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  1. Lyrics for Autumn by The Living Tombstone

    I know a mare, she knows me too The stunning Derpy Hooves, or Ditzy Doo If you've got a note she'll send it

    But don't you be mad when it's late by a couple minutes Nopony's perfect! Trot with me through the autumn leaves And keep close to stay warm Soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before The leaves grow bright and yellow Like her hair and eyes stay mellow There's something special 'bout that mare. I'd be a happy fellow If I could just say hello Have to be brave just don't be scared So trot with me through the autumn leaves And keep close to stay warm Soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before When I see her with her filly I know that I'll look silly I can't stop grinning ear to ear But when the air gets chilly the cuteness nearly kills me That mare deserves mother of the year!

    Feelings I've never felt before— The Living Tombstone

    So trot with me through the autumn leaves and keep close to stay warm soon you'll see how much you mean to me Feelings I've never felt before Feelings that I've never felt before! I know a mare Whose mind is free You know you're special at least to me They will say what they want and still be mean What's next for you? That's to be seen


  2. I am officially stupid. Got our grade cards today and wanna know what my GPA is, are you sure, ok, it was 0.925. Yeah 5 F's. I can kiss my life good bye. Too bad I did that a while back😭

    1. Ice_Shard


      Got 3 A's and a C though 😫

    2. Pinkamena1


      Oh wells that's good , not all F's

    3. Ice_Shard


      Yeah atleast but they were just "easy" classes

  3. Did every one have a good Christmas and a happy new year 😋! Reply your best times this year and what you got for Christmas (or what you celebrate 😊)

    1. Pinkamena1


      my best time was when I made the perfect sandwich, that was.... just the best time I had literally this year

    2. Ice_Shard


      😭 that's halarious but I feel bad for you at the same time

    3. Pinkamena1


      eh *shrugs* thats ok, i always have 2017... yay.....

  4. I've never had green tea though I never really liked tea at all 😂
  5. So true, if only I viewed it in a good way
  6. Sup appleachia
  7. School sucks, my life sucks, everything sucks. The only part of this life that is keeping me here is, my friends, the nice people in the world that are willing to just sit down and talk to you in your time of need even though they don't know you on a personal level, that is why I am here to I want to anyone at all about ANYTHING, and I mean anything at all. So yeah... no one can get through this world without others to help you along your way, let's just say I'm a "pit stop" 😉

    1. Pinkamena1


      lol thats exactly how i feel 

  8. I do not sleep 0% of the time 

    me right now: 😴 

  9. Btw sorry it was so long 😅 I just had to get my point out
  10. I don't think she is evil, common guys give her a little space, a second chance, twighlit did and just look at how she has turned out... Guys there is two things to add to this, 1. The past is what makes us who we are. Starlight has been through a lot childhood and adult hood and only tried to make things better, she had good intentions. 2. Everyone deserves a second chance, all people, ponies, aliens, anything living and has a concous can change and be better. 3. (Sorry I had to add this 😂) The Bible says to love those who in return give you hate and and try to take advantage of you (I reworded it a little 😉) so yes this is why I believe she is good and I could go on and on so... try me!
  11. Thank you for the support I thought we had something but anyways changing the subject... why is vinal scratch an option as favorite pony but not Octavia this confuses me
  12. It's official, this website has officially replaced Facebook 😋

  13. Sup guys! My life sucks! My gf just broke up with me and now I have crippleing depression! 🤗😅😭😔
  14. For you pegisiters in my area, guess what, my girl friend just broke up with me! The store is back in bissness so come shopping for some of me cause most of my depressed self is for sale! Plus for a limited time only every part of my depressed personality you want to buy is 50% off!


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    2. Pinkamena1


      but of course, if you want to still give it to her, go right ahead.. its not my descion and it's not my life. Of course, IDK if you will even listen to me or follow my advice but that's my opinion, it's what you decided to do with the situation, that gives you the solution

    3. Ice_Shard


      That is actually good advice I didn't think of it that way thx


    4. Pinkamena1
  15. Guys, watch out for all the 12 days of the spiral, the event is almost over and we don't want to miss out on the deals 😉 

  16. Who here plays this game and absolutely loves it! I do if you do comment here and we can talk and I might even be able to help you 😉