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  1. I know that I'm already 3,5 years late, and nobody probably will ever go back here and read this, but still, if I can help, I will try. You can play on Helltower map (plr_hightower_event). If there is not less than 10 players on the server, Haunted Gifts will periodically spawn around the map specially for you (not more often than once per 3 hours). Simply collect these gifts, and if you are lucky enough, you will receive a spellbook page from this gift, or even 2 pages.
  2. Edit: One more suggested musical theme: youtube. com/watch?v=mso5c5jL7ZI Worms Open Warfare OST – Hell [Same as before, all credits go to their original owners; I do NOT own anything]
  3. Midnight Sparkle Weapons: Class: Spy • Sharpened Volcano Fragment Level 101 RIFT Fire Axe +200% damage bonus +250% damage bonus against buildings Guaranteed critical hits against ignited players {244 damage points} –30% knockback induced from incoming damage +3 capture point rate on wearer No random critical hits Wearer cannot cloak Cosmetic on-kill effect: killed player's bodies are both tortured and ignited Abilities: • Health: standard formula from all other SH Bosses. [(760.8 + n) × (n – 1)]1.0341 + 2046, where n is a number of players on the server. 2 players add 478 health points before the main formula is activated, 3 players add 654 health points, 10 – 938, 17 – 1010, 23 – 1046, 30 – 1077, and lastly, 31 – 1080. • Rage: Midnight Sparkle acquires Dead Ringer, that is, in fact, does nothing, due to inability to cloak. In 2 seconds’ time after the acquiring, she generates a ring of magical fire that deals 10 damage points per second and ignites players (afterburn damage is standard, 4 per 0,5 seconds, which is 8 per second. Afterburn duration is 7 seconds). Ring exists for 10 seconds. Once the rage is finished, Dead Ringer will be removed automatically. Ring's texture is similar to something middle between Rainblower's taunt and Pyrovision's afterburn's fire textures. Or it can be just normal fire, if you want. Ring’s radius: 13 meters 2200 damage to active Midnight Sparkle herself cannot attack with melee weapon during the rage • Teleportation: everything is standard. • Weighdown: everything is standard. • Anchor: crouching while standing on the ground provides 100% resistance to any type of knockback (all Bosses own this ability) [in case if you haven’t known about it]. • Movement speed: Midnight Sparkle starts the round with Medic’s movement speed (107%), which is slowly increased to Scout’s movement speed (133%) when severely injured. • Capture point rate is increased to 4 by the melee weapon. 4 is the maximum capture point rate in both CP and Arena gamemodes; after 4 people, capture speed is not increased anymore. Suggested musical themes: • youtube. com/watch?v=mqp7xocwzlg My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 3 – Friendship Games OST –– Unleash the Magic • youtube .com/watch?v=HPPJe0NLvyA Worms Armageddon OST – Hell (Bjørn Lynne) • youtube. com/watch?v=WFqC__m8LKo Worms 3D OST – Gothic/Horror №2 [In all 3 links, remove dot before «com» in order to access them] [All credits go to their original owners; I do NOT own any music of mentioned above] [I'm very sorry if last 2 themes are, or will be considered as «offtop». Simply, personally I suppose that they fit Midnight Sparkle's personality just perfectly] Model (where to take from), created by Sindroom: sindroom.deviantart. com/art/DL-SFM-Gmod-Midnight-Sparkle-Update-572768180 Please don’t blame me if exactly this or something like this already exists or existed before somewhere else. I have never played VS Ponyville on any other servers, and I can’t justify clearly. And feel free to contact me if you have any additional suggestions, as well.