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  1. I was actually "Guard" at Vs Equestria, if wanna go unimportant =3=
  2. I think everyone deserves a second chanse^^ I do agree on this one.
  3. I just wanted to post this random post, I haven't entered yet :3
  4. I've been happy since i learned how to rocketjump. And sometimes i'm getting more happy when i'd succesfully revived someone on any VSP server while "Do not steal" is sneaking around. c: And also by making someone else happy.
  5. Glitch alrert. if a person becames boss at any VSP server, theres a glitch not to be the boss when the round starts and be a normal class character instead. if entering spectator at round start then if you wait untill the timer counts down and says "Two". Then enter blue team again and select the character the boss were set on. if the glitch were done the right way, you will, for an example, if you suppose to become Lyra, you will become a medic that have been given your own weapons selecten on your own medic, (if the glitch were done the right way) Kinda overpowered too.
  6. Why isn't this one added? i mean its a kewl idea^^