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  1. My OC is now called Kaiser Zephan because my OC last name was just made up out of the blue but now it means something.

  2. Yea i am done here, play as lyra boss now i know what to expect.
  3. Play as boss lyra and she gets 5 instant kill shots but it does take skill to kill so i have to remember that from now one ( PRO MODE STARTS WITH LYRA )
  4. Well it will be a challange to win with eng vs her but i like a challange BD
  5. I been going all or nothing route where if there is any way for the boss ( lyra ) to attack me i will get out of there before i die then rebuild and slowly take her hp down.
  6. The fact one eng. can kill a single boss if the focus is there and its the right map.
  7. I think its one of those bosses where ( take a hit and you die ) like in RE5 Pro mode where you can not take any damage ! Lets just hope i am ready next time i fight lyra :D
  8. All you need is a group of images the same size just make sure to name them ( Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ) so vtf knows what order it is. They can't go over the size of 512kb
  9. Her crossbow does 250 damage which can kill any class beside heavy. I think a more reasonable damage is somewhere between 125 to 200 so that its still boss like but can't be used to 1 shot 95% of the classes . PS: I know it takes skill but its still too OP PSS: Just think of there was a Lyra + Bonbon boss ( Lyra would heal bonbon health by 250 hp to 50% hp causing the fight to be pointless ! )
  10. If i do plan on going how much should i expect to spend, i am guessing in the 4 digits.
  11. I feel like that at time, " How can i like this show i thought it was for girls " but i forget about it and wait for Season 6
  12. Same here i went on a Suicide Help Forum to try to get a 2nd POV so i can stop it and what i was told was if i kept worrying about it will slowly kill me because the one that replyed had the same thing happen so try if you can to not think about it and instead think of about something else that makes you happy.
  13. For anyone thats been there what is it like, do you watch the show and do other stuff like buy items ?
  14. Whats going on the following are disabled: Chat Main Website TF2 Pony modded games.