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  1. So dead.... for Celestia's sake, we need to revive this site

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BlueBook


      true. I've been trying to get people on, but nobody wants to join a dead site

    3. Legendary Spyro

      Legendary Spyro

      You want to try to recreate VSP go right ahead.

    4. staryoshi06


      It's been sorta done already actually.

  2. Why is this site so dead?....

    1. HarveyTJ03


      Once was a Thriving Community. But after many TF2 updates and the lack of new Ponyville Updates, It died. Many Admins that coded left to never comeback. The Owner Left in her place to sit and do other things to abandon this community that she once loved but now ignores and never mentions. We all want this to come back. But will it.

  3. I'm opening up commissions for simple MLP ref sheets. $5 usd for one character. Please, help me out guys. I really need the money. Examples attached.
  4. Wow, finally logged back in... It's been forever

  5. ponies...ponies everywhere! This site is so AWESOME!!!

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    2. Pinkamena1


      hello *waves* welcome 

    3. BlueBook


      thank you all so much! I feel very welcomed :)

    4. Pinkamena1


      You should be, nice to have u !

  6. I cant figure out how to download it from DA. it just takes me to a new page. Help!