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  1. Yo Raini, recently I got permbanned from all servers from Simple. Long story said short, RainbowdashanthonyRTI informed me about what Videogames380 did to him, which got our attention. Apparently the videos containing evidence on RTI were taken on his server. The CMC server, Not any of yours. Which was done behind his back. But I digress,  I have already submitted a ban protest explaining that what I had said to Videogames380 was in absolutely no way to cause any personal harm to anybody. That is NEVER the intention of the (U.A.C.A). We enjoy helping other people be given the mutual safety and respect that they deserve when they're on any online server. So yeah the ban ban protest was in fact made with Simple in mind so as he could read it. but seeing as he's too busy at the moment, I was hoping that you could take a look at it when you get the chance. I'm very sorry for bringing you into this Raini. I just want this to be resolved and put behind us. I'm sure you could you agree to that. Again we were only trying to do our jobs, not pick fights and bully innocent people for no reason. We're the good guys, we want to help people, not harm them. 

  2. So did you get to my ban protest yet? I was serious about being sorry you know. Again, we were only trying to do our jobs. not pick with random people for no reason. That completely contradicts the entire purpose of our outreach. We only wish to help other people who have been abused, not be the ones to cause said abuse. Again I am very sorry for threatening Videogames380. If you could take the time out of your busy day to read this. it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. xombiekilla8


      And if in the likely event that my ban protest was ignored and deleted and safe to assume it was at this point, Tell me...what was it that I said in the ban protest that would be classified as scolding, shouting or otherwise threatening other staff in anyway, shape or form? Because as I recall correctly, I have done no such thing. And therefore, fail to see the problem here. Look, I just want this to be resolved for everyone alright simple. 

  3. Yo Simple, I was wondering what the status would be on my ban protest by any chance? I really never meant to cause a scene at all. honest.

  4. Yo simple. I have something I need to discuss with you. Yes it's about why you banned me. Now I however can't fully relinquish the blame from myself. At the time when I confronted Auro, Skylas and Taoru. I firmly believed that they'd finally receive  their comeuppance. But then something completely out of left field happened, Skylas actually wanted to talk to me via steam personal message. At first I wondered what could they want from me. but then he just wanted to talk this over. and all of us to settle a compromise and get along. How could I not want that right?  I suppose somebody from there decided to contact you when I thought everything was alright and everyone was cool. I mean you were only doing your job, so I can't fault you for that. Although I have'ta say, I don't rightly appreciate getting backstabbed when I thought everything was cool. So my question now would be who told you this and why? Could you help me with this? I would very much appreciate it bro. I'm not mad, just confused.