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  1. after losing 4 of my placements matched i won 3 back to back
  2. playing skullgirls right now i love it so much the characters are awesome and for an indie fighting game it so good
  3. i just dont want to rely on power i want to know i won because of skill not because there was nothing the enemy could do
  4. is morgana broken i dont want to play an op champ
  5. nope season 2
  6. i iiked this episode but im a fluttershy fan so im a little bias. i though this whole episode was going to be them trying to get rid of the bats while fluttershy tries to find a better solution,never expected that.also dat ending i hope they bring it back up . pinkie like most of her current jokes i find stale. I haven't laughed hard at one of pinke pie's jokes since season 2. the scene where she drilled her way out got me to laugh. rainbowdash's cider obsession was another cool thing
  7. favorite sketch was the toystory one
  8. trying to get the eshop to update my game but it wont and they wont let me go online
  9. sorry if its hard to read i have bad grammar
  10. title explains it all lets talk about the game i have spent about 90 dollars on this game and i honestly think i may be done buying cards soon. i want to make a honesty and kindness deck. how do i build a deck ,how many cards for each type.should i have 20 of each ,maybe 25. or maybe 25 for friends and 15 for events and resources 6 troublemakers. also the duplicate system how many of a card should i involve in my deck.
  11. hey im back anyone remmeber me

    1. Xenmas


      0/10 not about Spiderman

  12. after months and monthst i have finnaly comeback to this website welll first off i would like to say that i completly forgot about this website and when i remmebered it i didnt want to comeback because nobody would know me so whats up im back i hope people know who i am
  13. also fan drop off because of whiners maybe that is for the best because im getting really annoyed at people who complain about the show leave or stay make your choice . i dont know who started this in the fandom but .season 3 finale a choice that could make or break fandom . really because it was that serious right
  14. no when lauren faust was making it she intended it to be for everybody
  15. wow i wish i could read as much as you thats so many fanfics