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  1. This threads been quiet for over a week. Any further news regarding this? I am going to assume its still a work in progress which is totally understandable. It is nice that your going out of your way to bring us more content though Surprise. That is well and truly appreciated by me and im sure others too! Its quite hard to hold back from the hype of it because that reformed model is seriously amazing and a new boss is always a nice addition plus Thorax I grew to like in the series quite fast. :-P
  2. That is true. But im sure if people continue to pay their way for the server it will remain up. However if that suddenly comes to a halt (which it could if nothing gets fixed in due time) then perhaps not. Time will only tell.
  3. Would like to think not. People are still donating here to help ensure its survival and that its helped being payed for. Im one of them and currently a consecutive 3 time redonater which I dont intend to be my last. I also saw an announcement of a new boss from a boss developer as a possibility which I hope comes out as it will be cool. Though I will have to say there is quite a number of bugs on the server right now which hopefully get fixed at some point.
  4. The reformed Thorax model looks amazing! Nice job on that. As for the damage I would say about 160 ish so he can deal with non overhealed medics, snipers, engineers, scouts and spies (dead ringer exception) but cant kill pyros, demomen, soldiers and heavies in one. As for the rage damage increase there is nothing wrong with this at all so long as the explosion is not too powerful. It is a rage after all! I look forward to seeing Thorax in action! We can only really assess how strong/weak he turns out then.