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  1. >Everyone gets the exact same privileges on and off the servers, regardless of payment plan. I under stand this part. I was talking about the differnces in the price changes. Alright, what I was trying to get was why the base % of the 1 month and the 3 month subscription savings where. Prices- 1 Month = $5.46 174%+ 1 Month = $15 Savings 23% New Costs > Savings 45% 3 Month = $12.67 97%+ 3 Month = $25 Now the Origional Savings was 23% of the cost if you bought the 3 Month at $12.67, but your new cost has a 45% savings cost. Which, yes you saved money both ways except the new base cost recieved a much higher increase % in its origional price than the 3 month. What I wanted to know is why the base cost of the 1 Month at $5.46 had 174% increase to $15. Why not just Double~ it like you did with the 3 Month Donation? >Note, math may be horrably wrong... I hasn't mathed in ages...I might have been infected with the dumb when going through this on paper...
  2. >Looks around at all the opinions flying in this thread. Grabs some popcorn and continues to wait for more >opinions.
  3. Ah, mmk. Was just curious at your motives with the wierd ploy on the "buy more time get stuff cheaper thing." I don't have a problem paying more if you require me to do so... though, I need to acually get a computer that can acually PLAY TF2 so the donations acually go to a purpose than me bumming around on the PS3 and the ponyville forums spending money on people out of pure boredom... Meh.
  4. >as a person that's been skipping his donations but was still getting his privlages somehow... Well, I prefer the cheap cost as it is lol. But if you need to upgrade then do so. I'll just put that price is "up" there when it comes to "donators" accounts. Just me but eh. And the prices seem like you buy more time you get a cheaper cost which means there is marketing going on around here... Is there a money problems with the servers?
  5. No you don't. Need is a word of well, need. which, you don't need something that is just generated data. They're just pixels. Current winners. -Dashy™ -LVL -Malt Mix -Torky
  6. People, jsut becuase I'm giving you stuff doesn't imply you must adore me for it. Stop it, affection is bad and you should feel bad for giveing/accepting it.

  7. There, another person with more pixels. Off to whatever till next week. (comp is getting crappy, so just let you know everything mught be as slow as it was this time
  8. Alright, no more entries now that I'm home. I'm going to open a note pad and assign numbers ect ect. Brb so I can mutalate myself trying to make another vid.
  9. ...Yeah...moving on... Anyway Gimme a hour or 2 to scoot a bud out and get home and yadda yadda yadda. Entries close in about 2 hours (est time to get homeish)
  10. Lol, I'd join a team... yet, my laptop's a peice of manure. When I aquire a new computer, I'll look back into this. For now, Post Reserved For Furture Use.
  11. This is probably just me being rude but... Seeing how everyone here all wants to do all the mane cast.... I'll pass on any of them and find a background character... They seem to be geeing around a bit too much from what I read and what everyone wants... Only way I'd have any feelings for any pony would be if I was acually on the same speices as them. Otherwise no, I'll stay exactly as I am and just adore them for there adorableness. I would not do any such thing with a differnt being. /my two cents Good day. *coughlunbestponycough*
  12. Oi, least let me get off work damit. Sheesh. Yeah, Another round is ago. I'll start the entries from LOL's post (#48) Pretty much the same rules as last time. End date to enter is tommarrow at noonish~ (12-4) when I get off work (after I post, then no more entries will be tallied into the drawing). (hurr durr how do I make correct sentences?)
  13. Burning. What happened to your pink flip flops? Oo I recolored them white. I prefer my scout as it is now than I did with the full summer set.
  14. No problem. I'll host another drawing next tuesday. Maybe I'll acually able to do it like a half functioning human next time.
  15. There, done. Finally. Also, I made a list in notepad for all the entries because my post and a few others mesed with the number variation of the draw. [media=] Dashy™ Won.
  16. >make video for the validation...never made a end date... damit, brb.. I'll make another one but the due line to enter is now, no more entries please................
  17. I'll draw the number in about 1-2 hours from now.
  18. When ever I get off work and feel like randomly getting on the computer but an est is about 12-6pm CMT(tomarrow, around 4hours~ish prior from now)
  19. Eh, I guess. Brb ... and done.
  20. Ew, random people are adding me now.

    1. nope


      That's a bad thing?

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      That's wutcha geit.

    3. Racquerr


      The horror! xD

  21. Randomly. Brb in a few hours. When I return I'll think of something. Also, Malt Mix and LVL are not eligible. You two already bummed a bud offa me.