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  1. Some aren't even that funny.
  2. 2, creepy as hell
  3. How about a bookmarklet with more options?
  4. So my name is Danyea Taylor... I love mlp so much that its my Life!!!!! You Reallly have to ask who my favourite pony is Meh.It's instantly Rare,Also SHE IS marshmallow,Not OFFENSE THOUGH,SHE IS JUST SO WHITE, LIKE A MARSHMALLOW,AND ADORABLE~ * Reasons i love rarity ♦She is the cutest,most adorable,sexiest,ANYTHING THAT DESCRIBES A GOOD-LOOKIN FIGURE.♦ ♦She Has The Most Beautiful Cutie Mark I have Ever Seeen♦ ♦She's Best Pony(DUH)!!!!!!♦ ♦Her EQG FORM IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT♦ ♦she has a wonderful mane♦ ♦Did i mention that she's best pony?♦ ♦She Has A purple Mane♦ ♦She has THE MOST MATURE VOICE IN THE SHOW♦ ♦SHE'S BEST PONY(wait,i said that already)!♦ ♦SPIKE LOVES HER♦ ♦SHE HAS A REALLY GOOD TEMPER♦ ♦I love her♦