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  1. -playing tf2 for the first time now- hmm.. I don't know what to think of it.

    1. LOL


      Iz gud, no?

    2. Suitaloo


      you lack the necessary hats to continue this call.

  2. My other cat got her babies today.. There were 4. Now we have 8 cats.

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      Ykes! Eight cats is nearly eight cats too many...

    2. anjirocool



  3. MAGIC.mov is awesome. Love hotdiggitydemon.

    1. nope


      The mov. series frighten me, which I find strange as I laughed myself through Cupcakes

  4. New skype account, add: caroline.neurotoxin

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    2. Kat


      accepted your friendship :D

    3. Xenmas
    4. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      soundwavepony, I already sent you a friend request.

  5. My English teacher today: "Find the ELEMENTS OF THE PLOT!" I lol'd.

    1. nope


      Oh wow, I wish I was there to hear that in person haha

    2. D0C


      Ponies are really getting to our heads, even the dirty thoughts.

    3. Rainbro Dash
  6. happy birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to self, yay :D

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    2. Sterling Fist

      Sterling Fist

      Happy Bday! May the Pinkie Pie party force be with you!

    3. Kat


      î got a cake from a friend... with pinkie pie on it XD

    4. Sound Wave

      Sound Wave

      and we're all jealous!

  8. I also already cosplayed some times. And I'm working on two new cosplays for September rightnow C: 1st: Assassin of the Dark Brotherhood [skyrim] 2nd: Alexstrasza [World of Warcraft] This is gonna be so awesome !
    1. nope


      I already signed that earlier myself, but it was a good idea to share it here during this timeslot where alot of other people are online who can sign it aswell =)

  9. out comes Princess Celestia I put in a dragon
  10. This is the most awesome forum I've ever been to.

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    2. Sterling Fist

      Sterling Fist

      That's because awesome forums contain awesome people

    3. nope


      Good to hear you are having a good time here!

    4. Flare Tumble
  11. Well.. Hello. I'm Nimble Rose aka Mireille.. I don't like to write about myself at all >0< I like.. Ponies? And actually most of Queen Faust's works. The music is like is mostly gothic or metal, but I'm not that bad. I also like singing and drawing when I come to it C: I really don't know what more to say, let your imagination do the rest. And.. Will you accept my friendship?