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  1. Thank you for the names so far. I forgot to mention some details Themes do not matter too much; it can be pony themed or anything else (Fallout/ Current themes are prefereble). I also like description suggestions as well, since I can't think of anything witty today.
  2. (It is ironic that this repeats my first post on this site.) Anyway, I still have the name and description tags along with writer's block from the christmas event and I can not think of any names. I politely ask the memebers of this community to give their name ideas for my unamed weapons: Strange Carbondo Rocket LauncherVintage SanvichVintage wranglerI thank you for your time in looking in this thread.
  3. Rugrats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, PPG, Samurai Jack, and Looney Tunes. It's odd no one mentioned Samurai Jack yet. That show blew me away with the action and animation style. Agreed. That was one of my favorite cartoons because of it being so twisted. @ Cinnamon: I do remember it being the only Disney show I would actually watch.
  4. I have to agree with all the cartoons posted so far. My pick would be the Batman Animated series from the early 90's. It great voice acting that was used in the Arkam games and it introduced me to the Batman Universe.
  5. Scout - Run, shoot, then die. Soldier - Shove rockets down anyone's throat. Pryo - I don't bother playing him/her anymore. Demo - LEROY JENKINS! (charges at enemy). Heavy - Used to be a ninja, but now a moving turret. Engineer - Build level 3 teleporters, become MVP. Medic - Heal and pocket. Blutsauger to kill W + M1 pyros. Kill spys that don't know how to disguise properly. (I have seen my name on pyros when I am a medic or engi.) Sniper - Hope for hits, pray for headshots (both regular and huntsman). Spy - Don't play him anymore. I generally like getting points without killing people, but I am a good battle medic and decent battle engi.
  6. S.Degreaser - Iron Will's Training S.Backburner - Coward's Comeback S.Flare Gun - Yay! S.Axetinguisher - Euthanasia (She doesn't like things to suffer) S.Back Scratcher - Chicken Coop Cleaner V.Homewrecker - A helping hand
  7. I used to drink milk, then I got acne from it.
  8. @ Ponargonian Alright, I understand the logic of this thread now. Luna would be one of the most attractive ponies along with the others in this thread.
  9. *Most Attractive Pony*
  10. Grab some Victorian wear and wear it. It is useless for protection. Wat do?
  11. Becomes a horrible gardener (I don't know who he/she is). Scootaloo.
  12. I'm with you on that Zelc. Ironically, I use the blustagger a lot in tf2.
  13. We're forgetting someone else. Some things get better with age; wisdom, talent, and beauty especially.
  14. I have a small collection of plushies from my childhood. I would want both a Lugia and Zeccora plushie. They actually exist as movie merchandise, but I don't know where you could get one.
  15. Before the disappearance of Wilderness, before the Grand Exchange. I remember the days when General Stores were useful and Banks had so much text spam everywhere... I remember those times. After the changes happened, there was no reason for me to stay.