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  1. Mix here, In my personal opinion, the biggest problem is that the current (and previous) owners lost a lot of passion (or were simply unable to work on the server due to complications or event in their lives) to really continue working and improving on the servers. Without a dedicated team, this task will simply fall flat again and again. I for one have always enjoyed moderating servers and building up communities, and I'm sure many of you have that same feeling for this old, but nostalgic servers. These lists are great and I do encourage everyone to not give up hope quite yet, with enough support and dedication these servers can be revived back to their glory days. I have had plenty of rebalance lists, ideas and whatnot for not only improving the current system of weapons, bosses, maps and mechanics but also donation system, music, and interface the servers have. In the end of the day, this all comes down to if A.) Video is willing to gather up a team to help rebuild the server or B.) ownership is transferred over to someone that has the time to.