 Week /Happy Third Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) Trade Spam Constantly asking for trades over chat. First Offense: 1 Day Mute (Permamute) Second Offense: 1 Week Mute (Permamute) Third Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) Offensive Chat Using offensive language over chat. First Offense: 1 Day Mute (Permamute) or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Second Offense: 1 Week Mute (Permamute) or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Third Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Offensive Name Offensive name on person or items. First Offense: Rename (with warning) or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Second Offense: 1 Day Ban or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Third Offense: 1 Week Ban or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Offensive Spray Spray with adult or obscene content. First Offense: Spray Removal/Kick (with warning) or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Second Offense: 1 Day Ban or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Third Offense: 1 Week Ban or Permanent Ban (if egregious) Underage Player Younger person abusing voice chat. First Offense: 1 Day Mute (Permamute) with written/verbal warning Second Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) Advertising Advertising other servers/communities. First Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) or Permanent Ban Gameplay Friendly Prolonging rounds by being friendly. First Offense: 1 Day Ban Second Offense: 1 Week Ban Third Offense: 1 Month Ban Civilian Spawning as a Civilian. First Offense: 1 Day Ban Second Offense: 1 Week Ban Third Offense: 1 Month Ban Spawn Camping Camping opaque spawn doors. First Offense: 1 Day Ban Second Offense: 1 Week Ban Third Offense: 1 Month Ban Game Exploit Abusing a Versus Ponyville, map, or TF2 exploit. First Offense: 1 Day Ban Second Offense: 1 Week Ban Third Offense: 1 Month Ban Hacking General Hacking Using cheats and/or exploits. First Offense: Permanent Ban Aimbot Using a program to aim automatically. First Offense: Permanent Ban Wall Hack Using a program to see through walls. First Offense: Permanent Ban Speed Hack Using a program to increase speed. First Offense: Permanent Ban
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    Rest of Mane six become Alicorns.Derpy becomes mega-AlicornCMC get their cutie marks. Their cutie marks are also Alicorns.New Holiday, based on the fall harvest. Alicorn themed. Alicorn-on-the-Cob is served.Discord becomes a Princess.Trixie becomes a Griffin, while Gilda becomes a Alicorn Unicorn, Due to some magical mishap, and must team up to find a way to reverse the spell. No mane cast need be in this episode, except maybe Zacora.Derpy falls into lake of many Pinkies, only Princess Discord can hope to contain the rampant chaos that ensues from multiple Derpys.Granny Smith runs for Mayor.Big Macintosh hosts a talk show.Princess Discord grants Lyra hands, but by the end of the episode she realizes she was better off with hooves all along.Mane six get their own Voltron-type vehicles to combat even bigger, Japanesier enemies.Pinkie Pie discovers the land of Strawberry Shortcake in a berry patch behind Sugarcube Corner.Pet Olympics.Spike meets a cute girl dragon, shipping ensues.In one episode, everyone is gender-swapped. At end of episode, viewer finds that it was all a fan-fic written by Princess Discord.Steven Magnet does something to be in at least half the episodes.Fluttershy joins UFC-style tournament with many wild forest animals.Dragon teen Beavis and Butthead parody episode, also needs no mane cast.Season four finale: Either Twilight wakes up from the dream she started dreaming at the end of season two, or goes back in time to undo last two seasons. That's all I can think of for now.
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    A lot of people hit on the points I am going to hit on, but I would just like to through my stance out there as well. First and foremost, determining which gender has it better is really dependent upon what metrics you are looking at... While yes, women were dealt the proverbial short end of the stick when it comes to physiology, seeing as they are stricken with a number of female specific maladies from the standard monthly period, to osteoporosis, to breast cancer, to depression (which is twice as likely to affect females to males), to auto-immune diseases (an estimated 75% of all auto-immune diseases occur within women. As far as general upkeep, that too is easier with men since our physical anatomy is simply easier to maintain with less [cite]. I will say however, that everyone points at pregnancy and childbirth as being pretty horrific too (which, in antiquity were very risky to the female's health due to the likelihood complications and crude medical practices of the times), but I feel using this as a badge of honor after the rise of modern medicine is a bit disingenuous. Between advances in medical practices, better prenatal care, and of course, the use of spinal anaesthia (aka, epidural), most of the risks involved have been mitigated (at least, in first world countries... Third world countries still have it pretty rough)... Now from a societal standpoint, however, women really do I think, get an easier ride then men. While yes, some of them may be subjected to sexism or sexual harrassment, this in part can be blamed on the objectification of women through modern media (music, movies, etc). While it sucks, yes, the benefits that they enjoy under societal expectations far outweighs it. Generally speaking, society treats women as if they were disadvantaged from birth. Despite that actual stastics showing women as being more numerous in the US then men, they are still treated as "minorities" with provisions being afforded to them under such measures as Affirmative Action. It is also well documented about the inclusion of such things as "racial" and "gender quotas" for not only colleges, but also many businesses (to give the appearance of being a diverse work environment). While many argue this is to help counteract years of discrimination based off of gender (and racial) discrimination, what it really boils down to in modern times is a free hand out. I don't feel that gender discrimination is as rampant as it was, say, 50 years ago (nor racial discrimination for that matter), but these outdated countermeasures instead foster an environment where the best person is not chosen for a job (or admitted into a college), but rather the best person that meets "the quota". In addition, women are expected to be taken care of by men. In the event of a divorce, it is not uncommon that a man must pay alimony/spousal support to the wife, especially under the guise that it is to help maintain the lifestyle that a spouse has grown accustomed to. While yes, by law, alimony/spousal support can be awarded to either of the spouses, most often times it is a woman who will be granted it as opposed to the man. The same is with custody disputes. I have seen first hand, where an unfit mother is awarded custody of children as opposed to the father, because society has determined that it is more beneficial to leave children with the mother as opposed to the parent that is able to best provide for their child. I could then continue on about how society expects less of women physically (in the capacity of, hard labor). The military is a perfect example of this. In the Army there are two separate grading scales for measuring physcal fitness, one for women and one for men. With the opening of combat arms to females, it has been brought up that women may not be able to handle the physical demands of the jobs (to which, many women respond with "Anything a man can do, a woman can do"), yet when proposals to revise the the grading scales to either a.) close the disparity between the sexes or b.) making a single grading scale that applies to both males and females, women are quick to complain, calling it "unfair to expect women to be able to compete physically with men because of differences in body composition". True fact, the lowest passing score for a male, 17 to 21 years old is just below the maximum for a female in the same age range. That is a HUGE disparity between physical expectations. The only event that women are expected to perform to the same level as their male counterparts, is the sit up event. If women can claim that they should be expected to do less pushups because they have weaker upper body strength than men, can't the same be argued for men having to do the same number of sit ups as a woman? And don't even get me started on the requirements for runs. This laundry list could continue to grow longer and longer about how women have it easier in modern day society than men, but.... Honestly, most people won't even read this response anyways, unless it is in keeping with their own views (and really, it is directed towards the people with opposing views, not the same as me)... Before you all assume I'm just going to highlight the benefits, I will also briefly go over a few of the drawbacks. It is known that woman get paid less than men and often times do not reach the same level of success as their male counterparts. Ironically enough, we were just having a discussion on this very matter in the office a few weeks back (someone was writing a paper for college on the matter). Some of the reasons for this is, if a woman has children, even if she is married, it is often assumed that in the event of an emergency or if the child gets sick, the woman would be the one to have to take off work. Also, I have heard some businesses assume that women will get pregnant and have to take off from work for doctors appointments and maternity leave. Since a lot of places assume women as losses, they often times pay less, whereas a man, barring serious medical conditions, is assumed to be more productive, since he will be at work more often. The problem with statistics is, they are based off of reports and/or honesty from the people being polled. Society has fostered an attitude that it is expected for women to become victims of abuse and/or rape, however, if a man becomes a victim of the same instances, they are viewed as being less of a man. With the expectations of being not being taken seriously (I can't tell you how many times I have heard guys say, that a woman cannot rape a man, but it happens) or being treated as being less of a man because he was the victim of a crime, many men simply do not admit to these types of crimes occuring and fewer will report it making it hard to get accurate numbers on just how many men are the victims of these very same crimes. Also, your statement concerning "it can be expected that every women in the US could be raped or deal with a rape potential situation at least once in their life" is grossly inaccurate. The statement made by the US Center for Disease Control issued a statement in 2011 that said "20% of all women" will be raped or experience an attempted rape sometime in their lifetime, with approximately 1/3 of the cases being prior to the age of 18. Those figures do not say that 20% of all women in the US will be raped or experience an attempted rape, it says "all women". With that said, as much as it may upset some people, how many of these "rapes" are truly rape? I mean, US has some pretty liberal laws on what constitutes rape. For instance, a man and a woman are in a bar, both are drunk and they decide to go home and have sex. Legally, because they are both intoxicated, neither one can give legal consent for sex. The next morning, the woman wakes up and regrets her decision to have sex and claims it was rape. Guess what? The guy is going to be brought up on charges. When most people think about rape, they think of violent crimes that occur down dark back alleys, but realistically, most rapes occur as I have outlined just above. It is a tad infuriating that the male is automatically assumed to be guilty, because a female exorcised poor judgment while drunk (hell, when men exorcise poor judgement when drunk, they just never talk about it and pretend it never happened). And, for the record, before anyone jumps on me for the above listed example, I can't count how many times I have seen this exact scenario play out and almost always, it ends with the male being charged for rape (except once, where they guy then turned around and said that because he was drunk, it was the female that raped him because he was far more drunk then she was... Then ended with both parties dropping charges)... Also, abuse is a rather generic and all encompassing term... Hell, neglect of marital duties is viewed as "abuse" (that is, as seen in Simpson v. Simpson 4 Nov 2002, where the husband who worked 80 hours a week to provide for his family was found neglectful of his marital duties because he didn't have sex with his wife)... Meanwhile, if the same sort of judgment had been made against a female, women's rights groups would of thrown a fit about how "it's a woman's right to choose when and who she has sex with, to include her husband", but apparently, not a man's. Also, as far as domestic abuse goes, 40% of domestic abuse cases have the man as the receiver of the abuse and mind you, that is based off of what goes reported. As I pointed out before, society makes it easier and more acceptable for a woman to come forward as the victim of abuse than it does a man. I would be willing to wager, that the true stats are probably a little more even, especially when most women think that a man cannot legally hit them back, a notion that is also enforced by society (how many times has a man been told never to hit a woman, regardless). Car insurance, payment from work, social acknowledgement of worth, chance of getting sexually harassed, it's all the same apparently. We get that cheaper, okay that is unfair, but there is still A LOT of things that is very male dominant to the point where women seem less worth. Hell even on this website we got mostly guys being the "important people" and it is being run like a bloody boys club even with a over-admin that is female, and I know of some female members who just lurks and don't dare post much at all and I think it might be related to this in one way or another. It's not just laws but also social things that makes up for the inequality. Try to have a woman work at a hunting store run by only "macho men" and see how long it takes before she quits from feeling unwelcome and you might see what I mean. For the sake of keeping this thread on track, I will leave much of this alone. However, I will say this; in your hypervigilence to fight what you often perceive as discrimination against females due to your identifying yourself as one, you often times are equally as offensive (and sometimes even more so) against males. You remind me of Uncle Ruckus from Boondocks, but instead of being a black that hates blacks, your a male that hates males. Regardless, you still spout a lot of the same offensive and ignorant bs that you get so bent out of shape over when it is directed towards females. If you want people to take you or your views seriously, stop resorting to petty barbs and produce a response that actually has substance and meaning. Yes, that may mean you are going to have to back up your claims with either a.) life experiences or b.) corroborating evidence and yes, it may take more than 2 minutes of effort to do so. But, if you're unwilling to put in the work, even if your view is not popular, you will atleast earn the respect of the people you are trying to hold a conversation (or debate) with. With that said, for the record, it is probably most difficult being a single white male in today's society. After all, societal perception is that we have it easy, that we are advantaged because of our sex (and race) and due to that, we get fewer opportunities (read: hand outs). When we have legitimate complaints about being sexually harrassed, or not qualifying for job due to bullshit gender/sex quotas or targetted employment, we are told (and I have heard it first hand, from both women and minorities) "What do you have to bitch about? Your white and your male". Well, being either didn't help me when I was working 2 jobs at minimal pay to struggle making enough money to survive off of koolaid and ramen noodles. Neither have helped me gain the level of expertise that has helped me rise to the top of my chosen profession either. Most importantly, it doesn't mean that my views are any less valid. Stick to the points at hand. That is all...
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    The general train of thought for most adminships is, if you have to ask, you're not ready.
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    Been working on something (and ignoring commissions, shame on me. :x) It's a Work-In-Process, so in other words, not finished. Any feed back is appreciated. Mainly, I'm not sure about the colors. . .I really want the butterfly on RD to stand out with stealing attention. UPDATE: Complete version is now uploaded on my DA page: http://ambris.deviantart.com/art/Butterflies-325286042
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    So this has been in the making for quite some time now was supposed to be around Ponyville's anniversary But I've been quite busy as-of late, and just finished it! It's an award for Raini, the overlord of Ponyville! Let me first say that this community is one that has effected me as a person deeply. I've met many friends, had quite the ride through both highs and lows, and I'm a happier person thanks to the community! It's supposed to resemble Luna's cutie mark, and has the names of Those on the forum and members of Ponyville who have stood out in their contributions to this forum, and the community as a whole The list includes The highlander team CL The highlander team UFF The highlander team SAFF The highlander team PGHP the subs were included in all the highlander teams All the administrators, both those past and present And other choice members pm me over steam if you want to know who else got on the list! I tried to keep this whole thing relatively quiet, and it was quite difficult contacting everyone I needed to. If you weren't contacted, I'm sorry :( Raini, I will ship the medallion to you free of charge. All I need is your address. You can add me on steam Username: Sun Butt and PM me the details, and I'll get it sent off to you ASAP. Let this topic stand to say thank you Raini for creating an outstanding community!
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    Guys, you're free to your own opinions. And if you don't like Rarity--hell if you personally really just hate Rarity, no one should challenge you. But just so you know, talking in huge caps-- MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING ASSHOLE I don't care how strongly you feel. Typing like that creates a hugely negative atmosphere--even for non Rarity fans. Do it again, and I will take action.This is not a site for haters. Stop being a hater. It's almost as bad as someone aggressively expressing their pony hate Right in front of bronies. Like I said, you can still hate Rarity. I won't try to convince you otherwise. You're free to express it even. BUT BE POLITE ABOUT IT. Respect other people's feelings please. Do not start a hate mongering here. Take it to PMs or private chat. No one wants to hear it. I don't like having to un-approve people posts and hide them. I've done it several times already for similar reasons, but I'm not going to this time so that this can be addressed. DON'T. DO. IT. AGAIN. PLEASE. Note: I'm sure someone will call me on the hypocrisy of me using that font--but I am just trying to make a point.
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    I've went a long time just ignoring this, but it's started to get to me lately. Whenever any particle effect attaches to a player, usually being an unusual effect from a rage, it still shows on invisible spies. This gets really irritating on bosses where the effect lasts for a long amount of time. You can easily be tracked and killed without being able to do anything to retaliate. But to make it worse, some bosses have built in trails on every player. Examples being Flutterbat and R-Dash 5000. So those bosses can constantly see invisible spies, which is pretty cheap if you ask me.
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    I think this answer greatly depends on where you live. In America, like another member stated earlier we're all pretty equal in terms of rights. In some third world countries, I would probably say that the women have it harder. They have to stay indoors and are force to raise children. Also the problem with woman beating and rape is high in the world. While the poor men have the weighty problems of being forced to go to war, etc. But let's just talk about the good old USA for now. In the US, I feel a pain for the male Americans. Sometimes they can be overlooked as simply pervy for anything. Also (something in which I hate, it's not a huge problem now) if men want to like girly things like ponies, etc. They're considered messed up or gay. How unfair is that? Now with women, if they like boyish stuff they're just considered Tom Boys. Not often will someone call them butch. Overall, of course in the US or anywhere in the world, there will be a higher chance of rape or abuse for women. There will always be a larger number of female being dominated by men sexually. But this isn't as large as a problem as it was back then for the USA. Women are as capable as men at anything here, so saying that their helpless in all of this isn't buying anyone. I also feel for the men who have the weighty chores of providing for their families. They're the real warriors in this who are the fathers and care takers of their children. The ones who have to go through people being judgemental of what they like or dislike. I think the answer depends on what you think. Do you think men have it better because they have a less chance of being abuse sexually? Or do women have it better because they have a less chance of having great expectations (heh book reference).
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    That would suck sooooo bad Man now I'm thankful for being a dude Sometimes I feel like people expect things from me, and often I get pressured into doing things I really don't want to. Also, did you know guys have a period too? We don't bleed through any orfice, but we oftentimes experience hormonal imbalances that make us just as depressed or as angry as women.
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    After all of the abuse I've taken, I do have a right to complain. I always sit on the log on Lumberyard and people tend to fall off, a lot of the time, they just fall off without me even "pushing" them. I was circling the guy on the DR map, not even pushing him into the water. So Videogames got angry about nothing, but why isn't any action being taken about HIM asking for revives all of the time? No? Okay. So the ban for "abusing" Pinka isn't even valid, it was THE OTHER WAY AROUND - Pinka pursuaded people that I crashed the server on purpose and then he decided to report me for abusing him... I don't know how I'm at fault when Pinka's just being a bitch right there. Also, I didn't insult the ADMIN Dashy. I insulted the PLAYER Dashie, rightly so, because I got banned for "harrassing" her when I just told her to stop exploiting the map. She didn't even get a slap on the wrist. But I will give you props for acting on Charizard - the one time someone who abused me for no reason other than SureShot didn't like me, was banned. And several witnesses? 1 guy supposedly saw me do that. All I said was that I was banned from here for no reason and that I was going to chill out at PF2 more often. Yeah. :> 1: Calling an administrator a "bitch" in your defense is poor 2: Justifying insults? I don't know which is worse And nothing of value was lost.
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    From what I gather, no rules were broken, just everyone involved was acting douche-y. Y'know, usual day on Jersey.
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    I drew Twi-Dash. It is the best ship after all. Also, this toning style was kind of an experiment, and I like. Might try it more in the future.
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    Quoting myself from another thread. We've all cried the first kind of tears. We all do as children, and we continue to as adults. I've been doing a lot of this kind of crying lately. My romantic relationship with Pixel is perhaps over. I won't go into the dynamics at play. It's not really my place to talk about it, and neither do I really want to. But the short of it is that Pixel doesn't feel she can honestly and genuinely maintain a relationship with me--at least not right now, and possibly never. I haven't been taking it too well. No, like a child, I ran through all the emotions of guilt and anger. I was sad sure, but I felt an injustice had been done to me. Granted, none of this was aimed at Pixel; I love her. But everyone else was free game, including fate itself. I cried out of self-pity--I silently raged at the people around me. I wanted to break and kill things, to express my pain. I wanted to hurt myself, so redirect the pain. I wanted to drink myself stupid, to stop the pain. So much pain, and it never went away. And life would move forward, often twisting the knife in my heart in the process. In other words, I've been childish. I think I'm done with that. I just grew up a little today. I'm crying. But I'm crying out of sadness, not self-pity. I'm done pointing and accusing others for my problems. I'm done with moping in my depression. I know I've made some mistakes--not making them may not have made a difference, but that doesn't mean I don't own up to them. I don't feel the pain anymore. Just sadness. A deep, incredible sadness that permeates my being right now. I will continue to cry, and don't know when the tears will stop, if ever. But I think I'll be okay. I know the sadness won't go away. But accepting that, and learning to cope is part of being an adult. Half of life is happiness, and the other half is sadness. Pixel and I are still friends. Really close friends--almost intimate. But still friends. I do love her with fiber of my being, and that won't change. Because the future is always uncertain, I suppose there is a slight chance that we'll try again, and make things work in the future, but there are no promises or guarantees on that. But I feel confident in saying that I will always love her. The absolute last thing I want to do here is villainize her. Yes, this was ultimately her decision--and it's perfectly fair of her. I don't fault her in anyway. She has given me uncountable gifts. In a time where I was feeling unlovable, she taught me that I could be loved. She even helped me learn what exactly love is. She has rescued me from life in a hellish part of the world, and given me so much opportunity. She has been one of the most positive influences in my life. She owes me nothing--and I owe her a lot. More than that, I still want to do what I can to make her happy. Her happiness contributes to my happiness. I love you Pixel. So much. Thank you for everything. I will love you forever. ~Your Potro
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    I am a firm believer in equal rights for every single human being regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or whether they always fucking take the car in Monopoly. I am also a firm believer that censorship is wrong in ALL FORMS. Discretion in what you say is admirable. Being told you can never say certain things because they are wrong to say, period, is unacceptable. I make jokes. It's a thing I do. And those jokes are tailored to the company I'm in. I keep things clean when I don't know a person and I find out what pushes their buttons and what makes them laugh, and will keep things within that particular sphere of understanding. For example, I have a gay friend. He is 100% ok with me using the word "faggot." In fact, he began using the word freely in conversation with me well before I ever ventured to do so. We have a particular dynamic that often leads to lead to very tongue in cheek jokes about gay men and women in general, and really anything else. We both understand that neither of us is a horrible bigot, and we can have a laugh with this stuff. If all parties involved in the humor are ok with it and understand one another well enough, you can basically say whatever you want without anybody being offended or harmed. Words are words. They only have harmful meaning when society, and more importantly, YOU, apply harmful meanings to them. Am I saying you don't have a right to be offended? Nope. You have that right, and if I say things to you that offend you and I won't stop, you have the right to ask or tell me to stop and at the most extreme, you can have me arrested for harassment. But on the flip side, I have every right to say things that would offend you when I'm with my friends. Everybody I hang out with believes firmly in equal rights for all. Just because we joke about women needing to get back in the kitchen or lynching all the gays. For the record, we mostly joke about nerdier things, but that's neither here nor there. Yeah, I am prejudiced. I subconsciously and consciously judge people based on appearance. But I also don't let that prejudice stop me from learning the truth about a person. I'm not a horrible sexist pig just because sometimes I say sexist things as a joke. Nobody's perfect but when it comes down to it I think everybody should have the same opportunities before them as everybody else. Words can be harmful, but so is censorship.
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    You calling them wannabe redneck hipsters makes you no better
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    Honestly, they should fit in every possible fan-style shout-out they can, just so we can all hear the sound of Woodle's head exploding.
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    Now this is a story all about how My life got Crti'd-turned upside down And I liked to take a minute just sit right there And tell you how I Spent 15 seconds waiting to respawn In RED cp_granary spawned and played On the midpoint is where I spent most of my days Chillin out, stabbin', cloaking all cool, And all shooting some maggots outside of the school When a couple of BLUs who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one lil fight and RANDOM CRITICAL OUT OF NOWHERE.
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    I feel like this site shows me something special that i can't really explain, but i'll try~ we laugh together we get through tough personal times together we're always looking out for oneanother we're always up for some epic gaming action we can all be like "hey look at this!" and share honest opinions Lulz and agreement don't get me wrong there have been bad times too like when fluffy's mom was being a big jerk and left him all alone for weeks at a time like when some jerk at fox was makin' us try and look bad but we all knew he was wrong like when i first came into chat, and i felt a little bit uncomfortable with everypony and also kidna thought that some of ya were creeps [darkie!] (BEN (prof pic :P ) (and yes, we can ALL be creeps at times) like when we heard that hasbro was starting to take down pony vids and somepony who i can't recall (cinnamon, i think it was you) posted up a psst link for someponies who missed the episode we've all flourished in some way or another thanks to this site wether it's upping your Team fortress skills by competing for the Numbah one slot and making friends along the way (hugh) or mabye being inspired to pursue voice acting (mrKenyon) or showing us some cool pillow on ETZY or anything like that (mrsKenyon) or giving copies of Killing floor to ponies in need (sarge) or we can just be derps and herpaderp all the derp (ohaidare) or knowing the exact decimal metric range of an english long rifle (koach) or upping your rainbow cupcake making skills (johnny) or having a name with a whiff of an english accent (smashing good time) or finding awesome threads for total randumbness (torkair) upping your administrator skills and knowing what to do when it is right or when it is wrong and when it is just (kino and raini) mabye pushing people WAAAAY too far and getting banned for just reasons (peng) or upping your writing skills and sharing links to cheer everyone up realizing what friendship is courage laughter generosity honesty loyalty and magic i guess the word i'm aiming for here is human. without raini, there would be no ponyville, and without ponyville, there would be no raini not only in creating this site have you inspired all of us to get to know eachother, and foster this beautiful blossom that is what it is today, but you've maintained it, cared for it, and i know you should be proud Raini. i know i am. i'm greatful for all the good, the bad, and the ugly that has come around with this site~ ...bang...