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  1. Here's cat: PS you likely never played this ancient game - so the tune won't ring a bell, but the instrument (hmm...whateveritscalled) is crazy!
  2. I hafta apologize to my dear ladies. Say, have a couple of shadow-pencil images! (Last one is my favorite <3 There's more, I took it from here - http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/11/vincent-bal-shadow-doodles/)
  3. Excusez-moi for 100% off-topic, but dat sig!
  4. We do, and here's a little friendly advice to help you with downloads!
  5. Don't you dare doing anything you would do if that's something I wouldn't do as you do or don't or...whatever! PS while I'm here...amagad M-M-M-MOUSE!
  6. Hey admin, sup?
  7. From the beginning, the tension slowly rises, and then...but no, I'm not gonna spoil it for you!
  8. Hey Cha!
  9. I had a couple friends Coca-Col-addicts, they were drinking it 24/7, inhaling it, showering with it and then they'd go to sleep with a jar of Coca-Cola intravenously attached
  10. I also don't like tea. Sometimes I drink what my friends drink, sometimes what I like, sometimes what is healthy and relaxes me (that would be tea). I'm really all over the place with drinks
  11. I noticed that these life-things look slightly better after a cup of green tea
  12. Remember, it's all about the way you see it! If you like art, there's more stuff here - https://www.pinterest.com/Jamesgoblin/inspiration/
  13. Yay, newz poniez! @Pinkamena1 lol anypony =)
  14. Hey Ice_Shard! You know, life happens...