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    i miss yall like fuck man ahhhh yall dead
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    Who knows what will happen here in a few years?
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    am i the only pegasister or? *wonders in a daze*
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    I thought this site was dead inside, well I guess it is right now..
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    Ayeeeee this ain’t dead like I thought wohooo no experation date
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    ill be waiting for the day, pinkie pie gets reworked. untill then i shall sleep
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    where are u arent u managing this?
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    Sombra is sad, this could be such a nice place if the owner wanted. This site have Expiration Date: 2018-05-13 (Whois) So what happens then ?
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    We are right now in search of an additional author. Do you like Pony music ? Do you play music yourself ? (not needed of course) Do you just like and enjoy MLP ? Do you want to search for and write a little about pony music ? And most important, are you a friendly kind loyal pony ? Sombras Empire is a channel for fans by fans, we will always be adds and advertisements free on the site. We strive to keep a very nice friendly atmosphere where everypony feels like home. We want to run this channel with a dialog with artists and fans, and to connect them together. Many other pony music sites writes about artists, but we want to invite the artists to be part of the discussion too. Do you want to join, or somepony you may know ? Please contact us : webmaster (AT) ponyville.eu The request will be open until Sunday, April 15th. Do not be shy, it’s not hard, it’s just plain pony fun ! We are also searching for a partnership or an affiliate agreement, maybe ponyville.net is interested ? Just contact us !