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  1. Ello my goblin friend, be nice and don't do anything I would do ! Kiss and love ❤️
  2. Hope this thread is doing awesome 👏🏾, work hard and love every pony, chat like no tomorrow and never let this thread die or I will .. love ya all and have an amazing night/day for meh your admin and friend for this thread fucken melody
  3. miss ya all, have a great day and give someone a hug or the middle finger for me thanks 🙏🏽 

  4. What are ya guys doing for Valentine's Day? All I'm doing is scrolling down Facebook posts of people bragging about their perfect boyfriends/girlfriends and their perfect dates/gifts or playing PlayStation online and hearing people complaining about their love lives and if ur lucky, you get a story , god im sad, happy Valentine's Day everyone, don't do what I'm doing lol :clownwilleatme:

    1. JamesGoblin


      No need to make a big deal out Valentines, and I do the same with New Year and other silly, silly, silly dates :scrunchy:

    2. xombiekilla8
  5. Happy early/or now Valentine's Day , kiss or hug someone for meh yall 😍 Have fun

    1. JamesGoblin


      I'm about to hug my pillow, I hope it counts :HappyPinkie:

    2. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro




  6. I miss you all so much 😞 Hope you enjoy ur life and happy early/or now Valentine's Day, give someone a kiss for meh
  7. The game where you post the most randomest memes and try to make the person above or below you really laugh, rules are tho, no same memes (It could be anything, no one judges here) , i´ll go first, hope you laugh user below me
  8. hey yah - Got7 Why am i always depressed ?
  9. What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a constant reminder that we're all only one bugbear attack away from oblivion? :brushybrushy:

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    2. JamesGoblin


      it's good for "killing" all that sugar and fat I'm eating every day. and it's tea. and it's green <3

    3. Pinkamena1


      thats how i feel about coca cola, except its not killing anything, in fact its making me fatter lol 

    4. JamesGoblin


      well, if you wanna be chubby, coca cola is the way to go... :crazytown:

  10. Literally, my best friend is now a rock, I have hit ... rock bottom (see what I did there :smugtrixie:) anyway who wants to be my new best friend? kinda feeling like maud right now :snails-shout:

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    2. Ice_Shard
    3. Pinkamena1


      god speed brother :ooo:

    4. Ice_Shard


      I just checked the website at the right time 😋

  11. we wonder about galaxies and supernovas, and things past our knowledge... what if... we all make up a particle... in someone else´s ... sandwich ? 

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    2. Ice_Shard


      Basically, Horton hears a who

    3. Ice_Shard


      Don't ask how I know that 😩

    4. Pinkamena1


      Yes exactly that lol

  12. thats my jam, i love that all day, seriously for my birthday, i got some cases from friends
  13. exrdctfvygbuhnijmkounyhgtfrdeswas4edcrvytbuynumiju9h786g5fd45swwzsxdrctfvygbuhnjmuyhgtfrdeswqazsxrdctfvgbhnjmk,kijuhygtfrdeswrdctfvygbuhnijmok,plokijuhygtfredwsedcfvgbh!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats exactly how i feel :snails-shout:

    1. Emerald Streak

      Emerald Streak

      Sounds like fun, maybe you should try to teach others your way of life :3

    2. JamesGoblin


      Yeah, I can relate. I felt the same yesterday, but today I'm more like Kg!b&*T78iuot(t78y(*)76g08y)(&0(7g9uy79y9h&(*hhIYgIJbUJHgHGlyhbHg376oo1GHt

    3. Pinkamena1


      i will glad teach anyone who is willing to learn: repeat after me : rc6vtbyniubyvtc6rx5e5excryvtubyinubyuvtcrxetcryvtubyiubyuvtycrtxerectrfvybuyinuibyvtcrcrvbuyvtcrxefgbiuhyg6f56d4sexcfvgubhiygfdrexcfgvbhinuj9h78g67f56drcyvgbhinuhgftvygbhihygftrcyvgubygftrcyvgbhuiygtfrcfvgbhinhygtfrcfghui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. but i also been loving mashups with my fav kpop groups