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  1. Banned Above User Reason: Banning, Declaring AJ as best Pony.
  2. 135
  3. How bout nooooo.
  4. I believe the page dosnt exist anymore, and even then I believe its outdated with some weapons being changed in the past.
  5. Woody...... Woody everywhere......

  6. If you actually read it then you would have read this. " Ban, Mute, and Gag ProtestsIf you are going to protest your Ban, Mute, or Gag, then please do so by making a new thread with the title of your name followed by what you are appealing (EXAMPLE: "Joey's Ban Appeal"). Make sure that you also include the following information in your post: " http://forum.ponyville.net/forum/44-ban-submissionsprotests/
  7. VSP Fixed? HAH
  8. This is a fair and balanced status update.

  9. Basically the biggest Soldier Handicap on VSP.
  10. Somedays you just gotta wonder... Why do Crates hate me.

  11. So your basically suggesting a One Rage Mechanic when most of everyone complain about One Rages.
  12. Anything that has a Damage Bonus with a Bleed Effect is literal Hell.
  13. Whats a Forum? -_(.3.)_-
  14. oh