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  1. I was recently perma-gagged while playing on a VS Ponyville server, which I will admit was because of over usage of this: " (∩Ò益Ó)⊃━☆゚.* AVADA KEDAVRA" , and I will also admit that I left and quickly rejoined under a different Steam name (me trying to be sneaky about it, but not so I could continue that ^ nonsence, It was so I could engage in a regular conversation,) but I was immediately gagged once I joined though, which lead my to believe that I was perma-gagged, so I came here to see if there was a way that I could see who was gagged, but only found the banned list. So yeah, this is an apology. Do I expect to be un-gagged, no, do I want to be un-gagged, yes, death can be quite boring when you can't communicate, but I do, above all, want to apologize for my misbehavior. (Not to sound cocky, but) At least I'm not banned, your servers are heck-a-fun to play on :) *This is also my first post on these forums, soooo yeah... Amazing way to introduce myself XD*