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  1. Hey, Im a musician and pretty big pony fan and frequent the ponyville TF2 servers. I have a song that I contributed to the fandom/community that is currently playing on ponyville live stations. (youtube audiowave dasher fly into the night for my channel) and I could potentially donate it to the server. Good feedback is always appreciated for musicians, especially since this is an all original song. Also as a musician I find new music intriguing, and this pony server was a great attribute for those that appreciate music in its purest form. Great song selection for the bosses admins. I just wish there was a way to identify the mix or suggest new songs, as many are obscure. Heres a link to the song
  2. Hey Im kind of new to TF2 mods, looking for help on the ponyville servers, how to defeat bosses, rocketjump, bind keys, superjump as boss, special powers, stuff to get better so I dont die so early on in arena. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks