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  1. If nothing else, its worth reading it for that one guy in the comments that takes it seriously.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtJntYxHGKE&feature=youtu.be Newbship over?
  3. Niiiice! This is probably one of my most favorite unofficial maps that isn´t a payload-map. Wat Edit: okay so they are made by the same guy so I can definately see why they are both included at the same time, but I just have never ever enjoyed Cp-standin.
  4. It´s the valve/adult swim co-operation all over again! I, for one, is looking forward to my new vortigaunt hat.
  5. I´m divided over this. It feels so bad losing because people Think Three enginners is a good idea, but it also sucks not being able to try out new things/team compositions.
  6. Pretty much my reaction to this update.
  7. Just got all the Pyro achievements (the last one being the one for dealing 1000000 fire damage).
  8. I like Hydro, but I am okay with removing it. It is not like anybody plays it seriously. Thundermountain and Upwards would be awesome to get back! Edit: Definately okay with removing Hightower, but I know it is very popular.
  9. Really nice! The crew on Dallas is awesome but the maps have gotten kind of samey lately. Thank you!
  10. Space Harrier?
  11. I´m naming my strange loch-and-load "Mr taunt-worthy". Because I am tryhard Demoman.
  12. I reread the comic that came with the update and wow is Soldier turning into a friggin Gary Stu which the entire world seems to revolve around. If meet the Spy was made today he would have killed the spy (I HAVE BEEN SHOWN WHO IS THE BOSS) while being congratulated by both the scout and Heavy. Yeah it's just a comic but I find it really annoys me, for some reason.
  13. Legolas surfed on his shield in LOTR. As long as The Hobbit doesn´t break that in the stupidity-stakes, I'm fine with it.
  14. I don´t care that much since the only one of these hats I really care for (Demoman's fro) I already have. That said, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for Valve to do this.
  15. Anybody noticed the fact that all the new weapons are more suited to MVM than regular play?