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  1. I finally got filly status and it’s dead now like rip 😂

  2. y’all need to talk on here more
  3. Miss and love yall

    1. JamesGoblin


      Hey, someone liked your update!

  4. This died time to revive
  5. Who knows what will happen here in a few years?

    1. Pinkamena1


      There will be tumble weeds in your place

  6. am i the only pegasister or? *wonders in a daze* 

  7. I miss the gamemode

    1. Pinkamena1


      lol we all do but what can we do now? TT

    2. kimos


      Trying to make something ourselves

    3. kimos


      It's not hard to make a FF2 server and add some custom Bosses Hope rainy will come Back

  8. Ayeeeee this ain’t dead like I thought wohooo no experation date 

    1. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      Signed for one year more :pixel-pinkie: Hope the owner promote it to live up again

    2. Pinkamena1


      oof i hope she does but i doubt it

  9. where are u arent u managing this?

    1. Sombras Empire

      Sombras Empire

      .... Same question

  10. some kpop actually
  11. i miss yall like fuck man ahhhh yall dead :forever:

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    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena
    3. Sombras Empire
    4. Pinkamena1


      Yes you too and hmmm dead inside or in here? Lol :twitch:

  12. Hmmm see you on my profile... hello there! Hru ?

  13. Oml the admin! Um hi!