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  1. Whine Whine Whine Wine. You are all whining about spells not needing nerfing when you are blind to see they are. You are using spells, you are holding down 1 key just to save your arse which leads the hale to target you or one rage you. It's ok to use them in MODERATION! If you do not know what that means it means "the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one's behaviour or political opinions". It's ok to throw a quick uber spell in a group of people then run but if you spam uber, invis, fire, lightning one after another it clearly shows how dependent on spells you are
  2. HHH demo "get 10 heads become hhh with 1200hp almost unkillable", Fan scout "knockback", KGB "with dalokosbar and medic over 500hp. I bet people are gonna whine at this as well. I'm not saying GET RID OF SPELLS but instead introduce a hale that punishes players using them by bleeding, drowining, set on fire, less ammo, less hp because how would you like it if there is 20 people (e.g. 5 demos (4hhh demos), 5 kgbs, 5 kritz medics and 5 fan scouts) all holding down left shift or whatever key they have it set and you cant do anything to stop it. (Ik that some hales disable spells but still). Sometimes i feel like people are doing it on purpose (cuz they are going ape shit scared that they are gonna die), (just bad) or rely on them so much they dont know how to play the game without them. Before YOU ALL WHINE think of the times when you almost kill a guy and them instantly everyone on the server spams fireballs, monoculus, uber and that electric one and you get trapped what do you feel? Rage and frustration? I do and im not using this as a motive but i get pissed of easily because of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. If you dont know what either are then GOOGLE IT (or whatever search engine you use). put it simple 20 people playing hale 1 rages a guy who isnt scout every spell user goes ape shit and calls "NOOB" well how come its not ok to 1 rage but spell spam?
  3. i can't use spells because during halloween 2015 i was still f2p and i didn't have enough space in my backpack so i only managed 2 get 2 pages
  4. you are the 1st person on the website 2 agree with me (thank god some people do) kinda
  5. I'm not saying they should be gotten rid of because it makes this server more unique but when you are playing with 20 other people and most are snipers, kgbs, hhh, fan scouts (or scunts) then its one sided when the hale has to rely on one raging just to get spell jumped, ubered or the one that traps the hale in red lightning things. All I want pretty much is the spells to have a requirement e.g. -10hp on wearer or -5% movement speed or something just to make people not rely on them
  6. I think that the spells on the server are used too much because every time you are on with 20 or more (or less) the majority of them will spell spam either when they know the hales gonna kill them, across map or when there is more than 5 people alive and the hale can be 1 hit killed by a melee hit. If i was to suggest a hale that punishes spells (if you use a spell -50hp) or one that disables them for the entire round. This would allow people to learn how to play and get good without having to rely on uber spells, pumpkin bombs and monoculoses (especially the red lightning one which entangles you and even if u superjump/teleport or neigh down (if it ever decides to work), you are dead.