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  1. ive got a perma mute appeal up if u guys think u can help me get unmuted on funbox server that would be nice.
  2. Username: ☭ Soviet Union ☭ [Trading]SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96356779Ponyville Server: Ponyville.net (US) VSP FunboxTransgression: I am sorry for what I have don't to cause me to be muted. I did not know that speaking another language was considered a mutable rule. After time of reading the rules over I have fully understood what I did wrong and I will only use the language of English only for now on. I am very sorry that I have done this and I would really like to get back to talking to people back on the server for TF2. As well if you need the person who actually muted me it was a staff by the name of Lockheart. Thanks staff!
  3. ok thanks will do ;)
  4. Hello I made this post wondering why I was muted on the TF2 server. I am very confused why and I'd like to be unmuted. A admin told me the person who muted me goes by the name of lockheart and I don't know why. I barely even talked to I wouldn't know why I deserved this punishment not to have the privilege to talk. If you wouldn't mind telling me what I did wrong I would really appreciate it. And even if I was wrong for something I would still like to be unmuted. As well as I was trying to type to Lockheart and he refused to talk and didnt even respond back to me ignoring me. So I dont know if that is something that should be issued with? Thanks!