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    Just going to dump all of my complaints about the current status of the VSP servers here because it's to a point where I could care less what happens with anything. The biggest thing is probably boss and weapon balance. People literally complain about bosses and weapons constantly, things that are so obviously overpowered (Rainbow Dash) or unnecessary (Laugh crit on Pinkie/Surprise), things get brought up on here, but nothing is ever done. The community is almost completely ignored when it comes to balance, and it's the most frustrating thing giving feedback that doesn't even matter. I don't think hardly any of my suggestions I've made have ever been implemented, even if there were a lot of players agreeing with it, it's just ignored. What's the point of trying? Another current thing regarding weapons is the fact that the new Gun Mettle skins and Spy's watches still aren't fixed. All the skins still work as TF2 default, and the Invis Watch gives a speed boost (won't block a hit though), and the Dead Ringer is plain out useless. The update came out July 2nd, it's been almost a month and a half, seriously, why is it not fixed? Last thing about server maintenance would probably be regarding new bosses getting added. I mean, I'm still personally against it, but how long has FnaP been done for? From what I remember, it's been over 6 MONTHS, and it's not added? It's not like the boss was denied to getting added, it just ignored. I just don't understand how it hasn't been added yet, or AT LEAST given a REASON as to why it hasn't been. Which reminds me, why are we always in the dark when it comes to things? Can we at least get an estimate of when things will get changed, or at least a response regarding something that we deem unbalanced? I don't see a point in trying to get things changed, because nothing is ever touched. This could also relate to the PF2 players wanting a vanilla server. People are getting impatient and don't think it's going to happen, but we aren't getting any responses regarding it. Sure, people have lives, they're busy, everyone is. But, if the people who can actually change things don't have time, why not give others the ability to do so? There are plenty of willing people with the time that would love to balance weapons and bosses, or at least get things added to the server. I just hate trying when I know nothing will actually get done. Another personal thing that really bothers me is the terrible performance of the servers. Seems to have awful issues with connection (getting hit from 10 ft away from people that have <50 ping), and my FPS is terrible on there. Please, remove the necessary particle effects on weapons and from rages. It' just causes so much frame issues. tl;dr Nothing gets changed, the community is completely ignored, and RIP FPS. Edit: forgot to mention spellbooks. When you have so many complaints about it, constantly, so many people hate them, you'd think that they would get changed or plain out removed.
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    Hey there, I heard you liked parties, wanna have a party in my... OH PLEASE COME HOME WITH ME I AM SO BUCKING LONELY AND I NEED YOU! PLEAAAAASSEEEEEE! Works every time. Totally.
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    well uh.. lets see.. broken hales, steam id gets ignoredd, broken stats, donations are dead, item server dipped, map bugs, hale points set to 0 for everyone which means that only one person can play hale unless he leaves the server xd like boiz.. the server is broken for like a year now. if you just dont want to keep it goin, might as well give up the ownership to someone else or idk. close the servers xd
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    So.. I doubt people remember me since I got banned nearing two years ago and I was one of the devs for the server. (I made an account just to post in this thread and I'll probably be banned again immediately for posting this) Me (Scootz), No Name and Sarysa created bosses for this server. Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GeneralScootz/ (or ask No Name since I'll be posting this to him) I was the head designer, I couldn't model or code so I left that to No Name and Sarysa. and the reason for my ban was "Doomsaying" the server due to the incompetence of the head admins. This server has been in the Trash for much longer before I got banned and it all started when the admins stopped really caring about it. We used to have models that we had to wait 8 months before even being added and some not even added at all which made the experience for the players a whole lot more boring since we had a bunch of ideas we were willing to create and make for the server so it would live on past its expiration date, however, Raini and Simple never cared enough to implement everything we had for this server.(We had a completely updated chrysalis model, class model updates, new hales and even updates to old hales) They would never listen to the community for feedback, gave all the power to the admins to do everything except actually work on the server itself so content was never there and people who WANTED to work on the server were ignored. So pretty much, this server is dead due to the lack of support from the head admins, Raini and Simple. They have been terrible server owners throughout their years running this server and in my opinion, even though I loved this server very much back in the day and would play every day an animal needs to be put down eventually.
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    question is, is he even up for moderating? this recommendation seems highly biased and he doesn't look like the person who can do the job right.
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    Oof. Anyway, considering how much time it has passed, it would've been a bit better for them to do some sort of damage control (hell, even now could be even a decent time to put it out!), and thinking how everything is extremely broken and buggy, e.g. Sarysa's sub- / plugin for Starlight Glimmer is not working like it's supposed to, whilst other hales that have this capability are still well with it. Minions (Chrysalis and Pinkie Pie) are broken and invisible if the player has any sort of cosmetic equipped. HHH also has this issue (this requires to have no cosmetics also, and have any grenade launcher, as well as a Festive Charge n' Targe.). And for a summary, there are many things that need to be updated and fixed in the server, but progress wise, it's not going to happen anytime soon, and recent stuff such as the servers not being able to detect your Steam ID and so on that have popped in, there would be no real chance for me to see any sort of light shining towards the server unless there will be someone that has been added to the staff that has the ability to code, model, etc. for the server, but alas if nothing ever of that happens, I'd only say that the server will be just left to rot.
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    Or just anything that's technically and hilariously broken cough able to pick up ammo with spells now and them having no downsides what so ever in EU triple cough Tho. >Implying "something" could be fixed if we let it out on the forums
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    I'm not a pony, I'm a Hamster....specialized to infiltrate pony servers as a pony.
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    Introducing Thorax! Thorax is a changeling protagonist who was introduced in Episode 16 of Season 6 and featured in the Season 6 Finale. He comes in two forms: Standard and Reformed. The standard form is almost identical to that of a normal changeling, save for a slightly bluer tint and sparkly wings. The Reformed form is the form Thorax takes on in the Finale. Have a look! Proposed Abilities: Normal Form: Weapon: The Black Rose Silent Killer Disguise on backstab Essentially the same knife as minion changelings, with the added damage buff that is standard with Spy Hales Primary abilities: Super Jump (1.5 second charge time, 7 second cooldown) Weighdown Again, fairly standard hale abilities. Rage: Transformation On Rage, creates a medium-sized explosion that knocks players back and damages or destroys buildings Along with the explosion, Thorax transforms, taking on the Reformed Form for 15 seconds. The explosion's force will not be strong enough to knock people off the map from absolutely anywhere. It should have roughly as much force as a standard Airblast, and is intended as a means to push Engineers away from their buildings as well as to give melee users a little room to breathe when dealing with Reformed Thorax's increased stats. Reformed Form: Weapon: Your Eternal Reward Silent Killer +50% Damage on Buildings +50% Knockback resistance +25% Damage Resistance Knockback resistance is meant to combat Airblast-happy Pyros and to finish off Engineer Nests that survived the initial explosion. Primary Abilities remain the same There is no need to change Reformed Thorax's basic abilities, Super Jump works just fine for the intended playstyle. Rage: Should Thorax build up full rage again before the 15 seconds are up, he will generate another explosion and the 15-second timer will be renewed. This honestly should be a rare occasion, as inflicting damage equating 100% rage twice in the span of 15 seconds usually means the hale is AFK or really shouldn't be playing Hale. Music: What good is a hale if it doesn't come with some neat music? Theme 1: RuneScape - Zaros Zeitgeist Theme 2: Conker's Bad Fur Day - Sloprano, Final Movement Theme 3: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Final Battle And lastly, Thorax has a few voice lines pulled from his dialogue in the show. And that's it! I'd like to extend a warm thank-you to No Name for his helpful advice and for providing me with the updated changeling base used in the Normal Form, as well as the gradient texture on the Reformed Form. Feedback is welcome, and suggestions are as well!
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    Wow I am impress, ^-^, People have so much imagination, I can't even draw a Stick man :D ? I can only do SFM stuff :
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    I hafta apologize to my dear ladies. Say, have a couple of shadow-pencil images! (Last one is my favorite <3 There's more, I took it from here - http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/11/vincent-bal-shadow-doodles/)
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    I tried what JamesGoblin sended, about the download process on my phone, but my screen was just flipping in the same way. I was sad ;-;
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    The way I suspect it is it's superfast counting seconds (unrealistic counting) which can usually corrupt the next bosses superjump recharge. I've never seen this kind of counter on other communities. (Can be fixed by playing a teleport boss, not sure about other unique abilities like Thi) Also, to add more stuff that are problems. Matrix attack can still possibly get you stuck on bosses like RD, Octavia, Vinyl, Discord. The servers are still using an outdated plugin for the ability and newer versions has fixed the problem. Building damage for certain bosses is dealing 65 damage (base stock damage) due to it's below the amount to deal triple which still does 195 damage but does not affect building damage. Can be fixed by adding the +200% damage ( 2 ; 3). The problem occurs CMC, Tia and Lula. I don't count this inside buffs/nerfs and rather as a problem/mistake, am saying that because there have been people against it due to they being a due/trio boss. Pipsqueak's minion is still missing texture due to the Bearded Bombardier update. G rage still works which has had it's issues when raging in front a partner taunt as the boss rages him/herself. (not a huge deal as it was only breaking on Nightmarity).
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    That moment where your done with life and then you realize your not because your still alive
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    I just wanted to say, if anypony on here, needs help or advice or even some pony to talk to you, I'm here for ya. I know it seems uncanny since u don't know me but I'm serious, if u need a solution to your problem or someone just to talk too... I'm here. I'm a peer counselor so I know what I'm doing lol. If u need help because of depression, or because of relationships, or even the simplest problems, like math problems, I'm here for ya. I remember that dark time and I know, its life but its better to go through it with someone. Someone to talk too, someone to make you laugh, someone to put ur feelings on.. ill be here. Private message me and I will talk. I won't tell any secrets either, my lips are sealed and plus who would I tell? So yeah, or if ur feeling lonely and need someone to talk too, ill be here. Thanks all, thanks
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    Thank you for the support I thought we had something but anyways changing the subject... why is vinal scratch an option as favorite pony but not Octavia this confuses me
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    In my opinion, less then 140 is equally stupid. For a hale, regardless of class, to be unable to kill medics, pyros, or swordless demos in one hit without also having some form of increased attack speed is ludicrous. and don't forget what happens when damage resistance buffs like the buff banner or KGB come into play. It turns into an absolute shitshow because the hale gets eaten alive in the middle of a pile of people who simply can't die. Just look at R-Dash or Thi Billet. To me, 180 seems perfectly reasonable, it picks off lighter classes while still giving the heavier ones a chance to escape, not to mention the various ways people can increase their current and maximum health counts. I agree that the spy hales who exceed that amount are in serious need of a nerf. 210 (Chrysalis) looks okay but in practice is actually really bad, while 336 (Rarity) and 360 (Discord) are just plain outrageous. Were it not for her ability to stab instantly out of cloak, which may I add is not really fixed, Flutterbat's 180 base damage would be very reasonable.
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    Would you rather have it do the same damage as a normal spy? It would be literally impossible to win if that were the case. I'm looking at a base damage of 195 as a fix to the over-the-top damage other spy hales get however. 195 as opposed to the 250-ish they normally do. EDIT: After a bit of research, I think I'll go for a base damage of 150. 210 is ridiculous. EDIT 2: After further research, I'll go with 180. This is the same base damage as Flutterbat. Chrysalis has 210 and Rarity has 336, both of these are criminally high.
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    ponies...ponies everywhere! This site is so AWESOME!!!
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    just broke my headphone thing to plug in , im dying right now
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    Super random....and happen to see this thread...Thinking... To Luna: I just can't stop staring at your beautiful Moon, Princess! To Octavia: Shall we work on making some music together? I'd love to see how well you stroke. To Vinyl Scratch: So DJ...nice performance...I'd love to learn how to rub and scratch like you do. To Celestia: Sorry if I don't make eye contact your Highness, I don't wish to be blinded by your beauty. To Rainbow Dash: So...10 seconds flat? To Rarity: You find precious jewels...yet seem to miss the most valuable one...You. To Pinkie: Hi. To Fluttershy: Um...I noticed your really shy...and you make my heart flutter... To Twilight: You must be Magical, the way you Sparkle! To Appplejack: So...lots of Bucking needing to get done? I'd like to help! To Cadence: Lovely is the only word slightly capable to describe a Princess such as yourself. To Chrysalis: I know you're disguised, but no matter what form you take...the true you is the one I fell for. All randomly made up....and don't really know some of the characters...know will regret this post, but whatever...
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    I heard about raini and simple not really giving one but that it's this bad.. rip I suppose? Honestly I don't quite understand this. What's the point of them owning all of this, when the only thing they are actually doing is letting Everything burn which could have been something great. I play on vsp because it's an unique and fun vsh server. Like if they are simply to lazy to do shit, there are people who can code in the fucking community. Like just as example captain mo or pinkamena . Like wtf . Only think left to say here that the server is absolutely broken now. Either they start to do shit or it's dead end tbh
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    I miss u all here, come and give me a hug. Your admin for this thread missed u <3
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    If you want to know who's fun to fight against and who isn't, here's a list in the following categories: Fun to Fight Mega Pony: His kit is primarily set up in a way similar to mega man games, he has no true rage function just his various modes that each have ammo limits. Pip Squeak: He's kind of fun in a way, but his main rage isn't fun for the least part since it's ruins a lot of the other team's movement options cause underwater is annoying, but he's fun to fight against if you have that one person constantly summoning Minions instead and have them go Pirate raiding, heh. (Which is almost 95% rare to see someone do this). Sweetie Bot: She's kind of fun to fight since her rage is similar to Princess Twilight's R rage, but rather than that she's almost as good as a doing a no rage run since her rage can backfire sometimes. Fluttershy: She's mainly focused around being a medic that needs bears to help her out, so relying on forest friends is kind of fun rather than the fact that the bears do unnecessary damage, but hey at least she's much more flexible than her previous version. Not Fun to Fight Every other boss that wasn't listed in the above list, since most of them either have one of the following: Stun and or Fear rage Hales. High chances of random criticals for no reason at all. Demo Hales that have eyelander weapons for no reason at all. Not fun mechanics like Flutterbat, Eapplejack, Applejack (Mainly this Hale, right here) Spike: why does he have airblast... like seriously. Pinkie Pie and Braeburn: Players that keep trying to exploit the R rage in air business. Sea Pony: This hale is just no, i'm pretty sure it was amazing in paper, but in-game it's bogus to fight. Nightmare Moon is still very unfun to fight even after getting a nerf from the 500% dmg bonus to 400% and "no random crits". Rainbow Dash: This hale is just super annoying to fight considering she breaks all knock-back she takes by just doing her double/triple jump which negates it, plus she can super jump and then double jump in mid-air to be able to weigh-down when most other hales can weigh-down when they super jump, so in general this Hale is just a huge mess. All spy hales damage on this server Celestia and Luna: both their rages are annoying to fight against, well mainly Celestia's since she can spam her rage without any cap at all.
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    So ehm... G'day ya'll. I don't really know what to do/say here so... G'day! (Wait didn't i already say that? Darn-it). Glad to be here... I think... No wait, yeah I'm happy to be here and hope that this place will keep living. Be it by a small amount or not. I eh... Think that was it. Alpaca out! *poof*
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    Flutterbat has some annoying qualities, she is able to attack too quickly after decloaking, because frankly, I die more often to her being semi-invisible stil lfrom decloak, than actually seeing her, I also find that weighdown needs a bit of a...change on her, it's too easy to aim imo due to the floating effect. I've asked a bit on the server and generally the most of a reply I got was that she isn't really fun to fight. Something I think should be changed, either due to changes on the boss, or it's mechanics, or other things. Keep in mind this is just my opinion however.
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    Thanks Emerald Streak. Though, I found something which makes me worry about things until I actually start doing things. This gamemode was officially updated between 3 years, 8 months, 18 days and 11 months, 17 days old. I did some tests and figured out that a command was added called "ff2_start_music" in version 1.0.11, which was about a year ago, almost exact. I tried firing this command, and the command "ff2_stop_music" at the same time and this is the result. Which confirms my range. Here's the proof of those commands in the code. 1.10.11 The command is right above it. 1.0.8 Missing the command. ( Please note that the code structure drastically changed since the old version so it's not exactly placed where it is. ) Considering the last update that was a little around the time 1.10.11 was around, in the !ff menu where the PV devs overwrite the plugin versions and everything with their own versions (tsk tsk), I believe that the version is in the upper range of the numbers of the elderly server plugin that is. Hopefully updates can get back rolling somehow.
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    There is a bug with the Donor system where it sometimes doesn't go through. If you have this problem, please send me a PM here, or add either Pinkamena or Videogames380 on Steam so I can add you manually. I will compensate you with additional time to make up for any wait.
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    Hey everyone. Progress is slow, but I am working to get everything back online. Thank you for being patient.
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    We do, and here's a little friendly advice to help you with downloads!
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    Don't you dare doing anything you would do if that's something I wouldn't do as you do or don't or...whatever! PS while I'm here...amagad M-M-M-MOUSE!
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    I miss you all so much 😞 Hope you enjoy ur life and happy early/or now Valentine's Day, give someone a kiss for meh
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    exrdctfvygbuhnijmkounyhgtfrdeswas4edcrvytbuynumiju9h786g5fd45swwzsxdrctfvygbuhnjmuyhgtfrdeswqazsxrdctfvgbhnjmk,kijuhygtfrdeswrdctfvygbuhnijmok,plokijuhygtfredwsedcfvgbh!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats exactly how i feel
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    Its funny, everyone is like im loving this new year... but im just like its the same thing until the middle of the year.. then you will decided if you really did anything great... we are a few days in ponys, calm down !! Its 2017 sure.. but its not really a great year yet .. who agrees with me ?
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    yes the anyponys , i love how i can say that on this website
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    Man, this place is sure dead now. I used to be a constant visitor when I found Ponyville around the middle of season two. :(
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    ever do that thing, where you laugh at something , but u really shouldn´t be laughing because its really tragic but you cant help by laugh because u can´t believe something like that, actually happened ? Thats my life lol
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    Sup guys! My life sucks! My gf just broke up with me and now I have crippleing depression! 🤗😅😭😔
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    This, i'd rather not have anymore. -_- Rather than that, the Boss idea and rage is OK in my book(except the damage bonus).
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