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  1. Well, somehow the same thing happend to me again, its about the donation system. I just bought the 3 month donation via paypal after the transaction i was playing a while on the server. After a few map changes i noticed that my donation wont be active for some reason. If someone could help me with this it would be appreciated,. My Steam ID of my new Profile STEAM_0:0:211508477 My Paypal adress is huhn.cloppenburg@freenet.de
  2. Ofc ofc here my id STEAM_0:0:49128559 and thank you it means alot
  3. Well after i have bought the 3 months donation via paypal i have played some maps i think it was 3-4 map changes...I have noticed that my vip wont be active after the donation and some map changes. I did everything what needs to be done, so i was going to ask if someone could help me with it it would be appreciated if someone can help me out and fix it for me. I have contact raini but it seems that her last visit is a while ago. I also added Simple via steam but he wont accept my friend request. I just dont wanna buy somth for nothing pls help :( Thank you all