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  1. I hate to say it, but you may very well be the odd one out. I am a brony, and proud of it.
  2. Do you guys think that Overwatch can overtake TF2? Because I don't really think so.

  3. Name: Bass Buster Backstory: I am a good friend of Vinyl and Octavia and one day I learned that I was destined to wield the Bass Cannon. So, along with the Mane 6, I am a protector of Equestria and I can transfer all of my power to the Bass Cannon to transform it into the Mega Bass Cannon.
  4. Luna: "The fun has been doubled!" Pinkie Pie: "No, I'm not! I'm a chicken!"
  5. You get an invitation to Vinyl's birthday party. I put in 2 bits.
  6. Ok everypony, if you want to play TF2 with me just leave your Steam address here so I can friend you!

  7. But what if they have to go do something, thus they have to suicide?
  8. I would like to suggest that DJ Pon-3 has the Bass Cannon as her ability, similar to Princess Twilight's R ability.
  9. Yes ThunderRunner but it sometimes happens on the US server too.
  10. When I play as DJ Pon-3 on some maps, her R rage will not do the usual animation.
  11. Guys, I've just beaten Wave 666 on Mann VS. Machine!


    1. Black Monster

      Black Monster

      Now try beat the Broken Parts...yeah.

    2. Mother&Daughter(AgentDerpy


      Black Monster If I find it then i will try it. How many people would you recommend for taking it on?


    3. Black Monster

      Black Monster

      6 is the Normal(Unless modded,up to 10) but keep in mind Broken Parts(Big Rock Advance1) is WAY much harder than 666. The wave that you'll going to have trouble is 1,2&6 .

      Wave 1 is basically have a sudden Difficult spike by a Crit Soldier at the beginning(Spam 2 CritRocket/sec, Expert skill).

      Wave 2 throw in A tank(40,000HP),3 Super Scouts,A pair of Deflector Heavy and UberAble Giant Quick-Fix Med(pocket Deflector with heal rate of 4800HP/sec,Kill the Medic First).

      And the Infamous Wave 6 which pretty much Wave 2 Times 10 because of OP Crit bot, 8 Super Scouts,3 pairs of Deflector Heavy and UberAble Giant Quick-Fix oh dont forget that there's also a Tank(35,000HP) arrive with First Pair of Super Scout and another Tank(Still 35,000HP) and the last Tank(60,000HP, Highest of all) With 10 Giant Rapid Fire Soldier. If you manage to beat Wave 6 then the Last wave shouldn't be a big trouble against Sergeant Crits.

      Here the wave summary by official wiki.

      I recommended to have a decent Sniper(Don't apply 2City Meta here) that can headshot with a rifle(Even better with Heatmaker), Don't use Huntsman, an anti-tank class(Phlog Pyro,Beggar Soldier), an Engineer, Money collector(recommended Spy because of his Giant Killer,Not drawing attention when disguised),anti-medic(Demo,Sniper and Spy) and the rest of the team.

      Basically Broken Parts test you and your team to divide their roles(Hench Tank Killer, Anti- Medic, Collect Money, and Giant Killer) for each class.

      Good luck then...