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  1. Rules, just post in this thread stating that you'll be entering. Your post count determine the number you receive for the random drawing (keep multiple posting to a min so I don't have to make too much extra effort to i'm lazy as it is, dont make me have to do more work. I'll pick a randumb number Via Random.org Only your first original post in this thread counts towards the drawing. Since it'll pretty much be determined by random, I don't want to hear any complaints to the people that received something based on boredom.I'll try to host this every Tuesday - Wednesday. Tuesday being the time for everyone to be able to post and Wednesday for the drawing. The only thing I really don't want to see is multiple new accounts popping up jsut for a extra chance. I will do a quick run through of profiles ect ect. Min. age of your profile must be at least 2 weeks to enter. Oh, another thing. Don't ask me for free stuff. People that already recieved a fat wad of pixels from me LVL Malt Mix Once you're on this list, you're not eligible for any other drawings. Why? because i said so.
  2. 10 keys to the next poster. (Shh, I'm not dead...)
  3. Psst, the admins can't hear your screams. Also, expecting a server reset/fix anytime soon from any of the admins that still play on said servers is like a once in a blue moon event.
  4. 10 keys to the next poster, leave your steam ID.
  5. Will be interesting to see how the competitive community of Team Fortress 2 sides with matchmaking and if there is anything to gain outside of ranks from other leagues such as UCG and ESEA. Still, look forward to matchmaking nonetheless and the players it draws in that are still yet unknown to the competitive leagues.
  6. Best thing ever: To mount all players that have turned into tiny baby pony.

    1. Aurotzel
    2. -​-


      Second best thing ever: To touch Col's butt.

  7. Ja, if any issues arises I will resend the trade if need be. They'll be yours in 3 days otherwise.
  8. ^I no longer do drawings. Its on a basis that is whenever I bother to log in to the forums. Next poster, 8 keys. Leave your steam info, you may have to wait 3 days as I've never bothered to sync to a phone.
  9. | steamname: mario | steam3ID: [u:1:32391013] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:16195506 | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992656741 | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/HTTP | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197992656741 Last Online 2759 days ago At least you graced me with a active linked steam account linked to your forum account.
  10. It's about as active as the word random is. Which is whenever I feel like donating towards a community that I once enjoyed. Though yes Earbuds are outdated as a currency doesn't mean I cant change what I give out when or what. It it truly pleases you then you can change the title to please your OCD. But yea, anyway next poster gets 10 keys k thanks. Just post your steam ID with it.
  11. Phr33 earbud to the next poster.
  12. Katie made me log into this thing again.

  13. Mmm, Tasty Mutes. Just here to inquiry about the reason of the ban. (Only noticed because I couldn't call for medic) STEAM_0:0:90937453
  14. And the crickets go wild.
  15. I'll make the draw in a few hours when i get back from the store and finish my things to do.
  16. Yes. Too bad, your vote has already been cast.
  17. Aquired 20 keys, same routine as when I origionaly opened this thread bar the people whom already recieved something. You're free to re-enter ect. even if you won a past one. I'll be back around Wed. of Thursday if I somehow fall behind packing up 2 boxs... >recycle a post.
  18. ^Whatever, free is free no? I know who I'ma edit out... Anyway, I have enough for 20 keys. I'll go about the process shortly after I round them up.
  19. No, thinking about giving something away. flipping though prices atm. Mught just do a stach of keys though as buds are in the 40$ish range atm.
  20. 1000+ profile views and I've been away from this place for almost 6 months now. Lolol.

    1. Friendship Gentleman

      Friendship Gentleman

      lurking breeds mystery

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      well that has been a while.