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  1. Teamspeak is as easy as Ventrilo, Mumble does certainly need a tutorial on how to configure you're mic. If I'm free (no homework or studying) I might make a tutorial on how to config Mumble, I'm gonna try to explain it as much detail as possible. If I may not maybe Raini could help making that tutorial (hope she will xD).
  2. I would gladly help on the Vent/ Mumble chat. As long they follow the rules, there won't any problem, but I think the vent should be public and the Mumble private. ( For certain occasions). Passwords should be easy to learn, pony related and a little short (ex. cupcakes, Canterlot, etc.) The time I can be on is around late nights and from morning to afternoons (Cali time). My timezone differs. Hope I'd get a chance to be a mod/admin on these servers.
  3. I loved playing Borderlands! It was so fun! I played as Mordecai first then played with Roland. I specially love using snipers, and revolvers. Machine guns are ok, but I hate shotguns in this game. In the whole game I had only 1 Pearlescent gun. It was a Beauty Bessie. Awesome sniper with high ass damage (1907). Fire rate I think was 1.4. Had like 3 ammo only in 1 magazine.. Anyways just hoping for the new Borderlands 2, with their Dual-wield function of the new Survivor/Hero.
  4. Spots
  5. Tomorrow everybody at the chat alright guys? We gonna countdown!

  6. Zebra
  7. XD Don't worry Rainbro, it's basically like 1 more day and 15 hours so..
  8. (I was looking the wrong page xD, but w/e) Warlock
  9. Mismagius (it's a pokemon for people who don't know)
  10. Okay, tomorrow is the big day guys! Put the link as fast as possible, but I think torrenting episodes is kinda forbidden.. But I don't know if they let us to put links this one time, just for the episodes. I hope Raini and the gang would understand (I guess..).
  11. We should post links of episodes, I'm gonna try to post them as fast as possible, but feel free to post them if I haven't or forgot to post them. It should very helpful to other MLP fans/viewers. When posting the link, on the link's top type in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 Episode #". Hope you guys will help and always have fun!
  12. I don't own guns, but I would love to have one of those in emergencies.
  13. Clothes
  14. Grim Reaper (I know it's 2 words but I want it to look good :D)
  15. Gentlecolts!