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  1. i heard only funbox is closing but i heard it on the servers so i wouldn't put much into it.
  2. my donor ended early i should still have 2 months left they need to fix the server or close it.

    1. Rainy


      Hi Xanthe. Would you please send me a PM with your SteamID number and/or the amount of time you donated for? We have been having issues with this system for awhile and I'd like to fix this problem for you.

    2. Xanthe


      it fixed itself its just the servers breaking
       it also happened to everyone else.

  3. i got gagged while i was ofline and now i cant call medic or anything someone needs to loose admin abilities!

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Uh not sure about this could you clarify this, also the "call medic" is a tf2 voice command not a player command so you should still be able to use it even if you're gagged unless otherwise hmm.

    2. Aurotzel


      I don't even think its possible to gag someone while they're off the server. It's a glitch that breaks voice commands, just keep trying till it works.