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  1. Grab at anything. There isn't anything there to grab and you fall over. You realize something wraps around your leg and you open your eyes to see a rope wrapped around your leg pulling you up. You see it's the person you were trying to reach and realize it wasn't the person you were looking for and you thank her and ask her for the mare you saw. She says she did and points you in toward a town. But it appears to be three hundred miles away. Wat do?
  2. running
  3. Negative
  4. Try to jump it. You miss by an inch and fall down. Luckily there is water at the bottom when you hit the water you see you're heading toward a waterfall. You shout "HELP" but no one seems to hear you. Wat do?
  5. Pro
  6. Angel
  7. Batman Arkham City, and Sleeping Dogs. They both have a cool fighting modes. Plus it's hilarious to hit people with a fish in Sleeping Dogs.
  8. I'm going to play safety football... I'll tell you it's not very fun.
  9. Well, I'm back and probably for a while depending on how things are in my life. So a hello again to everyone.

    1. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      Something seems familiar about you... *Rubs chin*

  10. Start to make up a conversation with her about planning a new way to get the cops to forgive you. You try to play her as a damsel in distress and you pretend to save her from an oncoming train. After this you realize there were no cops around and you did it for no one. Wat do?
  11. (One word test) doctor (who reference)
  12. Try to tell her off for messing up your brilliant plan to get the cops to not arrest you. As you do your suddenly at a loss for words and punch her instead. She is now trying to beat you up. Wat do?
  13. I am looking for strange parts (mostly for my wrench and YER) and unusuals. Also looking for strange dead ringer and strange Sapper. May be selling football helmet with bitter taste of defeat and lime.
  14. My bro is back in college and now has his money. Guess what he did? Spent hundreds of dollars on MTG and TF2.

    1. Katana


      I dunno. In some ways, it makes sense to spend a lot of money on the few games you like, rather than a lot of money on dozens of games you'll never play.

    2. Aura


      Is this typical of him? Does he know what he's getting himself into?

  15. Take the escape route. You escape but now you no longer see the path you were going and can't find your way back. Wat do?