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  1. Typing !boss Octavia or !boss Apple Bloom ect. when there are more than 20 players result in chat saying "Octavia is not available to you". Maybe I'm not doing something right.
  2. That's the thing, they say they aren't, thing like Button Mash and Snowdrop ect. work but not the Duo/trio bosses
  3. So I've recently became a donator and so far I'm enjoying it. But the one thing I'm wondering about is the Duo/Trio hale/bosses. Are they broken? Removed from donator privileges (witch would be a bummer) or are their requirements to play as them (I was told that they would become available with 20 or more Red Team players for a balance but that didn't seem to work). Thanks for the Time.
  4. Ah, so kind of a dumb question but is the SteamID/Community ID/Profile URL for donating seperate things or do i just copy and paste an internet url? Im kinda new to steam....