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  1. I got banned from your server the year of 2012 FLUTTERgib he keep harassing me in the server I was friends with an admin so I told him I was friends with the admin there was an admin in the server and when I hadn't ban me instead and the admin put down that I was personally admin but I was only ban for one day after one day went by he started to harassing me again and he went ahead and got an admin and made up a lie about me so what I said I know someone is friends with the owner they told me they were friends of the owner but instead the guy in the Banning me and then they said I was personally owner
  2. Username: [RTI] Antonumus SteamID: STEAM_0:0:56067204 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RTIAntonumus/ Ponyville server: Ponyville.net (California) - Trade & Minigames Transgession: Don't be disrespectful, No civilian/friendlys or stalling
  3. hello, i was banned from a tf2 server associated with this website in 2012 and i would like to apply to get this ban removed, a man named Fluttergibs kept stalking me and talking mean to me, making lies about me and saying i was impersonating as an admin when i was just telling him to leave me alone.