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  1. All of my feels. . .
  2. So I posted my IGN and pony class in the builders application thread, I was just wondering when will I be able to build and shtuff in the survival server?
  3. Thanks Rac, I'll try to keep them flyboys in line. Absolutely Pan! Oofuckinrah! Motivation! Calzone, mad respect on your woodworking skills, I've seen that bed you made, outstanding! Thats what I'm talking about Chromo, if I can get Dash on over watch it'll be my lucky day. Me too Katana, I was a little proud when I heard how many bronies are in the military, it really shows the rest of the world we're no sissies. Thanks everypony for the good luck wishes, my goal is to make you all proud!
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: kid_lecrae Pony-Class: Unicorn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just a little explanation here, I'm using my friends account, he never plays on it so he just gave me all the account info. I didn't pick the stupid name but I'm stuck with it.
  5. Well Mares and Gentlecolts I have some big news. I am officially in the United States Marine Corp! I will be a Helicopter Crew Chief (Chief mechanic and gunner for a UH-1 Venom) As I stated before, the safety of the chopper will be my full responsibility. It may be the pilots when shes in the air, but when shes on the ground her ass is mine. I will fly every mission she goes on and will man a GAU-21 50. Cal machine gun *drools* (basically, the aviation version of what the grunts use). Here's a video of what my job will consist of while in flight I leave July 22nd 2013, being a Marine means everything to me. It's what I've wanted to be since I was 7. And now the time has finally come. You bet your life I'm excited!
  6. Well guys!Like I said, I'm back for good now. I've been gone long enough!
  7. Hey everypony, I've been pretty inactive on the forums and I just wanted to re-establish myself back in. Schools been a complete bitch to me and I'm swamped with papers and shit I have to do. I'm currently back home in Port Orchard Washington on vacation from New Orleans, LA. I've been waiting for this trip for an entire year. And just yesterday I got sick. What the hell. Is this some kind of cruel joke? My throat hurts, I feel achy and my heads killing me. I don't even. . . Also, Washington weather is completely different from New Orleans weather and I feel like a popsicle. I'm sad to say this but I want to go back to the heat. Tomorrow (Saturday) my brother is going to take me into Seattle and we are going to play rpg's for free rpg day. If I'm not feeling better I fear I won't be up to going. Anywho, that's the end of my rant/confession. I'll see you all on the servers. <---- best poni.
  8. Pretty good from where I'm at. I'm not sure about Owonyc. What about you Kuni?
  9. Goodluck to you Pix! Moving can be real tough! (I should know, I've done it six times) You moved to Seattle right? What part of it?
  10. Actually nevermind. Go ahead and trash this thread! Thanks for all of your help!
  11. Not yet Rainbro, can you leave this thread open a few more days?
  12. Thats the thing! Lol. They didn't buy it as a gift!
  13. Okay! So my 18th birthday is this friday and my grandparents got me minecraft (yay!) the only problem is they live back home in Washington state. So I gave them my account info (my username and password) and they got it for me. They told me the account code id thing but now when I log into my account I don`t know where to put it in. Any ideas guys? I'm itching to play mc with you,
  14. Welcome Kevin, Benirker and to you Coffey! Even though you're not THAT new