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  1. We are currently in the process of transferring the following servers to a new machine: Ponyville.net USA - Versus Ponyville Ponyville.net USA - Versus Ponyville Funbox Ponyville.net USA - Trading and Minigames We are also in the process of adding the following server: Ponyville.net USA - Stock Maps The IPs for these servers should update automatically within your favorites. If not, you can find their IPs listed on the Ponitentiary: http://bans.ponyville.net These servers may be unstable once they come online. Please be patient as we are switching them over to a new Operating System.
  2. If you have any suggestions for the forum that work with IPB 4.1.X, feel free to submit them in response to this Status.

  3. http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/3713-regarding-new-jersey-and-vsp/ http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7309-temporary-bans-based-on-steam-group/ http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7308-cynicals-ban-appeal/#entry128399
  4. Desafortunadamente, la velocidad del internet es muy, muy lento en la mayoría de América Latina. Servidores allí no pueden solucionar el problema. Sí eres de México, servidores en los EEUU son las mejores. Hay personas de Perú, Colombia, o Brazil aquí?
  5. If you feel shame, then you're not a real brony yet. Embrace the pink. Embrace the love and happiness. You will soon reach brony enlightnment.
  6. Yes, the main change is that the server running web services is significantly more powerful than previously. It offers more flexibility to expand in the future.
  7. Today, the ponyville.net server was upgraded. That is all.
  8. Because of ongoing complaints about trolling and other rude behavior in the chatroom, we've added a couple of Moderators. Chat Moderators are to be treated with the same regard as any other forum Moderator or Admin and you should listen to them if they ask you to cease a certain behavior. Chat Moderators have the authority to exercise their own discretion when deciding what constitutes trolling or abusive behavior, and they can suspend or ban you from chat for it. Play nice, and be respectful to everypony. All forum rules apply to the chatroom. We may outline further chatroom rules in the future.
  9. The trashcan board is now visible to all users. It was never intended to be viewable only to Admins.

  10. Pornographic sprays are against Rule #4 from the MOTD: No offense, but it doesn't matter if you in particular don't mind seeing pornographic sprays. What matters is that there is a significant portion of the server population that needs or demands a "safe for work" environment. Those users shouldn't be forced to "tolerate" obscene material on a My Little Pony server. There are users who play TF2 during their off hours or breaks at work, for example. It isn't as if they can expect their boss to "ignore" seeing someone's spray of a giant penis on their computer screen. Minors however are our biggest concern. The fact of the matter is that while these servers were made with adults in mind, they are still based on a show that targets minors, and are therefore known to attract them. We don't want minors being exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age on the servers. If you couldn't tell, this is actually a very big concern of ours (possibly the #1 concern); which is why pornographic sprays are one of the only offenses that carry an immediate, permanent ban. This has nothing to do with being a prude, or not being "tolerant" enough. To the staff of this community, tolerance means respecting everyone -- including the younger people on here.
  11. Have a question about the forum, or how to use a specific feature? Ask it here and we'll provide you with a detailed explanation or walkthrough. Have a suggestion that you think could help to improve or promote the forum? Post it here as well! Whether it is an app, hook, mod, or emoticon, we'll put it under consideration if you post it. Critiques and suggestions about forum categories, rules, and policies can also be shared here.
  12. The spammer has been eliminated. It was only one person.

  13. Primary Rules No Piracy Debates and discussion are tolerated. Posting about how to subvert copyright, or where to obtain pirated material, is not.No Obscene Content Do not post or link to material that is obscene, pornographic, or NSFW.No Trolling Don't make posts that disrupt the normal course of discussion which incite, provoke, or offend others.No Abusive Behavior Don't harass, bully, or threaten other members. Exercise tolerance and be respectful.No Racism/Sexism or Homophobia Whether or not you "meant" it as a joke is irrelevant to whoever you might offend.No Impersonation Do not impersonate other members or individuals, or purport to be someone you are not.No Personal Information Do not post personal information about others without permission, even if it is publicly available elsewhere. Respect the privacy of others and we will respect yours.Posting Rules No Double Posting The "Edit" and "Soft-Delete" features exists for a reason.Stay On Topic Don't derail threads. Posts that are too off topic will be moved to Randumb.Post In The Correct Sub-Forums Try to post your threads in the correct category or they will be moved.No "Goodbye" Threads Threads of this nature create unnecessary clutter and invite drama. There's also a possibility that you might return!Warning Policy Three Warnings Depending on the circumstances, this could result in a 24-hour suspension or longer.Five Warnings Depending on the circumstances, this could result in a week-long suspension or longer; possibly even a ban.Contradicting a Warning If you are warned not to do something, but do it again anyways, it could result in an immediate suspension.Bans are open to the discretion of the staff based on the most egregious of circumstances.
  14. OBEY.

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