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  1. I recommend the Cisco certs (such as the CCNA), and if you're into Microsoft, they have some easy certs. If you're into Linux, go for LPIC or RHCE. Don't do computer repair, that's for teenagers, and the profit margin sucks. IT certifications can give you a much better career than computer repairs, especially in a world where people replace their computer as soon as the default Windows install fails. However, IT is a thankless job, and causes baldness.
  2. Linux Sysadmin at one of the world's most popular websites. Part time l33t h4x0r. I want to become a consultant longer term.
  3. Bastards should know not to mess with nerds. Eventually the rage funnels into a bodybuilding obsession, and then when the nerds come back with huge muscles, everyone in their wake dies. On top of that, nerds are better than everyone else anyway.
  4. Star Trek rulz. I've seen every episode of TOS, TNG, and DS9 in order. Did it during 2 weeks when I was sick with a deadly illness. Star Trek saved my life.