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  1. So... What happens here anymore?

    1. Xanneo


      Status updates

    2. Skeith
    3. MrKenyon


      We post about how nothing happens here anymore.

  2. Ya'll suck

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    2. Whatever You Want
    3. Screwsies


      Y'all* FTFY

      Filthy chavs can't even spell abbreviations.

    4. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      You gotta remember Grapes, this comes from the same person that says "ello'"

  3. I know i already posted recently, and i also know that no one's probably going to reply because... well, the forums are kinda' dead, buuuut... It has recently dawned on my that i am a very lonely person. I started college not to long ago, and i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make new, great friends. As of yet, i haven't made a single friend. Sure, i have classmates who i occasionally attempt to have conversations with, but i can barely call them friends. Ever since i finished secondary school, i have had next to no human interaction. People who i used to call my best friends have faded out of contact with me, and are now just living their own lives. I've gone back to the same state i was in several years back; where i literally had no friends. Doesn't help that i'm pretty shite in social situations either. Despite the fact that i promised myself i wouldn't, i've been keeping to myself a lot at college. I often just go to the library or some other quiet place and draw in my free time. It goes without saying that this greatly hinders my social reputation. And whenever i do try to talk to people, i often find that we have nothing to talk about, and just awkwardly sit in silence until it's time to depart. Not to mention i seem to scare others off with my 'neurotic' sense of humour. That's another thing; everyone always tells me to just 'be myself' and relax, but when i do 'be myself', no one seems to like me. And if someone does, i'm having a pretty freakin' hard time finding them. The only friends i seem to have anymore are people i know over the internet, and that... just depresses me. The only people i'm capable of having long lasting friendships with are people i never speak to face-to-face. And even then, they don't treat me respect. Even my family seems pretty distant. All they seem to do is argue, cook every once in a while, then just leave me alone to do my own thing. I'm going to be 17 in less than a month, and i don't even know enough people to throw a party, let alone celebrate. What about when i turn 18? I'm i going to be lonely into my adulthood? It's just... i feel so lonely in this world... Excuse me while i hug my childhood stuffed animal and cry myself to sleep
  4. I don't know about you, but i sing this about my country every morning

  5. Every time i see you, i feel like i should be afraid of something
  6. Cos' eh. Also, ignore the photobomber, she just wants the D
  7. Anyone else notice how Breaking Bad is just Death Note with drugs?

    1. Screwsies


      Nobody is addicted to potato chips in breaking bad, so you're wrong there.

    2. Ponargonian
  8. Yo' guys, i started a Tumblr blog!... Again... ... i promise that this one won't die...

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    2. MrKenyon


      That's Graps for you. Just keep at it, you'll hit your stride.

    3. Screwsies


      It's my way of showing that I care, but I do wish the best for you!

    4. Pencil Doodle®

      Pencil Doodle®

      Too late! You've already offended me!

  9. Hello, friends! Tired of living? Those Sunday brunches gotcha down? Well, I can relieve all that ails 'ya with this magic stick thingy! Side effects may include missing limbs, hair loss, and not living anymore!

  10. Is it me, or does Tom Kenny have a pretty high-pitch but bellowing voice?
  11. I get my high school results back tomorrow and enroll in college, so... i am totally not terrified right now!