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  1. Draconequus. (•̀ω•́ )
  2. Couldn't reply to the introduction thread for some reason, so I'll be putting it here instead:

    Why hello and how do you do! I'm Kiryu2012, and I found out about this forum through the VSP server. I've heard that the server is more-or-less dead, but that didn't stop me from joining this server. Vs Ponyville is one of my favorite TF2 servers, and I've enjoyed playing it a lot, usually as my favorite MLP character Discord. I've been a brony for several years now, and I'm still loving the show regardless of any drama. I'm a man of few words, and I don't usually start conversations. Still, I've been told I'm a very sweet and kind fellow, and I do so try to be kind with everybody who responds as such. I enjoy writing, but I'm very lazy so I procrastinate a lot on it. I'm also good at RPing as well. For whatever reason my Steam couldn't sync with this site, so here's a link to my Steam profile: