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  1. The risk is the deploy time and recharge, The Flare Gun is already better than it why nerf the Thruster. Auro's post about how they are show that they're fine as they are currently
  2. 13. Hale Range
  3. Banned Above User Reason: Banning, Declaring AJ as best Pony.
  4. How bout nooooo.
  5. I believe the page dosnt exist anymore, and even then I believe its outdated with some weapons being changed in the past.
  6. Woody...... Woody everywhere......

  7. If you actually read it then you would have read this. " Ban, Mute, and Gag ProtestsIf you are going to protest your Ban, Mute, or Gag, then please do so by making a new thread with the title of your name followed by what you are appealing (EXAMPLE: "Joey's Ban Appeal"). Make sure that you also include the following information in your post: "
  8. VSP Fixed? HAH
  9. This is a fair and balanced status update.

  10. Basically the biggest Soldier Handicap on VSP.
  11. Somedays you just gotta wonder... Why do Crates hate me.

  12. So your basically suggesting a One Rage Mechanic when most of everyone complain about One Rages.
  13. Anything that has a Damage Bonus with a Bleed Effect is literal Hell.