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  1. if any techheads here could propose a fix to the bugs of VSP, it would help! Here's my proposed fix to the one glitch everyone seems to complain about: THE MINION GLITCH This started awhile back. Minions spawned would turn invisible and become a "landmine" (I.e they don't move but can attack, cannot be damaged by anything short of an explosive, and are an annoyance in general.) This is a problem mainly with pinkie pie and chrysalis. If you want a technical term, the custom cosmetics are conflicting with the custom VSP models. This does not happen with Pip Squeak, Maud Pie, and Fluttershy. Pip squeak’s minion spawns with set cosmetics has no model to speak of. Maud Pie’s minions spawn without cosmetics but with models. Same as fluttershy’s minions. This is actually a glitch with valve. The simple fix for this is to make Pinkie pie and Crysalis minions spawn with no cosmetics/wearables instead of letting them spawn with the cosmetics/wearables the players are currently equipped with.
  2. Do Raini and Simple code the server themselves, or do they get others to help them out with ti?
  3. Hello. Most of you may Know me already. I'm Legendary Spyro And finally i got an account on here. I play on VSP frequently and am friendly with the players there.