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  1. Username: IdioticSea09 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92279623 Steam Profile: Pony Server: (US) Versus Ponyville transgression: Mic Spamming, and rage talking Why I should be Unmuted/Ungagged: I was muted/gagged 2 years ago for both of the VSP servers because of mic spam and rage talking for getting killed by one rages and ridiculous deaths, a year later I was given a second chance by a former admin by the name of “Holy Bird Pope”, he lifted my mute/gag from the Funbox server in favor of seeing if my voice/chat would be monitored well enough and it proved pretty well, my mic spam and rage talking on the Funbox server was severely diminished to being almost no problem at all, and well I was hoping if I could get unmuted/ungagged for the Versus Ponyville server considering my mute/gag on the Funbox server was diminished and is at good standing. If I do get unmuted/ungagged, I will keep to my minor mic usage to a minimum, and rage talk to myself and not ingame and I will act accordingly the same as I do in Funbox.